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Nana who is some time call “Nyanok” was official born on November 10, 1987.  Her preferred drinks are “Grey goose, Absolute Vodka, Bacardi,” and all other strong yeasty alcohol, which are between 25% – 50% of alcohol – that she named the “overproof s#$?.”  She has dark brown eye and dark brownish hair and her height is about 5’5” and half. 


Because she seems to be one of most eye catching women, Nana likes red, White, Black, Yellow, and blue color.  Nana’s favorite movies are Scarface, Juice, Sit Off, Two Can Play the Game, Million Dollar Sisters, Out of Time, Hate I man, Best Boy, Girls Woman etc.  However, Nana’s favorite TV shows are Sex and the City, Secrets, Latin lover, Soul Food, and much, much more.  [Do not let your Children watch/know this movies/TV shows because most of them contain Pornographic languages]


Many folks describe Nana, (Shilluk – Sudanese Girl official name will not be released) as miss beauty, nice dancer, easy/out going and good chatter.  In her physical appearance, she is admirably trusted young woman, but she becomes an actress for any gentleman who seems to be the man of interest or any chap who seem to be interest in marrying her after she has lost priceless men whose heart are filled with carefulness and sympathy.  She needs some helps.


Almost the same things the fellow Shilluk man (nickname Ojiango) has seen in Nana’s face.  She has this shining face like an angel’s, good looking, brightening teeth when she smile, absolutely proportional fitting nose and a round innocent eyes of baby-like in her face.  “Can she be rate as one in thousands beautiful faces looking young women around the world?”  Absolutely Yes!  Said the insider.  She is an attractive face-looking young woman who some men would like to blind date for life.  Outside, she is just gorgeous and heartbreaking lady, but no one knows about her inner heart until she later decided to abandon someone that could have been here knight in shining armor. 



Apart from her beautiful face, she is also a good dancer.  Whenever she is not in a good mood, dancing is her choice, but she cannot show all her dance styles if she is not in an over refreshment mood.  To dance painstakingly, Nana (nickname) has to take/drink yeasty and spirit fluids like “absolute vodka” beverage (40% alcohol), Grey Goose, Bacardi, or “[all over proof shit]” that taste like a donkey’s pee which she call “THE OVERPROOF SHIT.”  After she is up enough, Nana cannot only dance like a star dancer that has forgotten her physical appearance, but she (Nana) can also allow men to approach her closely and do what ever they want to do with her Womanly sexy body closely while they are dancing.  If Nana is drunk enough she can even lead men to know that she is touchable.  In that case not only one men would like to touch Nana’s body if she is dancing in a nightclub, but minimum of five to nine men can even give her breast kneading, lip–lip touching, swing dance, and all that unmentionable touching styles of dances.  Though men seem to be harassing her, Nana never opposes and if someone tries to help her out, she never accept aid from him or her.  She can only say, “None of your business.”  Based on research that has been done by some witnesses, the question is:  What would you do if you were to become one of Nana’s dates that day?  The answer is simple and easy.  You need to remind yourself that if you ever accompany Nana to any nightclub casual party, verify in your mind that you are not the only one that is dating her that day, but expect more than you do.  That means she has more than one man dating her in Windsor, Ont., Kitchener, Ont., London, Ont., Toronto, Ont., Hamilton, Ont. on same day and time and possibly, in many as much as all cities of Ontario, and all part of Canada.  She repeats this mistake many times so that some of her dates would say “NO” or “YES” not peacefully but with some blood and leave them with broken hearts.



Beside her gorgeous physical appearance, Nana is absolutely a soul satisfying medicine for men because she is an out/easy going young woman for short term.  Many men have attempted to have interest in engaging/marrying Nana.  According to insider, Nana has minimum of nine fine young gentlemen she has been putting on hold to herself.  Though she has nine on hold, Nana some time end up with zero when those men figured out that Nana is playing games with men.  Since her eye is not open enough for one good looking, hard and strong working, heart caring, and interesting man, Nana end up dropping the first interested man and put the second one on hold.  Again, the second one dropped her and she (Nana) sacked the third interested man and dropped him as well.  Fourth came and gone, five, six … All gone.  Finally, a second last, but not the end of date’s man dropped her.



After all these tragic, a handsome, open handed, pure open heart as pure gold, and a fine young gentleman of Shilluk (Cøllø) by nickname “Ojiango showed up with his thoughtful idea.  He is believed to be the one that could have satisfy/turn Nana’s life around as thought by insiders.  This automatically proved sensible and open-minded Shilluk gentleman has been interested in marrying Nana, but he did not have any clue about Nana’s introducing seducing techniques.  Sometime he (Ojiango) has been going out for few time with Nana.  Ojiango has tried so had to take be in command of Nana, but he did not recognize any of Nana’s illusoriness tones, messages, actions, or money – money talk until the disloyal moment arrived like a nimbus clouds in the sky on Friday –Saturday night at about 12:24am to 3:26am at the Revolution Night Club in Kitchener, Ontario – Canada.  Cøllø Gentleman (Ojiango) who Nana, Nyanok has hurried would have been the one that could have fitted Nana’s life, but she (Nana) might have blown up her pride in him.  The next morning at about 9:30am (Saturday morning), Nana had left without leaving farewell message to Ojiango though Ojiango has promised that he would accompany her until London, Ontario where they would have a good hug for goodbye.  Then Nana would continue her journey to Windsor, Ontario where she used to live, and Ojiango would come back to his city (Kitchener, Ontario).  Up to now, nobody has any hint if she will come back to him.  As believed by insiders, this Shilluk fellow (Ojiango) is not an easy gentleman to breakdown because he is mentally unquestionable; he never gives any proof about his inner power if misinform/taste to prove about his loyalty.  “Let hope to see them (him and Nana) smiling again.  Will they smile again?  Let just hope to see them holding hands one more time for their world to peace again.”  Said the insider.



Nana might have blown up her pride this ways.  Before they went to the nightclub, Nana has notified the Gentleman (Ojiango) to accompany her to the Nightclub.  After Ojiango heard the sweet whispering voice of Nana, he did obey her.  He did not even try to say no in other way round though he (Ojiango) has never been to any of nightclubs since he arrived to Canada – and Nana did not even tell the man (Ojiango) that she would disloyally introduce him to her (Nana) male friends at the club.  After the Shilluk Gentleman agreed going to the nightclub with Nana, his nightmares started when he saw Nana, drinking in the green–eyes’ glass of strongly yeasty and juicy fluids like Mixed absolute (40% alcohol) vodka with white wine, or some other drinks which Nana call the “overproof shit.”  After she was overly refreshed, a Goodman (whose name shall not be released) gave them a ride instead of spending some money on a taxi to the Revolution nightclub in Waterloo, Ontario.  They car pulled that driver’s car and headed to the nightclub via Weber street, Kitchener, Ontario.  It took them 15 – 17 minutes from home to the Revolution nightclub.



It seemed to be nightmare, but the worse is almost about to come.  Even if Nana was drunk, she did not stop at that point or did not even want to go back home and take a rest because she just wanted to have too much funs with her semi–miserable hearty male friends at the club.  Appalling and good time they have had at the club.  She (Nana) and the Shilluk Gentleman (Ojiango) have seemed to have fun and none of them attempted to ruin that amusing dance time in the dancing hall of the club.  After the dance time was over Bad time began. 



Bad time began just like this.  Not even a micro drop of tear has fallen down from Nana’s eye after buttock–strike dance is over with her multi–friends around 3:09am at the Revolution Night Club.  She watched Ojiango wrestling with two familiar faces Afro – Canadian men of Kitchener, Ontario at the club.  “I new something was going to happen as they always say, “Freshman is always a threat to any nightclub.”  [“This reminds me of one of our pure and innocent young brother, ‘Thomas Tip Orak’ who was accidentally gunshot to death at one of nightclubs in the province of Alberta – Canada.”]  Said the Shilluk Gentleman sitting in a taxi to home.  When Ojiango was asked by the insiders about the worst things the two semi-brothers of Nana said,


“I did not bother by them when they used the ‘F’ word on me.  Instead, I was shaken and even attempted to push one of the two semi–brothers of Nana onto some metals frame at the parking load because they called me the ‘NEGRO,’ ‘NEGA’ or ‘NIGA.’  Though the ‘N’ word has been eradicated in the U.S.A., and all parts of Northern America, we Afro-Americans use it onto ourselves.  How shameful it is if we do not allow other ethnic communities of Northern America to use the ‘N’ word on us (Afro-Americans) and we still use it to nuisance on other brothers of ours who wear the same skin like us?  Shame and shameful without a doubt on us African-Americans!  I would rather forgives a small puppy that may have eaten my last meal than anyone who calls me Nega, Niga, negro or that ‘N’ word.”  Said Ojiango with no fear in his eye at all.



Despite the fact that, big game started, Nana (official name shall not be released) gave her handbag to the Ojiango (Name shall not be mentioned).  Inside the bag, were a bottle of perfume, a small plastic container, half–full of chewing gums, cellular phone, lady’s makeup things, and other personal items.  Although Nana was scaring the Gentleman (Ojiango)’s interest off, he did not drag himself out of the club until the dancing time was over because he was thinking that he was watching Nana’s back.  Ojiango watched Nana reducing, out of control and even forgetting how beautiful she is.  Because she wanted to have too much funs before she leaves for Windsor, Nana’s multi–boy and girl friends would come and swathed themselves around her–dancing  boorishly.  Male friends would prepare touching her stand still breasts like a ripened mangoes on a mango tree, wrap themselves around Nana’s behind and front which is covered by jeans’ and other would lead her from where she is dancing and take Nana deep into thousands or hundreds of dancers.  There, she mixed her dancing styles such as hip–hip, nose–nose, kiss, front–behind, behind front, etc.  To dance with gorgeous looking woman that can make you feel good, Nana (Sudanese girl who lives in Windsor, Ont.) may be the only option.  Dating Nana is not funny at all, but dancing with her is too much funs.  To her friends, Nana is not only a good looking lady, she is also a well rated good dancer who can make some of the women’s abusers yearn to attempt to apply some muscle on her seductive body.



While Nana was having too much fun, the Shilluk Gentleman (Ojiango) had tried so hard to remind Nana about going home where she could have taken rest after having too much fun – by dancing herself off as if she (Nana) has lost her mind and gorgeous body.  [Why is she not in good control of her body motion?]  <<God knows the best of human thoughts>> Nana is trying to play fast and loose contact with the Shilluk man (Ojiango), and because she is trying to bush of her unmanageable routines, and also like to have bad time so that she can get rid of some men like the Shilluk Gentleman – after she has gain some cash from them.



Almost good time is gone and bad, but semi smoking worst time started when the dance club was over.  Nana, her semi – soulless male friends and the Shilluk gentleman exited the Revolution nightclub’s door.  Outside the club building, something became visible to the Ojiango’s sight.  They were men who had been dancing with Nana, inside the Revolution Nightclub.  They started touching Nana’s outer gender based alluring body divisions such as breasts, buttocks, hip, cheeks, face, and some would attempt to kiss Nana’s lip.  May be some have kissed her when the insider has not had his eye on them (Nana and her males friends). 



Secondly, Nana resisted to be taken home by the Shilluk Gentleman (Ojiango) saying that she prepared going home with men who had been massaging her body–who Shilluk man does not know about their mission of taking Nana home.  Ojiango has tried so hard to take the accountability of taking Nana home, Nana refuse to accept the claim of Ojiango.  Though her friends knew that she was drunk, Nana sided with them (Nana’s friends) to drive home together and leave Ojiango to take a taxi alone.  Before they left the club, Ojiango went into big argument with Nana’s friends and Nana; herself is on one side with her friends as well.  Later, Ojiango reminded Nana’s desirous friends again that she (Nana) has sipped some yeasty juices which is alcohol (such as Spirit like Grey goose, Absolute Vodka and mixed white wine with Absolute…) so madly and he (Ojiango) would better take Nana home where she belong.  Nana involved into argument and said, “I am going home with these guys.”  She said.  “Which guys you are talking about and which home you think they will take you to?”  Asked Ojiango.  After the long argument, the Shilluk man reminded Nana.  “Did you forget that you asked me to accompany you to the nightclub and bring you back home?”  “With a seducing voice she replied.  “I did not know you and I am from Windsor, Ontario.  Now, could you please leave me with my friends and let them take me home?”  Asked Nana.  “I would not let you and your semi – spiritually heightened friends of yours alone, but you, I and they, we are going wherever they want to take you.”  Said Ojiango



They could not stop themselves to start the fight.  One fellow of Nyanok’s friend clutched the Ojiango’s left arm while the other fellow was attempting to interweave the right arm.  Other tried to fist the Ojiango, but he blocked that fist.  “I new these were going to happen sooner or later.  But, why didn’t she (Nana) bring me just one fellow that is strong enough instead of these ‘watery soul’ men who I could easy hurt if it was really a blue blood she was expecting?”  Complained Ojiango.  Meanwhile, he (Ojiango) tried to contact the nearest police station, but he could not find and pay phone; he tried to ask taxi driver about cell phone, but taxi driver said his phone is not for use in the semi – blood argument.  Finally, the Shilluk man asked another driver – which would have been a chance to contact police nearest police station, Waterloo, but the driver was busied with his cell phone.  There every thing stopped and there was no other option except for the Ojiango to rejuvenate his brain and fetch in just one freshly influential and considerable thought that could end every thing at one and peacefully.  Ojiango did not want the young woman (Nana) to be hurt, but Nana denied him.  Nightclubs dance?  “Ojiango has never been to any of them since he came to Canada.”  Said one of the Insiders



“Can I fight for her?  After all these denials, she said, ‘she did not know me.  She is not from Kitchener either, but she just wants to have fun with her friends before her (Nana) goodbye to Kitchener.  Well, she is a grown up girl and she deserves what she wants.’  ‘Take your responsibilities Nana, and live your own life if that is what you want and if any thing happened you might not need to contact anyone else, but you and your friends because you are getting along as I see.”  Advised Ojiango.  “I did not come to the nightclub to fight but just to have a good, but not bad time.  I came here to have fun and return home with no suspicions about any fraudulency trades.  OK?”  Said Ojiango again fearlessly.



Though her Seducing chats seem to catch many men’s attention and her voice rhymes like a kitty kit’s, Nana physically, but not inner being always fool many lovers who always seem to have interest to marry her.  If you are dating Nana right now, be careful and make sure you give her every thing she may need in her desires for love or “whatever” as she always said.  [Be the king of your heart and mind in making rights decisions about Nana.  By the way, we (Shilluk, Cøllø) need to inform our younger girls to eliminate betraying one another to other fellows just because they did not look good].



[My] advice to you my fellows Shilluk and everyone (mostly those who live in Canada, who are close by Nana) who are reading this article is that Nana (the Shilluk, Sudanese girl who lives in Windsor) needs some helps which she could possible get from any one who is willing to help her get out of her heartrending situation.  She lies so many times to her friends that she never drinks, but she drinks.  She mostly smile outside, but not inside her heart, she speak seductively and rarely feels reprehensible of showing of her valuable  looking legs, eyes, teeth, hip and chest – the most important thing of all is that Nana has no very well defined habits.  These habits are the ones that are tarnishing her lifestyles–which have become a pain in her neck.  Help Nana please because her lifestyles seem to be “[not] evil [make] me do it,” but she is just a little bit down with her life.  Someone like you could turn her life around.



Psychologically, socially, or emotionally helping Nana so soon could possible regain her reputation and endures as average normal humans do.  If you meet her sometime, someday somewhere, do not just pass by her, instead greet her, and have a little chat and may be present to her some pieces of your mind.  [I] believe in you fellows Shilluk and I know you can help Nana through any possible means to find her man that she may have been misplacing in her spirit.  She does not do drugs (May be or not) and she is a smoke free young and beautiful woman.  Please help Nana though she seems to be out of control.  Please do anything that could possible turn Nana’s life around.  If you want to help Nana or contact her in person right now, you can contact her in Windsor, Ontario – Canada or visit her web link at www.myspace.com/dvai_nana     Nana needs your help now!



            For more information about Nana, Nyanok, go to www.myspace.com/dvia_nana

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