This study analyses an historical account on the growth of Malakal Town, 1908-1955 during the condominium Government. The paper deals with the growth of Malakal Town in historical perspective. Fashoda incident between Great Britain and France is explained.

The study examines the establishment of mission at Fashoda, the institution of the Collo reth, the British and the Collo, Tribal law and tribal custom at Malakal and the Kujurs and the Sudan government. The paper reviews the larger Towns in the south.

This task narrates non-Muslims commissioned in Administrative posts in the Southern Sudan. The paper evaluates a school at Malakal as well as Technical schools. Sir Stewart Symes, Governor-General and his Southern Sudan policy is implicitly explained.

The paper also discusses the graduates General Congress, Macmic and the Governor of the South, the reconquest and Nile hydrology, a Great stir in Malakal and Khartoum, and the KAR and Belgian troops, Recruitments for maintenance on the North-South Road from Aba to Jebelein. The purpose of this study is to provide knowledge and historical perspective on the growth of Malakal Town during the condominium regime to those who are interested in acquiring knowledge about Malakal as the capital city of Upper Nile State.

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