South Sudan BasketBall Team


By: Ogeryath Oger

Unfortunately for nearly a decade, South Sudan was portrayed by the world media as the land of violence and backwardness, luckily in just less than three years, the Basketball National Team under the leadership of the great Deng Lual, elevated the land into the Galaxy of the giants in the sports (basketball). What an amazing greatness and hard work brought in by the sons of South Sudan to the nation never known for something incredible on its soils from the time of its emergence (Independence) until the time it was engulfed by conflict a decade ago, never was it in anyone’s assumption or imagination for South Sudan to rise and stand upright, decent and presentable to the world in greatness and power.

As the country struggled in all the types of sports to deep down keep the roots strong just like its neighbors Kenya and Ethiopia known for their greatness in Marathon on the world stage, and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) known for greatness in football across Africa, far away from home in the Western World (USA) appeared a lion known as Deng Lual with optimistic and great followers willing to make their motherland dominate in a sport never known to the nation before.

The leadership of the great Deng Lual and the great performance of his team (National Basketball Team) in the world cup, will go down to be remembered and studied as the third most unifying factor among the South Sudanese after the great struggle for Twenty One Years under the Leadership of Dr. John Garang and the Independence Day under comrade Salva Kiir. The qualification of South Sudan Basketball National Team for the France Olympics 2024 was an event that brought the nation down to its knees full of happiness and greatness. The news as it spread across the world about unknown nations challenging the great nations, The Basketball National Team will always be studied before the kickoff of the France Olympics by its opponents with fear and care.

The South Sudan National Basketball Team is an icon and symbol of courage that the country can march out strongly of all the challenges it faces today in case pragmatism and unity are employed in our conduct in all the political, economic and social sectors. The great leadership of Deng Lual didn’t emerge out of magic and the great performance displayed by the National Basketball Team wasn’t accidental but a hard work and hope practiced for years in the tough circumstances of life far away from home in order to come back and lift the home. What a great combination to have a great team in Africa united from its roots by the great Deng Lual. This is a justification for all the South Sudanese that South Sudan can be a prosperous country in sports and strong in unity under sports. 

Never were we respected before on the African continent and world at large. The greatness achieved by the National Basketball Team shouldn't be left hanging but more energy and investment injected in until the great team achieves more than the recent achievements. Participation in the Basketball World Cup was an incredible show for South Sudan at large. Facing the tournament favorites Serbia was challenging but a great show of progress and wisdom from the sons of South Sudan, the victory against China was great and perfect and the show against Puerto Rico was a sign that we can come back next tournament.

A story can be put down about the South Sudan Basketball National Team as follows: “ A collection of generous and hardworking children (Now great men) who disappeared into the forests due to the tough circumstances of life in their own land, worked hard under the tense conditions of life and later emerged out of poverty and suffering as great, rich and passionate men but instead of keeping their riches, talents and greatness to themselves, their eyes were full of mercy and compassion for their suffering nation and decided to put aside their own satisfaction to come and lift a nation once broken into a galaxy of the greats in sports on the African continent”.