By: Ogeryath Oger

By: Ogeryath Oger

The primary function of a struggle in any political, social or economic setup is to have the fruits of the struggle emerge at the end. However, the struggle with positive effects is imbedded in the immense sacrifice offered by those seeking political, economic and social emancipation. The immense sacrifice to renew the general lifestyle in all its forms require strong and genuine leaders who place the interests of the society ahead before and after the struggle.

The struggle that takes a long period is the one which is built on the positive agenda of extending great and promising life conditions to the masses under the care of the government. Good governance, well-built social life and promising economic atmosphere are all parts of the immense struggle that are only achieved when the masses and their leaders genuinely thirst for common objectives/goals.

The immense sacrifice is propelled by the common goals and objectives because the destination is agreed upon and therefore in the presence of positive energy there seems to be promising movement towards achieving the main goals for the immense sacrifice which is the key to prosperity, political maturity and well-built social and political community.

The hard period that South Sudan is passing through nowadays require immense sacrifice with common agreement between the leaders and citizens in order to ensure that we are in common path towards positive movement and promising changes. We should know that the lifestyle that we display today need to be improved because it is the source of our thoughts and actions. 

The immense sacrifice in South Sudan should firstly be built on proper upbringing of the young generation to have the country at heart and share common environment that though we are different tribes, we share common land, languages and generally related cultures. This proper upbringing will have transformation in the years to common because the masses shall have been educated on the importance of national unity and diversity.

Secondly, democracy and political freedom should be properly defined and preached in a manner that brings optimism. The democracy that we preach should not concentrate on defining the power-sharing mechanism among the political parties and having regular elections, but the concentration should be on defining democracy as the path through which leaders stand by their promises in terms of improving the lives of the citizens and pushing them towards better living conditions and social cohesion in a way that trust is built between the leaders and the citizens. It should be highlighted that democracy should not push us only towards elections but having positive changes in the community in terms of better health services, better education system and economic stability.

Thirdly, accountability is part of the immense sacrifice that we need to include in our lifestyle in order to ensure responsibility for the actions we perform, no matter our status in the community. Public funds must be accounted for and the persons responsible must be subjected to proper accountability in order to help in the public funds assisting in setting up the intended projects rather than building wealth for few individuals.

The world in which we dwell in today has never been the same through the past centuries, and whenever human beings struggled for change, it came through immense sacrifice. Therefore, in order to lead our country into an atmosphere that sets us free from the challenges that we face today, we must admit our mistakes and agree to propel towards a common destination in order to build a country that can accommodate all the South Sudanese.

The immense sacrifice will have our country economically stable and politically positive, and the torn social life can be rebuilt on positive grounds., million of refugees shall find hope in returning home in order to build their own country and our lives in years to come shall be enlightened with optimism pushing pessimism far from our sights.