Dinka Twi 
Your Excellence, Mr. First Vice President, Taban Deng Gai, we are Activists from Twi East Community around the globe who are dismay about your Peace Initiative Resolve Letter [P.I.R.L]. The main reason why we write this letter to you Mr. First Vice President. The citizens of current Jonglei State communities that are comprising of: [Twi East, Nyarweng, Hol and Bor] which your Team trying to negotiates peace with Murlei tribe of Boma State. We and many citizens of Jonglei States are not happy when it comes to your Team Initiative Title. You in every Peace, you always need to avoid any inconvenient message, exclusiveness of others communities who involves in conflicts or any misplacement of small anecdote can do damage to your whole peace initiative you are doing for the betterment of humanity. Your Excellence, we are requesting your office to dissolve your Peace Initiative letter title to Dinkas V. Murlei tribe. Otherwise, you are damaging your peace due to exclusiveness of other communities who did participate in conflicts.
Your Excellence, on behalf of our Eastern Twi Dinka community around the globe and back home in our motherland, for us as Activities of this community who representaing their voices of grievances. .unfortunate to misrepresent our community in that Peace. Your Excellence, Mr. F. V. President of our nation, we do truly know you were not the who wrote that peace revolve letter among Greater Upper Nile region tribes of Dinkas and Murlei. Not that only, there people from Nuer tribes who did participated in Reveng Mission attacks in Murlei land this month. To assure you, Mr. First Vice President, in that Revenge Attacks Mission in Murlei land; there were these communities: Twi East Dinka, Nyareweng Dinka, Hol Dinka, Bor Dinka, Aborum and some Youths from Lou Nuer who followed their previous looted cows by Murlei tribe. Just to aware of that, Mr. First Vice President.
Your Excellence, Mr First Vice President, we do admired your services to our nation, either during the liberation times when you were with our own son, Dr. John Garang e Mabior and of course, with the only man above you in our nation, President Kiir Mayardit whom you deputized as the second most powerful man behind in our nation leadership. Our peacefully community of Eastern Twi Dinka people do really appreciate your sleepless every night when it comes to our nation Peace and Stability exortations. You are the man of people and that was one of the reasons why you did abandon the road of violence in pursing of non-violence road. Just to saves your citizens lives. What an extra-ordinary man you are, you have many credentials Mr. Taban Deng Gai we can't even write them all here though in whatsoever.
Your Excellence, Mr. First Vice President, again we know you were not the one who wrote that Peace Resolve letter between Dinkas and Murlei tribes, but we believe some of your partners who are working with you to brings Peace among these communities did just that. This is not easy and our uneasiness have been shown already by word 'dismay' in our first paragraph. The die-hearts or conservatives citizens among these communities are not happy at all. To assure you, Mr. First Vice President, they are truly outrages when they read that letter of your Team in Social Media, Blogs, and webistes worldwide. You been informed Mr. First Vice President, Taban Deng Gai due to you being head of that peace initiative between Jonglei Dinkas and Murlei tribe. You are going to be accountable for any bad outcomes among these communities if you missteps in your initiative. Your consideration of our petitions letter be highly appreciated.
The Greater Twic [Eastern Twi Dinka] and the Greater Duk [Nyarweng & Hol Dinkas] communities are rejecting any peace until Murlei tribe stops looting our cattle like what they just did yesterday at Twi East areas below. However, if Greater Bor or Dinka Bor people of Mr. Michael Makuei are for peace according to First Vice President Team document that was wrongly titled. Greater Twi East and Greater Duk Communities are advising our Chiefs, Leaders and Elders to attain that  peace for all. Please check out some notes below regards to what we are talking about: ·
"Morning everyone, this is to feed you guys with some updates from Twic East, anyway home isn't 50% cool, a huge herd got raided by unidentified armed youth yesterday in Payäär cattle camp. And our guys are still tracing the raiders to retrieve our huge herds. This had just happened shortly after Bur-Awur's incident (an Island next to Pachuïl but opposite to pakueny), where mass killing took place and eight children were also abducted. For sure such an act is what bitterly angered our youth and off course narrowed the way to peace in South Sudan." By Chiman A. Deng
In addition too, our message shouldn't be taken out of contexts though, that our communities are not for peace. We are truly for a legitimate peace, we need peace that cannot be forced upon protagonists while one side that did initiate the conflicts have not stop attacking other side. For instance, the Murlei Youths have not stop attacking the Greater Upper Nile Dinkas areas. You can take example already shown above.
The Greater Twi East Community citizens are doing their bests to help our leaders to brings peace and stability to our nation. The nation whom you have sacrificed for long time. We are calling South Sudanese citizens to vying for peace rather than conflicts. Peace is better than war of innocents bloodshed.
"I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality... I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word" By Martin Luther King, Jr.
 Having been slow to join the first civil war, the Nuer and Dinka Anyanya units of Upper Nile were among the most resistant to the Addis Ababa Agreement in 1972. It was initially opposed by Samuel Gai Tut, a senior Lou Nuer Anyanya commander, as well as by John Garang, a very junior Twic Dinka captain (Abel Alier 1990:138). By Abel Alier Kuai from Dinka Bor
Book Title: "Sudan's Blood Memory: The Legacy of War, Ethnicity, and Slavery in Early ..."
Validated By: Twic East Community Activists
1. Makol Garang
2. Ajak Garang
3. Ajak Monychol
4. Woi Ngong
5. Joseph Ajak
N/B: We are advising our citizens to call to their leadership, and stated that, "no peace now until Murlei Youths stop attacking us."