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An open letter to H.E President Salva Kiir Mayardit

Ref: Request for the immediate removal of NILEPET Managing Director Eng. Bol Ring Muorwel

The Leadership of South Sudan Anti Corruption Forum ( SSACF) wishes to appreciate you for implementing the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (R- ARCISS). South Sudan Anti Corruption Forum is congratulating your entire leaders on the successful implementation of the peace agreement.

As a newly established public organization, SSACF has decided to write to you this open requesting for the relieve of the corrupt managing director of the national oil company ( Nilepet). The leadership of South Sudan Anti Corruption Forum decided to write this open letter in response to the public cries against the rampant corrupt practices which Eng.Bol Ring and his relatives are undertaking in the national oil company. 

Your Excellency,  South Sudan Anti Corruption Forum would like to bring to your attention the malpractices that are taking place in Nile Petroleum Corporation under the leadership of Eng. Ring Muorwel. He (Bol Ring Miurwel) is an hyena in sheep's clothing. Our leadership is fully aware of Bol's plan to loot the Nile Petroleum Corporation Ltd under the cover of reform. We think that it is our responsibility to enlighten you on the massive looting of public resources by the managing director of Nilepet. 


1. Nepotism

Nilepet Petroleum Corporation Ltd is a national oil company that has a well defined human resource policies  entrusted with the recruitment of staffs. The Human Resource Department in Nilepet was functional at the time of the previous Managing Directors. Unfortunately, the roles and duties of human resource department were recently hijacked by the incumbent Nilepet MD Bol Ring through his Nephew Ring Charles Mayen. Upon taking over the roles of Managing Director, Bol Ring began implementing his vision of employing all the members of his Padhieu Clan as well as In laws. In less than twoths in office, he recruited more than 70 members of his clan ( Padhieu) together with in-laws. To elaborate on this point. Bol Ring brought in more than 30 relatives from the Village (Wunrock) and employed them in high grades probably from grade sixteen to eighteen. Many of his relatives whom he employed are unqualified. After giving them contracts, he assigned all of them in key and luxurious departments in Nilepet.  The leadership of South Sudan Anti Corruption Forum compiled all the seventy names of Padhieu Clan members who were recruited into Nilepet by Bol Ring. In addition, Bol Ring has sidelined and relieve most of the competent and educated staffs who are against his corrupt policies. The clear example is the relieve of Cde. Ring Deng Ajing from the position of Petrol Station Manager. He (Ring Deng Ajing) is a master degree holder in art and diplomatic relations, from University of Juba. He is a man who doesn't tolerate nonsenses and corruption. The leadership of South Sudan Anti Corruption Forum has really appreciated Ring Deng Ajing for standing firm against corruption.

Some of Padhieu Clan's members and their In-law members  that Eng. Bol Ring Muowel Recruited into Nilpet Company.

1. Ring Charles Mayen, Cashier and nephew to Bol Ring

2. Achai Riak, Grade 17 and niece to Bol Ring Muorwel

3. Madut Agoth, Grade 17, in-law to Bol Ring and husband to Achai Riak ( see 2)

4. Deng Ring, Grade 17, assigned to Dar Petroleum and nephew to Bol Ring Muorwel.

5. Luar Mawith, Grade 17, nephew to Bol Ring.

6. Atong Cyirilo Thou, Grade 16 and niece to Bol Ring

7. Ngong Ring, Grade 18 and nephew to Bol Ring.

8. Ring Deng, Grade 15 and nephew to Bol Ring

 9. Magai Noi, Grade 14, in-law and husband to the daughter of spiritual leader ( recommended by his father in-law)

10. Ring Bol, Grade 15 and, nephew to Bol Ring

11. Ring Malou, grade 16 and nephew to Bol Ring

12. Malou Bol, nephew to Bol Ring

13. Peter Deng Papdit, inlaw to Ring Charles Mayen and Bol Ring

14. Maguor Ajingdit, Grade 17, Senior Two leaver, close relative to Bol Ring and son to the spiritual leader ( recommended by his father)


We have compiled all the names and we shall leak more names to the public next week.


2. Financial Corruption

The first step which Bol Ring took towards financial corruption is the promotion of his nephew Ring Charles from grade 12 to Grade 17 and place him in charge of accounts. After assigning his nephew in charge of Accounts, Bol Ring illegally transferred the account office from the headquarters to his house. To prove this, Bol Ring usually carries more than five millions dollars in his car. Bol Ring has approved 50,000 dollars as a weekly allowance to his nephew Ring Charles Mayens and this was first reported by many media houses. Bol Ring has been approving hundreds thousands of dollars to the members of Padhieu Clan. He recently approved two millions dollars for the treatment of the wife of his nephew Ring Charles Mayen in Khartoum. 


3. Stoppage of the construction of Nilepet's Headquarters premises.

The construction of Nilepet's Headquarters was an initiative from the former managing director Dr. Chol Deng. The construction of the proposed headquarters of Nile Petroleum Corporation Ltd would have been completed by last year if Dr. Chol is in the leadership. However, the construction stopped after the relieve of Dr. Chol Deng. The primary reason for the stoppage of the construction of Nilepet's head office is that the incumbent Managing Director Bol Ring diverted the construction funds to his pocket. 

 The leadership of South Sudan Anti Corruption Forum has come to conclusion that the above charges against Bol Ring are all facts and may lead to the collapse of the national oil company if he is not removed. Therefore, The leadership of SSACF is requesting you to relive him, place him under investigation and appoint any competent South Sudanese as a managing director of Nile Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Bol Ring has turned the national oil company from Nile Petroleum Corporation Company Limited ( Nilepet) into Padhieu Corporation Company Limited ( PadhieuPet). It is unlawful to turn the public company into the family enterprise. 




Tong Deng Ariath.                                                                               1. Benjamin Wani Taban.           

President, South Sudan Anti- Corruption                                              Chairman of SSACF, 

Forum, Juba Headquarters.                                                                  Central Equatoria State


2. Adhar Malek Deng.                                                                           3. Joesph Uchu Abounga

Chairman of SSACF.                                                                              Chairman, SSACF

Warrap State.                                                                                         Western Bhar El State


4. Deng Dak Gatluak.                                                                           5. Martin Odwar Ochalla

Chairman, SSACF.                                                                                 Chairman, SSACF, 

Unity State.                                                                                            Eastern Equatoria State


6. Sebit Okiech Othow                                                                         7. Maria Hassan Rejap.               

Chairman, SSACF                                                                                 Chairlady, SSACF

Upper Nile State                                                                                    Western Equatoria State


8. James Matueng Marial.                                                                   9. Ajith Ajith WoSl

Chairperson, SSACF                                                                             Chairman, SSACF

Lakes State                                                                                            Northern Bhar El Gazal State


10. Johnson Chuol Deng.                                                                  11. Daniel Kongi Kulang

Chairman, SSACF.                                                                               Chairman, SSACF

Jonglei State                                                                                        GPAA


12. Wilson Deng Thor.                                                                       13. Kuol Deng Nyol

Chairman, SSACF.                                                                               Chairman, SSACF

Ruweng Administrative Area.                                                               Abyei Administrative Area


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