Peter Biar Ajak  (Reuters)
Peter Biar Ajak (Reuters)


By: Deng Emmillo Mou, South Africa-Pretoria,

At best Peter Biar Ajak’s Moment of Truth can best be described as a horde of lies, half-truths, assumptions and outright falsehood by a pretending peace who has now been exposed for what he truly is; a political jobber. It is an act of mindless impunity and sheer recklessness on the part of Peter Biar Ajak to speak ill of a president that has tolerated his seemingly inadequacies over time.

Yes South Sudanese held the best National election for the year of 2010 Presidential election, but what made him failed to also tell you in his malicious biased half-truths is that the use of National  election was agreed upon and endorsed by all the presidential aspirants including his master Dr. Lam Akol and that use him was responsible to judges to the suit filed.

Biar Ajak has imploded because of political jobbers like him that stokes the fire of discord instead of unity and thinks only from his pocket. Your masked attack on H. E President Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit speaks to your nature, “energetic and intelligent man that lacked ability”; how on earth can someone like you that is intelligent lack ability to respect elders or leaders, do you even know the meaning of intelligence?.

It’ll however be interesting if you can enlighten us on how that determined, young, energetic and intelligent man that lacked ability and experience emerged victorious over your political guru with vast ability and experience?.

You can only take a horse to the stream, but you cannot force it to drink, freedom of association is enshrined in South Sudan constitution. How can do you stop someone that is determined to realize his ambition at all cost. And Of a truth, we should be worried that a man of Peter Biar Ajak calibre would hide under the shades of a dirty pig politics and rogue called to unleash attacks on leaders.

Again, let us warn that, The resort to blackmail and propaganda cannot go far in politics of modern day, the people are wiser, better informed and at home with the truth.

Obviously, we must all appreciate Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit and see him as a hero of South Sudanese Land as far as today is concerned. Despite the abusive to his personality, he showed up as promised at South Sudanese people to chase out the criminals under any disguise, tormenting our people on our father's land. The security of our lives and property, and that of our fellow South Sudanese, must be of our collective concern. At least, for now, our people in those areas are now able to sleep with their two eyes closed and breath in peace.

I expect us all as true sons and daughters of South Sudan to appreciate this man. We must be happy seeing someone with us who can stand in the face of war Since the period of Liberation Movement of South Sudan until we got independence to protect our interest. Even though the so-called Peter Biar Ajak is probably on top of the situation of abusing, we must still appreciate with respect Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit for this he had done in his colleagues Generation and follow generations.

My attention has been drawn to a particular political poster with the picture of H. E President Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit being shared on the social media, specifically Kenya TV, Facebook by some mischievous, manipulative, and irrelevant political elements in the new party who also love to be associated with bad things.

 The South Sudanese people remain a united family under the leadership of President Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit to reposition and work assiduously in taking over the good governance, and therefore refused to be distracted by Peter's hateful and unwarranted outbursts.

It is my sincere advice to our jobless brothers in the new political party (NNPP) to stop wasting their time, energy and resources in the infant political party all in the name of hunger and cravings for undue public attention because the whole world knows it today that President Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit is like an answer to a special prayer to the good people of South Sudan. A peacemaker, a pathfinder, an advocate of peace, an embodiment of unity and love, leader of the fantastic people of South Sudan and the pride of the South Sudanese.

Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, the Unifier, desires for a Harmonious Benefit and peaceful coexistence.

The strength or power of any leader, lies in the existence of peace, common understanding and love, which he created amongst his followers. And this can only be achieved when the leader imbibe and operate as a unifier to inculcate the spirit of oneness, which can be achieved in his show of equal treatment to his led.

The human body is made up of several parts, and each part must be allotted with the same treatment as another, that way they function together to produce desirable results.

This could be said to be a simple secret of a successful display of leadership skill, which rather attract peace, joy as well as love from the led to the leader who deemed it fit to exhibit a unified nature of leadership in his dealings with his people.

Having said that, in South Sudan where a leader with similar spirit of oneness is needed, for even achievements, which would automatically amount to peaceful coexistence and love amongst constituents, is found a servant leader amongst all, who is a confirmed unifier, as he is of the habit of according respect to all classes and status, against meeting out preferential treatment to some faction, to the detriment of some others.

We will forever be grateful to God for the gift he graciously gave us in the South Sudan. The gift of a humane person, a God-sent, caring, considerate and magnanimous, His Excellency President Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit. He is our motivation, our mentor, our encouragement. He promised and fulfilled, “he talks and do”, his integrity is unimpeachable and his character, impeccable.

Thank you so much, your excellency, our president.

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