Khartoum — Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued yesterday a press statement in which it clarified The rebel militia continues its outrageous terrorist against civilians> Hereunder Sudan News Agency (SUNA) publishes the text of the statement:

Press Statement

The rebel militia continues its outrageous terrorist crimes aimed at dismantling the foundations of the state in the country. Having been defeated on the battlefields,the rebel militia resorted, in the past few days, to acts of destruction and arson as part of its sinister and premeditated campaign to destroy the national capital city. A series of arsons were perpetrated by the militia targeting a number of major and key economic institutions and commercial buildings in the country, which are among the pillars of the national economy.

This heinous crime is added to the previous atrocities of the rebel militia, including ethnic cleansing and genocide in West and South Darfur, crimes of rape, kidnapping and killing of civilians, forced recruitment of children, the forced displacement of the capital's residents and the occupation of their homes by the militia, the looting and ransacking of banks, markets, factories, steeling citizens' property and cars, the destruction of universities, museums and cultural institution, and converting hospitals and places of worship into military barracks among other atrocities.

The level of atrocities reached by the rebel militia has never been seen before, even at the hands of the worst cross-border terrorist groups that the international community has joined forces to eradicate. While the Ministry of Foreign Affairs appeals to the international community as represented by the governments of different countries, international and regional organizations, human rights organizations, and the media to condemn these barbaric crimes and classify the rebel militia as a terrorist group, it reaffirms that the the Sudanese people and their armed forces are able and determined to defeat the conspiracy to destroy the Sudanese state, and restoring its institutions even in a better manner than they were, with the help of brothers and friends.

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