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In June, the humanitarian situation in South Sudan was marked by conflicts, food insecurity, disease outbreaks, impact of the Sudan crisis and the risk of imminent floods, threatening to deepen the already severe situation of vulnerable people. Torrential rains caused floods and affected people in parts of the country. In Tonj North County in Warrap State, an estimated 6,000 people were reportedly affected by floods, with some crops destroyed. In Juba County, Central Equatoria State, heavy rains caused flash floods in Luri payam and Juba Block, affecting over 1,000 people. During the first half of 2024, an estimated 7.1 million people experienced high levels of food insecurity (Integrated Food Security Phase Classification/IPC Phase 3 or above) – an increase of more than 20 per cent compared to the same period in 2023. According to a report² from WFP, the retail price for sorghum in the market increased by 95 per cent from January to June, deepening the vulnerability of most families. Authorities in the Greater Pibor Administrative Area reported that most people in Pochalla and Pibor County are facing a worrying food security situation and called on partners to respond. As of 30 June, more than 720,000 people³ crossed into South Sudan from Sudan due to the conflict, with over 560,000 being South Sudanese. In June, intercommunal violence persisted in many parts of the country. Attacks by armed youth from Guit, Rubkona and Mayom counties took place in Aliny payam in Pariang County in the Ruweng Administrative Area and displaced an unconfirmed number of people and disrupted humanitarian activities. A hepatitis E outbreak was reported in the Abyei Administrative Area, and measles cases continued to be confirmed in Abiemnhom and Guit counties in Unity State, Fangak County in Jonglei State and Rumbek East County in Lakes State.


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Source: https://reliefweb.int/report/south-sudan/south-sudan-humanitarian-snapshot-june-2024