By: Ogeryath Oger
By: Ogeryath Oger


The United Nations (UN) as an International Organization with various branches dealing in Health, Children, Culture, Refugees, and Food etc. matters is essential to the entire world in terms of all the services the Organization offers especially to the Low Developing Countries (LDC) in Africa, Europe and Asia. However, the continuous reliance on the UN is a setback to the development of Africa in terms of poverty eradication and economic development because the UN houses the agenda of the Western colonial powers whose intentions are to keep Africa poor and unable to make positive steps towards development.

The UN armed forces in various parts of Africa especially in South Sudan (SSD) and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have helped the conflict affected masses but the conflicts that affected people seem to be used as the reason for the intervention in the affairs of these countries and imposing Western agenda by the colonial members of the Security Council of the United Nations (UN) who are careless and only work for their interests.

The continuous presence of the UN armed forces in the African continent shall inject difficulty on the host countries to allow their masses the ability to establish settlements, grow their own food and have their own national armies protect them. Having the UN providing food to the African masses for years yet the continent is able to produce more than the provided food seems to be another way of subjecting the continent to extreme poverty because without the UN the food supply is affected and therefore rises to poverty again.

African governments should inject too much energy in establishing medical facilities, police forces and prioritize revival of agriculture in order to reduce dependence on the UN health agencies, armed forces and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization). Continuous reliance on the UN agencies to provide security and Food to the African masses is an indication of continuous stay under foreign powers that make decisions that do not favor the continent.

For Africa to develop and avoid migration of its masses to Europe and Asia for better living conditions, our governments together with the masses need to set clear agenda that is based on transparency and progress in order to develop our own infrastructures like roads and power plants that shall reduce costs of production and attract investments, settle and resolve tribal conflicts and create peace with the armed forces (rebels) in order to create security that will allow the civilians have confidence in building their own lives without fear and avoid massive migration to other continents, invest highly in development of the health and education sectors in order to combat spread of various diseases and make people have confidence in the health system. Education should be made practical in order to send productive graduates to the job markets and have the graduates able to create their own jobs as well. 

On top of developing infrastructures (roads, power plants, hospitals, schools), the politicians should be honest enough to be transparent and honest in their acts so as to avoid corruption and military coups in the continent. Having governments set up isn’t enough but the governments should be functional in terms of providing services to the masses.

With the implementation of agricultural revival agenda to ensure availability of food, development of independent armed forces to protect the masses and keep the territorial integrity as well as setting up governments that truly represent the voice of the people (Africans), the African continent and South Sudan in particular shall be able to minimize reliance on the UN agencies and avoid the intervention of the foreign powers in the affairs of Africa.

The journey of real independence is a long one but we must walk and take courage because slavery is bitter and real. There is no superpower in this world that keeps its interests aside. Remember colonialism in another form exists.