(05.09.2012) As you have been following in the recent periods after the declaration of the independence of the republic of South Sudan some voices calling for rebellion against the state in some parts of the country especially in Upper Nile state, such calls became obviously understandable to the general Southern Sudan and international opinion that they were just mercenaries and individuals who were ruthlessly careless about their life therefore intentionally aiming to shed blood of the innocent South Sudanese for unjust course.

Dear masses,Our intention by issuing this statement is to shed light on the unruly behavior of some group of our people by bringing into your attention their mischief to disturb and disintegrate the security and stability of the nation mainly by targeting Upper Nile state.

As a matter of fact, these renegade groups have been paid by the National Congress Party in the Sudan to wage war against our republic, nevertheless, their monkey business were in vain.

Rightly, you may get astonished why we have issued this statement at this juncture bearing some outdated information though we consider it new as it is closely related to the issue which have bothered South Sudanese minds in newspapers edited in Juba in the last week specially El-Masser on Tuesday, August 21st, 2012, No. (447), and The Citizen on August 22nd,2012 highlighting Press Statement of the Committee (Cholo Intellectuals in Juba).

Esteemed South Sudanese masses.The statement held intimidating points to the Governor of Upper Nile Maj. Gen. Simon Kun Pouch protesting the appointment of the mayor and the raising of the municipality flag. Such threats appeared in a time when the entire citizens of South Sudan are in dire need of stability.

These so-called Cholo intellectuals' threats, though we certainly know that they do not represent "the Cholo's spokesperson" take us by surprise, especially when they say that "the state governor must remember that his decision and act can lead to disintegration and chaos in the state." These threats remind us of the barbaric, heinous and cowards' attack on Malakal Town in March last year by the militias led by the savage, outlaw Olony, and which caused hazardous causalities among the innocent civilians. Too, everyone knows the renegade's statement that "I'm fighting to liberate Cholo's robbed lands."

We, Ngok and Dongjol communities in the National capital, would like to assure you that there is a historical problem which we did not tackle after the CPA of 2005 i.e. we acknowledge the issue of borders demarcation between South Sudan and the Sudan. As such, how can we always be talking about the annexation of an area or a county or payam to a particular community? Such allegations are odd enough for rational men to delve in! Therefore, we will not wait or play on-lookers' role since they know, like us and the rest of South Sudan communities that there is land commission responsible to demarcate administrative boundaries between states and counties.

We narrate to you the following facts which Cholo Community is unaware of for prudence and history since the colonial times until the independence of the Sudan.

Firstly, the citizens of Ngok and Dongjol communities and Malakal Town were politically made to take part in the one geographical electoral constituency before and after the independence of the Sudan and throughout the national governments including the accused Salvation Regime, as Malakal has never been annexed to Pashoda nor Tonga one day.
Secondly, during the days of Socialist Union of President Nimeiri, the post of Secretary of the Central Area Secretariat (Malakal) used to be represented by the sons of Ngok and Dongjol communities, an indication of Malakal mergence with these communities.
Thirdly, after the enlargement of Malakal into several markaz including Baliet, the transfers of Police personnel were usually from Malakal Town to Baliet and Akoka while those of Pashoda and Tonga were taken from state Police Headquarters. This was another indication which proves that Malakal has been annexed to Baliet and Akoka.
Fourthly, all the government institutions in Malakal Province (currently Malakal County) were built by taxes and popular donations collected from the citizens of both Ngok and Dongjol as well as other tribes apart from Cholo whose taxes go to the building of their kingdom's capital, Pashoda. Thus, by what right do some Cholo intellectuals request that the Governor readjust his decision?

Dear South Sudan massesThe information we are relaying to you is for asserting the credibility and authenticity out of the misleading arguments of the Cholo intellectuals, as we also reiterate our full confidence that these henchmen of Khartoum do not in any way represent the Cholo tribe but are just seeking to create conflicts among the peace loving inhabitants of the state by disturbing its social fabric.

For your information, there is nothing called Makaal County in the Presidency's decrees when the Presidential decree was issued establishing the counties in Malakal County in 2009 and which coincided with the murder of All-Dinka paramount chief, Thon Wai Awin. It was claimed that some Cholo lands have been usurped illegally by outsiders, just as a pretext for political gains.

The reality was that Upper Nile was divided into four areas by then and the State Transitional Constitution for the year 2012, article (1) chapter (1) , and the Local Government Act for the year 2009, article (16) Chapter (2) section (b) pertaining to creation of municipalities. The four areas are:

1. Northern Area including Renk, Melut, and Maban
2. Western Area includes Pashoda, Panyikang and Many
3. Eastern Area includes Nasir, Ulang, Maiwut and Longchuk
4. Central Area includes Balliet, Akaka and Malakal Town.

As youth of Ngok Lual Yak and Dongjol communities in National capital we wholeheartedly welcome, support and endorse every word mentioned in the Transitional Constitution of Upper Nile State and the decree of the State Governor. We also condemn and reject seriously the intimidating, vulgar and ridiculous manners penned by Cholo intellectuals Committee as an attempt to cause storms in a tea pot in the state.Our firm, heroic people. We are not and have been one day mentors to the Governments, but are too keen and Zealot that South Sudanese rejoice in peace, stability and security to enable the government to deliver the essential services to the people.

Thus, we request the federal and the state governments to implement the following:
1. Putting these threats into serous analysis because they were coined by certain characters. Some of whom might be in the government (Cholo intellectuals).
2. Stoppage of any repetition of some issues pertaining to administrative boundaries
3. Elaboration of some issues seen by South Sudanese Citizens as vague (municipalities, townships) through their different forums.
4. Bringing to book everyone who participated in issues pertaining to security disturbance by the officials.
5. Everybody knows that all Cholo counties are situated in the Western bank of the Nile while Dinka counties fall on the Eastern bank and there is no boundaries between us and their counties save on the mid of the White Nile (Natural Borders).

In conclusion, long Live South Sudan, long Live People of South Sudan.Ngok Lual Yak & Dongjol Youth in the National Capital – Juba.

1. Joseph Deng Angaw Tel: 0955966302
2. Thon Arank Juba University Tel: 0955444436
3. Manywac Angaw Tel: 0912241369

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  • Guest - William Okuch

    Governor of the Great Upper Nile State is not puppet leader of Ngok Lual Yak & Dongjol Communities, but a leader of all people of state. However, in your article, it is clear that governor is used to serve the interest and implement the agenbda of Ngok Lual Yak and Dongjol communities.
    Your insane obessive vision of land grabbing: No single man or woman sacrifice his/her live because of border between tribes of South Sudan. Our martyers dies because of border between South and North Sudan. But your politicians instigate hostility, hatred and land grabbing in South Sudan rather than seeking for better values to promote peace, harmony and prosperity in our community.
    Now you made it clear that border between Shilluk and Dinka is white Nile. But what would be border between Ngok Lual Yak/Dongjol, Nuer and other tribes inhabiting Upper Nile?
    What happen to Renk? Renk is culturally gone, now you want entire Upper Nile to fall in your hand so that you can assimilate it into Islam as in case of Renk and later on sell it like Abie where hundreds of Southerners are dying to librate Abie from Arab.
    No doubt that your insane policy inflicted extra division, fear, distruth, intimidy and sufferings to all people of South Sudan. Your leaders prove what Northerners said that Southern people are not yet ready to administer themselves if they become independence. No person in South Sudan today enjoy free mobility as it was before. People are kill during travelling, fishing, farming and shepherding. This behaviour did not happen during Arab's oppressive adminstration, but at your watch because government is at your possession. Your leaders running governmental institutions do not gather to brainstorm on how to enforce peace, progress, security, unity or stability, but to plot against other tribes. Recently in July 2012, your so called governmental figures in Malal gathered and plotted to assassinate important figures within Chollo community, but God who created this nation has blocked your satanic plan.
    You mentioned in your article that Chollo intellectuals do not represent Chollo people. You may be right because those Chollo people in government do not give arms to Chollo people because they believe government force's duty is enough to protect all people without discrimination due to tribal affiliation. They do not steal public money and divide it among Chollo people as your leaders did by stealing the whole budgets of 7 years of 2005-2012. However, the continuity of your wrong leadership and insanity to grab other people lands and stealling public money might force our leaders to speak out.

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  • Guest - Stephen Owet

    Dear Author, and the Youth of Ngok Lual Yak & Dongjol Communities in the National Capital (Juba),

    What you have witnessed is neither a criminal activities paid for by any outsiders nor is it from the people who have never known Chollo before the independent of the Republic of Sudan. Some say dinka and other say nuer but most say shilluk is most victimized people in the history since the formation of the so called "SPLA/M" to present. All we have to know and never make forgettable experiences are that we must know and put to practice that there are very oriented enemies who have lived in southern regions of sudan and do not want to get off our necks. I personally know very well that the so call pothi jango (dinka land) is somewhere which children of chollo learn after they have grown up to the ages of atlease 9 years old, and
    I know because I have lived and was born right were the border of pothi jango and pothi chollo, but pothi jango is something that I have known and believed that it is far away from pothi chollo. It takes at lease 13 hours by walking on feet to reach pothi jango (dinka land) from pothi chollo (chollo land). Jango (dinka) is something which is never known to the children of chollo as ease. Rei (Jungle) is where I know dinka land (pothi jango) is located. I lived in Ataro (grandfather's hometown), Nyitho (that is my mother's hometown) and pigi (canal) is the base of my homeland. to be honest, dinka is not really against any shilluk, nor is the nuer. both dinka and nuer have been against "Stephen Owet's" family. that is why you have been seeing and witnessing Stephen Owet's hometown being burn by either nuer or dinka. but atlease I know who I am dealing with. Olony is not the first sight victim, but a defensive brother of chollo land and he will always be supported as I write here. Olony's wounds and pains will be healed by keeping both dinka and nuer far away from shilluk kingdom (chollo land). most of the betrays which you have been witnessing and hearing are real and all against Stephen Owet's family. Salva Kiir knows it very well and Riek Machar knows it too; Kun Puoch knows that nuer have ruined lives in shilluk kingdom in order to seat nuer on chollo land. the war between south and north is not the worse. most of spla/m supporters have already putted that, "in order to make south sudan independent, we have to destruct shilluk kingdom first;" anyanya had attempted the same methods but failed, and that has been what you have seen and witnessed - fact in the past and present. To my dear furious brother youth of nyok lual yak & dongjol and as far as dinka-padang, know your birth before before you come to the conclusion of border issues between chollo and jieng-padang.

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  • Guest - JAMES BELIW ( BBLOOD )

    Prayers for Peace and Justice ..
    O God, you made us in your own image and redeemed us through Jesus your Son: Look with compassion on the whole human family; take away the arrogance and hatred which infect our hearts; break down the walls that separate us; unite us in bonds of love; and work through our struggle and confusion to accomplish your purposes on earth; that, in your good time, all nations and races may serve you in harmony around your heavenly throne; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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  • Guest - lual anguei deng

    why are you worried yourselves of some thing that,we know in mind that government has been listing to shilluk kingdom even our central one instead of solving the problems,she just increasing it by supporting the wrong ideas come out from shilluk official becuase is the same official creating insecurity and it is them which are holding high position in the government and they are still complaining of dinka domaination but a short can not make to be a tall man,the same majority can not be control of occupation.

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  • Guest - Deng Lual Mijok

    I thing a lot not to worthy my self on the way that people's have wrongly challenges them selves on they claim the region of Malakal to belong to them . My question remain to asked them again who was the first best British to come upper Nile states region?. To goes on whether you sure or not ,in need of an reality the land mighty sure belong to us and who also thing about may easily be less on pro quality to believe as nearest clan not only in that way they were the locomotion began in those day for them to reach to day intervention .in conclusion also the government relax to tell them the truth thing the mighty be talking about we all know that history can follow who you and where did came from by this times but people's thank about them selves in the little occupation for identifying of who mighty be there in the regional areas of the states .Our unification have gone beyond but no one is getting what we always achieve in the term of sociability development with the state name from top official .

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  • Guest - Deng Lual Mijok

    Your sociability is the real way to remain claim that the Upper Nile land belong to you by where did the history of upper Nile gone ,of course you can be having little understanding of it but do not reclaim ed that upper Nile should belonging to the nearest clan ,the shilluk community.Coming to the totally ranges of our locality in the Republic of south sud an every one of us know were he/she mighty be coming from to upper Nile region both were knowing that the neighboring

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