President Salva Kiir Mayardit (File Image)
President Salva Kiir Mayardit (File Image)


By: Deng Emmillo Mou, Juba-South Sudan,

President Dr. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit gave a Massage this morning, Saturday, while attending the Regional Inter-Ministerial Conference on migration, environment and climate change on Friday in Kampala-Uganda.

Here is the full transcript of Dr. Gen  Salva Kiir Mayardit 's Massage;

Today, we celebrate a memory treasured in our souls; we evoke the heroism of men and women who honored the oath, men and women who sacrificed all that is inestimable and precious in order for this country to prevail, dignified, head held high. We celebrate men and women who refused to surrender and favored resistance with valor and virtue, setting examples for generations to come, and emphasizing that a free and dignified South Sudan is deserving of fealty and virtuous self-sacrifice.

The celebration of Martyr’s Day every year represents a recurring occasion to honor the loyal sons and Daughters of South Sudan who made the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of this immortal homeland to remain vigorous, resonant, and abundant with peace and development. Let us remember, together, the enormity of these sacrifices whose magnitude may not be felt except by those who endowed South Sudan with a martyr or a soldier whose wounds watered South Sudan’s soil with his blood.

This memorable day is a day in which we honor, not only the martyred souls of our righteous heroes but the brave men and women of the Armed Forces and the police force or any citizen who performs their role with dedication and integrity across the country. We also honor the dedication of the steadfast people who bear the responsibility of this country, and who pray night and day, so that the great people of South Sudan may live in peace, security and stability.

South Sudan reiterates the abundance of its loyal sons and daughters; generation after generation handing over the flag of the Nation which is fluttering high with victory, pride, and dignity.

This flag of South Sudan will never regress, by God’s will and the determination, integrity, and sacrifices of this people.

The great people of South Sudan, in this occasion as usual, I cannot fail to take a comprehensive look at our path which we started together, based on our consistent policy, by presenting the facts to you. This is to face challenges together, from a realistic, real, and direct perspective in pursuit of a true comprehensive renaissance that we all aspire to achieve for ourselves and generations to come; a renaissance that befits the greatness and history of our country.

As you are aware, dear brothers and sisters, South Sudan has faced, during the past years, many unprecedented challenges at all levels. At the National level and at the global level, The Senseless wars for ourselves in 2013 with 2016, and the coronavirus pandemic emerged and some conflicts and disputes erupted which radically affected the structure of the international economy and global supply chains and resulted in the rise of inflation and prices in the markets.

Before the pandemic and these conflicts, waves of chaos, political and security instability, the collapse of some countries and disintegration of their societies ravaged the region. This is in addition to the spread of the menace of terrorism, which would have affected our dear homeland, if it were not for God’s care and kindness.

On the domestic level, South Sudan has faced huge pressures on its national economy, which we have countered by adopting comprehensive reform and structural measures. It started to bear fruit with the increase of growth rates achieved by the South Sudanese economy, in tandem with efforts by the Armed Forces and the police to contain and defeat Rebels or terrorism.

The entire world stands witness to the achievements we have realized in the face of these challenges, as South Sudan moves forward on the path of implementing its comprehensive strategy to build a strong homeland advanced in all fields. I am telling you honestly:

“It is this people’s awareness; their civilizational heritage, dating back thousands of years; and the accurate understanding of South Sudan’s conditions that made me fully confident in our ability to create miracles and change the reality of life in this homeland to what we seek and pride ourselves on, and to make for every citizen in his/her country a decent place for himself/herself and his/her sons and daughters.

The great people of South Sudan, As I conclude my speech on the occasion of celebrating Martyrs Day, I am aware that the hardest time for a soul is the moment of farewell. I understand what it means when hearts stricken with anguish yearn to see a loved one. However, I believe that a heart once filled with pain and sorrow evolves into one that overflows with pride of all the sacrifices made by our glorious martyrs for South Sudan.

On this occasion, I would also like to convey the appreciation of the South Sudanese people and mine to the families of our glorious martyrs for their patience and endurance, submitting to God's will and seeking his reward.

I pray to God Almighty to protect South Sudan and its people from all harm and evil and keep this nation a blessing for security and safety always and forever.

Long Live South Sudan. Long Live South Sudan. Long Live South Sudan.

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