By: Ogeryath Oger
By: Ogeryath Oger


Democracy as defined by the Western colonial and deceptive powers as the means through which the masses elect their leaders, it is not rooted in only one definition of the people’s choice but democracy to the Western deceptive powers is “their interest taken care of democracy”. Therefore to the West, democracy is whatever means that protects their colonial interests.

Before democracy thrived in the West, the European continent was ruled by ruthless kings and queens who embezzled the funds of their own subjects as people were called those days. However, the Europeans with time realized that their conditions were equivalent to death and therefore decided to revolt against their own leaders as the people’s resistance came through French revolution and later on renaissance followed by centuries of positive changes and struggle.

By following European/Western history, we shall discover that their own democracy and victories to achieve freedom weren’t achieved in a blink of an eye. If European democracy and freedom weren’t achieved in a blink of an eye, what makes the European governments think that Africa can just transform in a year to practice their own system.

It is poisonous to advocate for democracy and ignore the conditions of the people dwelling in a dark continent under ruthless leaders who are Western agents. What is the importance of having a leader elected by the people and later on mistreats the same people through imprisonment, poor medical facilities, and exploitation of their own resources and embezzlement of their own taxes? The West stops caring about the Africans after having the leader/agent of their choice elected.

The western powers don’t consider poor living conditions of their own people conducive/proper and why then should they impose such conditions on the African continent. Are we also humans? As Africans we all need democracy that brings about positive changes in the African continent but not the democracy that plants Western agents in our own continent.

The democracy that the West preaches is a poison and we should not take it otherwise for more centuries, the African continent will be enslaved. We need to build our own African system because not every Western system shall work for our great and rich continent. 

Western democracy is embedded in extraction of African resources, colonization of the African continent and killing/elimination of the capable African leaders who intend to stand against the Western colonial agenda. The West does not carry democracy to the Africans but deceptive and destructive democracy. In which African country did the West invest so much in democracy and what did the people in such a country achieve?

As Africans and South Sudanese in particular, we should fight ignorance, illiteracy and poverty before dreaming of democracy because democracy in real sense does not thrive in poverty and ignorance. If we are able to manage our own affairs and create changes which are positive in our continent/country like provision of clean water to the population, security, education and revive positive cultural development of the families, our continent/country will be a home to us. Imagine the Chinese do not follow the Western deceptive and destructive democracy and how come that they were able to thrive and achieve positive changes?