To All Sincere Collo

This Morning while I was browsing through the net, I found a new press release by the same body, (SIC). This time it was not defending anybody but advising PWA to stop being used by Pagan Amum.

My first reaction was (Hu!!). I tried to sigh really hard in Dhock Collo. Sometimes it is good and healthy to actually address yourself in your mother tongue. So I went: (Hu! Ba deer chedh?! dhog dhano ko kaale yeibo wonga ki ba a shor yi Pagun?).
What a pity! What a paranoia! and I thought for a moment or two: If this poltics of fear or bully is really leading to anything, it will not, but to the perminent damage to the very owners of the idea itself and it's eventual demise. But I didn?t react emotionally. I looked deeply into the situation. The circumstances under which the statement was issued and the website that published it. {Mind you: ?SouthSudanNation.com? did not publish the PWA statement although we send it to them twice}. And undoubtedly I reached a satisfactory conclusion.

That Agency or as they want to be known (SIC) is not a Shilluk organization after all. I am quite sure that, even the politicians whose names it wants to plunge into its web of chaos and political anarchy, would not be honoured if they realized how their names are being stained and played with. I don?t believe that Dr. Lam himself ? a figure not only belonging to the Collo at this particular stage and time, but also representing the entire nation in international arenas ? would accept to associate himself with tribal footmen such as the so- called SIC. And any other sane person would undoubtedly laugh when they see how those dwarfs are terrified and paranoid.

But let us not stop here. Let us whisk our memories back a bit, say Eleven to Fifteen years ago when a document was circulated worldwide as well as in the Sudan accusing Collo of having an international body called and I quote: ?Nikango Kingdom? I recon those who have witnessed the situation immediately after the split (SPLA Split) might have now understood who accused the Collo of having that body and the motive behind those allegations.

It is quite obvious; Philosophy of fear. Just play with people fears and you can break through.

The case with this new Agency (SIC) however is far more different and much more dangerous if the Collo public ?and I urge them to do the contrary- would not see into it from a point of view far from political preoccupation and inclination. This Agency is merely un Collo and untrue in all its nature and characteristic.

First: It is disrespecting the dead, a thing that a Shilluk person has never ever done. It is very easy for other tribes to laugh at the dead since some tribes don?t even burry their dead, but for an Ocoallo to laugh at the dead, that is inconceivable (Kwong).


Second: It shows obvious and undisguised smirking and display of indirect sense of disrespect and dishonour to His Majesty Nyajwok (King of Whole Shilluk) as the group portrayed him as a witch doctor in their second statement and I qoute:

??and the SIC would like to appeal to both men to seek counseling from Shilluk?s Reth (King) who has spiritual powers to exorcise hatred and ill-feelings against one another?

My third and a bit odd wander was that if the Agency sincerely thinks- as it claimed- that they are really trying to protect the interest of Collo by immersing themselves in revealing sins and bad doings of other people and their fathers ( a point that I am sure no pure Shilluk would stoop to assert), where were their fathers or what were they (their Fathers) doing during the time when the fathers? of their today?s opponents were doing evils against Collo as they stated?!!

I think I made my point clear. It does not require any scratching of heads for us to figure out this new Agency. It is a new element implanted within the Collo to distract them from the main and burning issues that are currently taking place in the South. The objective of this Agency is quite clear: To confuse and make the Shilluk dwindle in their local affairs, and to magnify political differences (Which are normal and healthy in the world of real politics) amongst some Collo leaders so that the pain of the entire nation of Collo, that was inflicted when they were sidelined and under represented in the GOSS, is soothed and absorbed by their own new created wound. And the obvious and unmistakable example is that they, the Agency, are incapable of even mentioning just the name of their spokesperson. And I have no more to say than just let the Collo be vigilant.

Sabino Edward Nyawella

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