Tuwali: Best Place For Buyers and Sellers in South Sudan

Tuwali: Best Place For Buyers and Sellers in South Sudan 


Tuwali: Best Place For Buyers and Sellers in South Sudan.

We're sure that you love shopping online and Tuwali is one platform where you can buy as well sell your used stuffs. You can buy electronics online, tablets, mobile phones etc.

About Tuwali:
Tuwali was established in late 2022 and since then it has helped buyers and sellers. And now it has emerged as a big brand. Tuwali offers services in South Sudan from its office located in Nimra Talata, Juba. You can browse through your desired category and check the products and prices in a list view.
Stuffs at Tuwali are very good quality and they have variety of products selling over there. Again when you want to sell something you can post an ad for free and can find customers to buy your stuff. Tuwali is very reliable for both buyers and sellers.

Advantages of Tuwali:
1. Very easy to work with for both buyers and sellers.
2. Very reliable service.
3. Sellers can display attractive ads on Tuwali.
4. Ads can be shared on social sites.
5. The site is responsive and so it helps mobile users to surf the site easily.
6. A buyer can easily message or call a seller and ask questions regarding the products.

Tuwali also market their platform with great marketing strategies. You can check one of their video ads here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4B9quVjzK78

So Tuwali seems to be a great place for you to shop and sell things. One thing that Tuwali does best is that it gives full control to both sides to make out their work. It’s one of the best thing about Tuwali. We personally like Tuwali and we've bought many stuffs from them. We always loved the quality of the products and they give what they offer. It’s always that a customer is satisfied with the delivery. Even we've talked with our friends who frequently shops online on Tuwali and they too never had any problem.

Their customer service and support is well planned and no one goes unanswered. The reviews they have got earlier from their customers are also very good. So I hope you will experience the same treatment from Tuwali. It’s time to get started. You can shop now at Tuwali and also sell your old stuffs just by posting a free ad which will be seen by thousands of customers and one will surely buy it. So go ahead and do share your views about it.

Tuwali.com was purely and originally made in South Sudan for South Sudanese. It's free to use and App is on Google Play Store.

Download here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tuwali.app

Developer Charlie Brian