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  • Guest - Simon Majok

    Lam Akol Ajawin, a vocal defender of South Sudanes enemy "NCP". Lam, your responses in Inside Story-South Sudan's road to independence clearly demonstrate how mich you have became a spokeman for northern political parties than a Southern Sudanese politician. Shame on you, to say the least.

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  • Guest - Dr. Peter Adwok Otto

    Simon Majok,
    you are just naive,if there is one plitician with consistanacy in position on SD, that would be Dr. Lam Akol without rival. the people of SPLM are the least ranging from new sudan,unity and now separation. SPLM-DC position is to make the referendum transparent fair and clean, unlike the April election which was done under gun threat in the south. When the SPLM in Juba join programs with el sadig,Nugud, Hassan El turabi and others what are they sending to the south? The best way is to understand politics and not political hulagoonism.

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