Larson Angok Garang (Supplied/Facebook)

Larson Angok Garang (Supplied/Facebook)

By: Brown Akoon Yel Dut, Rum-marial,

General speaking and honestly, Larson Angok Garang Wieu is a South Sudan national who hail from Northern Bhar El Ghazal State and serving in the government of South Sudan as police officer and followed his natural career in music industry. He has never been ignore in terms of companionableness.

He has companionship in both music industry and government and that has putted him into tragedy circumstance since becoming famous in this nation. Not only that, but he has been supporting the current regime in his daily activities whether on social media or songs. Mr. Larson Angok is a member of mother terminus Ruling Class Party SPLM and diehard booster of H.E president Salva Kiir Mayardit. And that brought true justification on him for being a supporter of the current president. Then the peace spoilers and enemies of the president who are working in the system including untalented musicians who have forced themselves in the music industry by singing dull songs felt coveted and arrested him without properly reasoning. It shows clearly that the enemies of the president of South Sudan don't want anyone to keep supporting Mr. President in his daily progress activities.

Larson Angok was arrested by four senior government officials and three untalented musicians from Northern Bhar El Ghazal State whose their names withdrawal here. It's real that he was arrested by seven people included musicians. The reason for arresting is alleged that he sang a song titled "Miith SPLM"  against some individuals in the government. It may not be true since he didn't fight president Salva Kiir Mayardit one day. They're trying to tarnish the image of our South Sudan legend musician for no reason. It's only in South Sudan where untalented musicians should be favoured. Proclaiming themselves as the best musicians building themselves in witchcraft and evil objects.

Such poor mindedness and useless musicians evaded their manual jobs and give us hard time for no reason. Why they do keep provoking the situation?  Developing evil objects, taking weeds, and they're illiterate at the same time. You can find musicians holding age assessments, nationalities and passports, yet they know everything than you according to their cheap brains. Forcing yourself in the music industry and developed drinking alcohol doesn't qualify you enough to be a professional artist. I'm advising you talentless artists. They leave their manual works and developed hate speeches, betraying and calling themselves as legend musicians. It's complemental falsification on them, they're completely destructive people and just food lovers who hate the development of one another.

Show them my brother Larson Angok Garang. The battlefield, scattered with the remains of what was, bares resemblance, but even it could not destroy you. The battlefield is not your identity or destiny. You made it out alive. Therefore, it made you. For every thing you make it through makes you just a little more of you. Others have already surrendered, quit, given up, thrown in the towel. Others have already tapped out. But not you. You raised your hand a couple of times, and everything in you cried out, JUST QUIT, but before your hand could hit the mat, as an open display of your surrender, a force greater than yourself stopped you. Inside prison, you knows you are more powerful than what you know. Inside prison knows that this is simply a test; a temporary setback, and that you will come back even stronger, even better, even wiser.


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