The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) expressed its intention on Wednesday to strengthen trade relations with the People’s Republic of China and develop mutual cooperation with China’s ruling party, the Communist Party (CPC).

Santo Malek Anei, SPLM Acting Secretary for Information, addressed reporters at the SPLM House in Juba following a delegation’s visit to China. He emphasized the need for South Sudan’s Ministry of Trade to enhance collaboration with China and boost trade diversification.

“We want to engage our ministers, especially the Minister of Trade. It is time for us to sign an agreement with the Chinese government because the SPLM and the South Sudan government cannot rely solely on oil; there are other products,” Malek stated.

“In terms of trade, we need to collaborate with the government to export items beyond oil, such as gum Arabic, sesame, and honey. These are the kinds of products we should trade with other countries,” Malek explained.

Highlighting China’s status as the world’s leading exporter, Malek emphasized the potential for South Sudan to learn from China’s trade practices.

“During our visit to China, we realized that China, with 500 exports worldwide, is exporting 220 different types of products. In contrast, despite having abundant resources, we are not utilizing our potential. This training opportunity is a golden chance for the SPLM,” Malek remarked.

He mentioned that the visit to China was highly successful, initiated by an invitation from the CPC through the Chinese Embassy in Juba. “During our stay, we were invited by CPC Universities, where we exchanged experiences and knowledge on development, poverty alleviation, and toured workshops and museums. Witnessing China’s development firsthand, we attended cadre training related to party and cadre building,” Malek elaborated.

“We explored various areas during our visit, including Beijing and Guangzhou, a crucial province in China. In Guangzhou, we had the opportunity to visit the world-class port, serving as China’s gateway to the world. Our experiences were enlightening,” Malek added.

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