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  • Guest - Dhieu Lual Aken

    I would like your site( to publish my South Sudan National Anthem proposal.It is as follow:Let salute...let salute our martyrs.Ref:I shall not betray(3times).The dignity of my people and ancestors.Ref:I Shall...etc.This Land of my country...Forever I will never.Ref:I shall...etc.Freedom and Justice...I swear.Oh South Sudan...Oh mamaland...Oh Africa.God blessed us with Paradise on earth ...And promise us with the otherone in Heaven.

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  • Guest - faulino omoj omay

    Thank all the editors and News Room , a video clip contains a powerful message in time to vote, yes, the future of the south and the future of coming generations in the hands of the southerners themself

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  • Guest - Anida

    This Video speaks to all of us to take responsibility for the future of our South Sudan. Loved the video. Thanks a lot to the singers.

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