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An Open Letter to H.E the President of Republic of South Sudan Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit for the removal of an Engineer Bol Ring Muorwel the Managing Director of the Nilpet Corporation Company.

Dear Excellency,

First, we acknowledge your efforts in bringing your dear citizens into normalcy for having signed the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan

( R-ARCISS). May God bless you and protect you and your citizens in this time of fighting a mysterious Pandemic known Coronavirus that has engulfed the whole world. We thought that you would be helped by your appointees in fighting Pandemic as well as giving a room for Political will in Implementing the R-ARCISS and focus on what would bring South Sudanese together for fulfilment of the Peace Agreement promises, however became a nightmare to some of your appointees who are busy looting and embezzling national resources as spotted in the Nilpet Company.

Dear fellow readers,

We apologize for inconvenience that the South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum( SSACF) would be seen by other uninformed citizens  as fighting with a blue sky and would also be questioned by other concerned and well-informed citizens of to why the forum is only too critical on the Engineer Bol Ring Muorwel who recently got appointed through a Presidential decree read on SSBC and not on other platforms. 

 Bol Ring Muorwel among the Last year 2020 appointees has been found and tested highly positive with lots of what would anger South Sudanese and the President himself if uncovered to the public and that's why the leadership of the South Sudan Anti-Corruption Forum SSACF took a stand to uncover the dura Saga happening in the National Oil Company right now which is not tolerable during this R-ARCISS and therefore, you are all requested to keenly read with care and understanding applying your tactics and analysis in the below concerned.

1.  He bought a brand-new V8 for $130,000, a money he directly got from the Nilpet Company's account. 

2. He again and not far from the Current affairs of the company, he cashed out another $129,000 and  sends for another brand-new V8 that is being waited now expecting a delivery from anytime.

3. Furthermore, he ordered the National Oil Company's management to buy him a brand new Prado 2021. An order which got executed immediately by the Management and is now using it as his own prado.

4. Nilpet bought him another car known "Hilux Double cabin 2021 from the Nilpet money and he has hidden now this Hilux Double cabin from everyone. It has no where to be seen completely.

5. The Managing Director took other 4 cars from the Nilpet Company' administration as his own and distributed them to his clans members. He gave one Premo to his brother's son Ring Charles Mayen the Nilpet Cashier.

6. He ordered the Nilpet to rent a house for him for 5 years.  A move that got executed by the Nilpet Company's management immediately and the house is now rented for 5 years with million of dollars.

7. Currently, new staff from Padhieu have replaced the old staff in Finance and Downstream branch and if someone wants to verify, please ask or go directly to these two mentioned offices.

8. He bought himself the house as his personal property and which he Currently gave to the Nilpet Company for rent where he would be receiving the monthly amount of  money worth hundreds of dollars. Where on this world a leader cheats his people and abuses the office with such highest order of embezzlement?

9. The Nilpet Company's new headquarters is currently put on hold with rubbish claims that the tower becomes a threat to the presidential' security when in Dr.John Garang Museleum. A claim that Bol Ring Muorwel( Hyena) gave his ears to that it might be a hiding place for unknown gunmen or terrorists that could hit on the president when addressing citizens in the Freedom Square. That's why Bol Ring Muorwel stopped continuation of the building to complete the remaining little part where Dr. Chol left it. Bol stupidly stopped this continuation of the new building because he wants his bought houses across Juba be rented by the Nilpet to generate income for him.

10. Another mysterious thing is that, staff haven't received salaries for 3 months now, and he is busy approving $70,000 2 weeks allowance for himself and $50,000 allowance for his brother's son Ring Charles Mayen the recent new cashier he replaced a long time Nilpet Cashier..

With the above mentioned points that carry lots of incidences and proves beyond reasonable doubt. We remain in coma and  with questions that to when Kiirdit be lucky to appoint people that would give perfect services to the citizens? And to when would Kiirdit be appointing those who bring legacy on him than curse from the citizens?

Dear Excellency,

We know that others might be pressing you down in order not to consider this call for immediate removal, and we might be levelled as beggars and useless citizens who have nothing but blackmailing your appointees however all the above mentioned points are facts and unquestionable unless if you don't want your legacy be restored following the tarnishing  your appointees have been doing. 

Bol Ring Muorwel is doing nothing at all in the Nilpet cooperation apart from looting and embezzling the National Oil Company's resources.

Another  thing is your Excellency, if you think that Bol Ring Muorwel is representing Twic Mayardit Community, then is completely not,  but only representing Padhieu as a clan in Twic Mayardit. Just restore your legacy by removing him from the Nilpet. The surrounding people whom you get advice from, saying to leave Bol Ring Muorwel for a while are parties to the looting and embezzlement in the company. Bol Ring Muorwel is believed to have used a million of dollars to hire people around you in order to block the concerns that citizens raise against him and therefore, we completely request your Highly office to still pen him out so that the National Oil Company remains a government company that represents all 64Tribes. 

Dear President,

More of the above points mentioned are still loading as the Company is completely owned by this self-Proclaimed Engineer Bol Ring Muorwel who is mentally oriented on looting and embezzlement of National Company's resources. 

Your Excellency, do not let you be deceived that no other good engineers from round the country, there are more competent engineers who are oriented to their profession than politics as does by the current Engineer whom we believed to have had no coin before appointing him because of the speed and nature he is looting and embezzling explains.

Dear Excellency, we remain speechless that if you do not rescue South Sudanese in this critical time of Peace Implementation, then remember that the Nation is dead in the hand of Bol Ring Muorwel who is a Hyena known across South Sudan. May you kindly intervene and restore the hope of the citizens back Sir, by relieving this folk.


Tong Deng Ariath.                                                                               1. Benjamin Wani Taban.           

President, South Sudan Anti- Corruption                                              Chairman of SSACF, 

Forum, Juba Headquarters.                                                                  Central Equatoria State

2. Adhar Malek Deng.                                                                           3. Joesph Uchu Abounga

Chairman of SSACF.                                                                              Chairman, SSACF

Warrap State.                                                                                         Western Bhar El State

4. Deng Dak Gatluak.                                                                           5. Martin Odwar Ochalla

Chairman, SSACF.                                                                                 Chairman, SSACF, 

Unity State.                                                                                            Eastern Equatoria State

6. Sebit Okiech Othow                                                                         7. Maria Hassan Rejap.               

Chairman, SSACF                                                                                 Chairlady, SSACF

Upper Nile State                                                                                    Western Equatoria State

8. James Matueng Marial.                                                                   9. Ajith Ajith WoSl

Chairperson, SSACF                                                                             Chairman, SSACF

Lakes State                                                                                            Northern Bhar El Gazal State

10. Johnson Chuol Deng.                                                                  11. Daniel Kongi Kulang

Chairman, SSACF.                                                                               Chairman, SSACF

Jonglei State                                                                                        GPAA

12. Wilson Deng Thor.                                                                       13. Kuol Deng Nyol

Chairman, SSACF.                                                                               Chairman, SSACF

Ruweng Administrative Area.                                                               Abyei Administrative Area


cc- His Excellency the President Salva Kiir.

cc- South Sudan Anti-Corruption Commission.

cc- South Sudan National Security Internal Bureau.

cc- International Monetary Fund in partnership with South Sudan.

cc- World Bank in Partnership with South Sudan.

cc- Minister of Finance and Economic Planning.

cc- Minister of Petroleum.

cc- Minister of Mining.

cc- National Transitional Legislative Assembly Chairperson for Petroleum, Energy and Mining.

cc- File.

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