Achai Wiir (©Facebook)
Achai Wiir (©Facebook)

By Khamis Ayul Ngor 

Foremostly, I would like to recognized and appreciated the nationalistic roles play by the young philanthropist Mrs. Achai Wiir in South Sudan in which her generous support to South Sudanese is part and parcel of spirit of citizenhood, nationhood and building of nation. However, in South Sudan, we have many business peoples that encompasses business women and business men in which few of them have the spirit of nationhood and citizenhood but they rest of the business peoples are doing the great national duty like our young South Sudanese philanthropic lady Mrs. Achai Wiir where her roles in helping South Sudanese is genuinely appreciable in which most of the youth across the country are benefiting from her national roles in nationhood.

South Sudan is the youngest country in the world and in Africa in particular, where the citizens who are doing activities of entrepreneurship and enterprises are few in our civil population of the country and in this regard, many citizens specially youth across South Sudan would imitate and learn from our young philanthropist Mrs. Achai Wiir on how to conduct their business that make them to have independence living standard to support themselves and their families which can enormously contribute to the prosperity of the peoples of South Sudan. Meaningfully, the complex reality of this statement is that, those business peoples who have a country in their heart like Mrs. Achai Wiir would remain as the roles model to the youth of South Sudan as many citizens specially youth are learning from style of entrepreneurship of Mrs. Achai in which she prioritizes the national roles in helping diverse South Sudanese citizens rather than supporting herself and her family or relatives alone. 

The few examples of generous supports from the young philanthropist Mrs. Achai Wiir to South Sudanese are as I below mentioned them; 

Firstly, In regard to Achai Wiir's assistance to many South Sudanese who cannot afford medical treatment, she is playing a great role in taking some citizens abroad for treatment. Mrs. Achai Wiir had sponsored the treatment of one of the South Sudanese students in Egypt Mr. Deng who have serious problem in the liver and the young philanthropic lady stand in solidarity with him financially during his treatment until he becomes healthy and now Mr. Deng has resume his studies in the faculty of medicine. This is one of the reasons that make Mrs. Achai Wiir to be recognized as one of the great nationalists that work for the betterment of the peoples of South Sudan.

Secondly, Mrs. Achai Wiir volunteered to helped one of the South Sudanese female youth by name Ellen who had disease in her mouth in which the leadership of the South Sudan National Youth Union (SSNYU) under Gola Boyoi called fundraising to take her outside for treatment but later on, the young philanthropist Achai Wiir paid the money for the facilitation of her treatment in India and in this regard, Mrs. Achai Wiir's generous and philanthropic supports to South Sudanese is importance as the country and its citizens is the first priority in her heart and this is the spirit of nationhood and citizenhood from Mrs. Achai Wiir. 

Thirdly, Mrs. Achai Wiir with her spirit of nationhood, she recognized and appreciated the national efforts from one of the South Sudanese traffic police officers mr. Kenyi who have been deployed to work in the roundabout of Seventh day and due to her spirit of citizenhood, she bought the car and gave it to traffic police officer Mr. Kenyi to use it for his own transport as sort of encouragement to mr. Kenyi to continue playing his great national roles and duties. In this regard, Mrs. Achai Wiir's generous support to South Sudanese is unaccountable and her national role in monitoring and identifying South Sudanese who are doing great duties to the nation is so important.

Fourthly, Mrs. Achai Wiir with her spirit of nationhood and citizenhood, she is also making great contribution in supporting peoples with disabilities and peoples with venerability in South Sudan in which she granted some wheelchairs to some peoples of disability and she is helping those who are venerable by giving them sleeping materials and items of consumptions. This is a great role in the building of the nation and betterment of South Sudanese peoples. 

Fithly, Mrs. Achai Wiir has now established the healthcare called "Achai Wiir Healthcare Foundation" which can perhaps contribute to health stability of South Sudanese. The establishment of this healthcare is very vital to help in taking care of South Sudanese health status which is the great spirit of nationhood and citizenhood. 

In conclusion; the South Sudanese upcoming philanthropists should imitate and learn from our young philanthropist Mrs Achai Wiir on how to carry out an independent business that benefits the citizens. Ms Achai Wiir deserves an award from the citizens of South Sudan for the roles that she played in supporting the suffering people through her businesses.

The author is a concerned citizen of South Sudan. He can be reached via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone +211928861888

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