The third session of the National Council of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement-Democratic Change (SPLM-DC), under the chairmanship of Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin, the Chairman of the party, was held in the period 25 - 26 March 2011 at the Camping Centre - Soba, under the theme: (For Sustainable Cooperation between the North and South).

The opening session was attended by representatives of political parties, the diplomatic corps and the representatives of the Political Parties' Affairs Council (PPAC). Representatives of the political parties lauded the democratic practice within the party and the fact that the sessions of its National Council take place regularly. The representative of the PPAC who spoke stressed that he was leading a team from the PPAC to observe the elections of the National Council.
At the end of the opening sitting, the National Council and the guests heard a speech from the party's Chairman, Dr Lam Akol Ajawin, which addressed several issues that concern the party and the baseless allegations that the leadership of the SPLM kept repeating that our party has armed militia that aims at destabilizing South Sudan. The Chairman explained in his speech that the intention of these allegations was to smear the good name of the party and proscribe it in the South. The Chairman also called in his speech for the formation of an impartial committee of inquiry to investigate these allegations, and condemned all forms of violence, whether action or reaction.

At the beginning of its sessions, the National Council elected an Elections Committee to carry out the elections for the vacant positions in the National Council and the National Executive Committee after the termination of membership of two members of the latter body.

Then the Council deliberated on the following documents: -

• Report on the performance of the General Secretariat in the period from
July 2010 until March 2011.
• Report of the Chairman of the Party on the performance of the National
Executive Committee.
• The Chairman's speech at the opening sitting.

This was followed by reports from the Chairpersons of the party in the States and in Diaspora on achievements, challenges and suggested solutions. The National Council deliberated on the set agenda and made the following resolutions: -

1. Adoption of the minutes of the second session of the National Council.
2. Adoption of the report on the performance of the National Executive
3. Adoption of the report on the performance of the General Secretariat.
4. Cooption of 18 members into the membership of the National Council after
carrying out the elections in accordance with the Elections Rules of the
National Delegates' Congress 2009, under the supervision of the
representatives of the PPAC.
5. Termination of the membership of two members of the National Executive
Committee and the election of their replacements.
6. Recognition of the result of the Southern Sudan referendum, which took
place in January 2011.
7. Calls upon the SPLM to respect the resolutions of the All Southern
Sudanese Political Parties Conference and to ensure the participation of
all parties in the drafting of the Transitional Constitution of South Sudan.
8. Condemns the statements attributed to some members of the SPLM on
the baseless and unfounded repeated allegations against the party and its
leadership that it owns military formations in the South, and decided to
send a high-level delegation to meet the President of the Government of
Southern Sudan on this matter.
9. Condemns the barbaric acts against the party and its members, such as
what happened today in Wadakona (Manyo County), where the security
authorities raided the party office, seized its property, and arrested and
drove away many of the members. Also all the party members arrested in
Malakal, Renk, Tonga and other towns must be set free.
10. Calls for the activation of the implementation of the East Agreement.
11. Condemns the barbaric acts of the LRA in Western Equatoria and calls
upon the Government of Southern Sudan to undertake its responsibility in
flushing out this invading army.
12. Appeals to the international community for humanitarian intervention in
Southern Sudan in order to give relief to those affected by the events of
the recent violence in the South.

The National Council deliberated on the future of the party after the separation of the South. After extensive discussions by the members, in which they dealt with all the political and legal aspects of the matter, the National Council took the following decisions: -

1. To maintain the unity and cohesion of the party until July 9, 2011.
2. Direct the National Executive Committee to form a committee from
amongst its members to study the political situation and legal status of the
party in the post - separation period and make recommendations to the
National Executive committee in this regard.
3. Delegate the National Executive Committee to adopt the
recommendations reached by the committee charged to study the
situation of the party after the separation and take the appropriate

The National Council expressed concern and displeasure over the direction the SPLM is taking to deregister the political parties in the South after separation and calls upon the Sudanese people and the international community to pressure them so that they commit themselves to democracy and the respect for human rights.

The Council considers that the problem of Darfur is of the greatest concern to our country. Therefore, a peaceful and negotiated solution that satisfies the wishes of our people in Darfur and stops the war must be reached, so that that dear part of our homeland shall enjoy security, stability and continue the pace of development on its lands.

Abyei area has witnessed armed clashes every now and then. Hence, the National Council calls upon the two partners of the CPA to activate the mechanisms of the agreement to reach a lasting solution to the problem of Abyei.

Issued on Saturday, March 26, 2011