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  • Guest - De War

    If Salva Kiir, Riek Machar or Pagan Amum is not willing to quiet those who are thinking, supporting or talking and singing days and nights in the name of the dead union with Arabs, he will be terminated if found in any corner in South Sudan. If anyone, be he/she finds talking or supporting union with Arabs again, he must be asked, tortured, given a huge fine or killed if that suit him/her. Any Southerner found talking about the unity of North and South Sudan within South Sudan all the way to Khartoum-South, he/she must be arrested because he is supporting Arabs' ideologies and he/she is one of those who have been betraying Southern Sudaneses for years. No South Sudaneses even Salva Kiir must open his dirty mouth and talk about the unity or making unity attractive in the eyes of South Sudaneses - in public or private sectors! This message goes to Salva Kiir, Pagan Amum, Riek Machar, Lam Akol, Oyay Deng, Hoth Mai, Paulino Matip, etc. If any of those leaders find talking and supporting the unity of Africans and Arabs within South Sudan all the way to South of Khartoum, he must be arrested, asked, tortured, given a huge fine and given at lease 25 years in prison. Warning to leaders and citizens of South Sudan inside South Sudan and abroad.

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  • Guest - Simon Majok

    hahaaa De War, that statement is so sweet. Many South Sudanese and I are supporting your opinion. We should also be on a very high alert more than ever because war is coming. Messiryia Arabs are threaten war in Abyei and SAF has deployed thousands of soldiers and fighting equipments along the contested areas. That means northerh government wants to invade South Sudan again. It is a moral responsibility for all separatists to fight war of independence when it start. We will either finish at the border-line or be left alone in our independent South Sudan.

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  • Guest - Maker

    this is a criticle time for southern sudanese to fight for their rights. these tteriorits in the northern are trying to steal our land. What kind of unity are they looking for? Otherwise this is not Addis Ababa Agreement in 1972, this is 2005 Agreemnent"...

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  • Guest - Wiethiang matip

    This critical time it need brave heart people to up come such throated and I believed the southern people will wised very well, because our leaders are working hard for us and our country as well. We don't need to threading our leaders at this critical movement but to support them more than ever that is why they would be stronger. To assure you people of southern Sudan specially the youths, this time it need us all talked and fight for our right and it need us present inside southern Sudan.

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  • Guest - Deng Dowang

    Hello.Comrades.Gentleman .late us reveiw husoman Ismial mohamed taha Anouncement he have made to the sudan Tribune.and Quote it. sended to The international Enterveiw.and late us get ready for the Action.and for those southerns inside city Khartoum .late them run away like Ostrich.don.t late the rain getting them. thanks for your Understanding sincerely thinks smart do smart
    DD.splm Chapter supporters

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  • Guest - De War

    There are many reason why Lam Akol is in Khartoum; he may be a traitor but in some reasons, he will go to Juba while Khartoum is left in pain both physically, and economically. Khartoum is not and will never be Arabs city. Let be paraphrase it it Shilluk word: "Kiir-tumo" and some time some of them called it "Kaat-tumo." And, Omdurman is the only beginning of Arab city; Omdurman means "Rom-juri-maan" or " 'Om-juri-maan."

    Khartoum (Kiir-tumo) mean the meeting of rivers in Shilluk language.
    Khartoum (Kaad-tumo) means the join/connection/border of two different states/villages/countries; it was an Arabs village having connection/join/border with African village.

    For these reason, Arabs will have to think again, and they must know that the border of South and North Sudan is the road that divided Khartoum (Kiir-tumo) and the Omdurman (Romi-Juri-Maan).

    Omdurman (Romi-Juri-Maan) means think of our enemies when you reach this city or it mean keep the enemies in you mind when you reach Omdurman (Romi-Juri-Maan) or Always keep your enemies in your mind when you reach this city called Omdurman.

    For some reasons, we have to borrow the above words/knowledge for one of our South Sudanese (Shilluk) friends to support our believe.

    Lam Akol is there to be a sign of warning to Arabs who have been thinking and believing that Khartoum is an Arab city/town.

    As one of our brother wrote above, we would rather finish at the border or Arab must leave us alone in South Sudan while we enjoy our freedom and self-determination. It always good to have a side, but when you don't pick a side, you will always be a victim even if you are not involved in conflict.

    Because we are separated, we are willing to know exactly who is our enemy but if we are re-united, we will never know who exactly is our enemy. by choosing a side, you will know "who is who" and who to target, and who to kill and who to say yes to and you to say no to. By not picking a side, you are still belind and you will always die without knowing who kills or who is killing and have been killing your family/friends/parents/leaders and allies.

    Thank you guys!

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  • Guest - Justin Ajeeth

    what is the different between her and Arab?

    I need her to answer that question then, i would be happy to vote for separation. does she proud about something of being an independant south sudan and not unitted with arab, if so what makes her proud?

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  • Guest - Kuol Deng

    This is indeed a nice discussion. It's about two controversial ideologies of unity vs division. The Yellow lady, the respondent, to me seems to have misunderstood the problem why there has been wars between the north and South. Her ideal problem, according to her argument, appears to be basing on the hatred she habours against arabs which i think was on lower side of the reasons for the wars. Breaking away from the North only does not bring about prosperity to Southerners, but identifying what went wrong with northern system of governance which is suppose to be corrected for the betterment all citizens can be the key our predicament. Otherwise, shouting separation, separation without issues doomed to fail us forever

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  • Guest - Albino Aleu

    I have listen to this woman call Alual and I agree with her in all everything she said, was perfectly and you can see our people Southern Sudanese are very uniquely in politics even woman and most importantly is that, she has absolutely acknowledge that,the united Sudan with Arab has nothing to offers for Southern Sudanese people but destructive agendas yes. What amazing me was the word she chosen to use very careful spoken and very constructively and intelligently way and I just think these people should teach others Southerners Sudanese who have not been enduring separation yet.

    Truly we Southern Sudanese have fade up in unity with Arab look, this Southern Sudan woman Mrs, Alual she clearly knew everything for why we should be voting for separation of New Sudan whatever, the name necessarly will be given when combining 10 State with Southern Kordufan, Southern Blue Nile and South Darfur is not my problem and I also think the reason why it is important for all of us to reject united Sudan is, because we have been stayed united since we have gained independence in 1956, unfortunately, it did not workout so this is time for us to says no unity with Arab but we can try something different even if the separation it will not going to be perfect let have first, it will better than the years we have had spent and lost 2,5 million lives very innocently people. Personal I would like to thank the person who brought this video for Mrs, Alual and I wish our Southern Sudanese's women should and must act like this woman. The Southern Sudanese people are very unique cultures and as a society we will be able to site down and make our dialogue unlikely when these Northern Sudanese Arab are always preaching Islamic agendas that has the blamed for thousand lives losts in years.

    Finally, I would like to see our Southern Sudanese people leave all kinds of our differences a part and come together as a people who pay a big prices suffering under ruler dominators. We need to units no matter how long our disunity was, we need to unitrd no matter how long the Arab of Northern Sudan made influence in to our societies to tear us each other and we have to says one thing togethers no matter how different out mothers's tongues are. I strongly belief Southern Sudan nation will gains more development and it will be the best of all Eastern Africa countries if we committed to peace, forgiveness, sincerely,respect each other and cooperation. We must not let North Arab Sudan take advantage on us again this is something we all can agree on but overall thank the woman who spoken on Video.

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  • Guest - gabriel acuil

    according to Ann Lado Arab in the north is better then other tribes in the south and sudan must be united under new rules to allowed arab to kill 2 more million before the seperation.

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