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  • Guest - William O. Dak

    Your call for unity is important to all of us as nation. But your call to educated southerners in Diaspora to go to south to contribute in nation building is unacceptable to SPLM and GOSS. Know it through drafting constitution and rejection of other political parties from playing their role in policy-making.SPLM excluded other parties from having their input in new constitution. We get what? Abye is included in constitution that might take us back to war. Abye has it protocol. Why don't we wait till the population of Abye vote as Southerners did? Remember that Abye case was taken to Huge by SPLM/GOSS which means we should respect court decision, but why now to include it in constitution. Why don't we also name every part of Southern Sudan in constitution as Abye? That is a result of the work of incompetent cadres in SPLM/GOSS who know stealing people wealth and killing its citizens.
    If you belief in the abilities of southerners in diaspora, please begin to voice against dictators in Juba. Press SPLM/GOSS to accept democratic rule if you really want us to utilize our power.
    About building hospital, schools and roads, millions of dollars are daily looted by SPLM/GOSS. This money divided among government members and their relatives suppose to be used for those services. Now you are calling people to build those things. Why don't you ask SPLM/GOSS about why don't we have those thing done. They have rule south since six years ago. If you want to say let SPLM/GOSS loot the money and we in diaspora have to contribute with our own salaries, that may be logical.
    Anyway, talk to your government (GOSS).

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