Since Turkish-Egyptian administration, Southern Sudanese people have never truly policed themselves. Thus, grievances got accumulated day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month and year-by-year till the Southerners voiced their dissatisfactions against foreign administration.

Yes, millions of Southerners had denied their lives and millions them live in exile to secure the Fifteen-Point Programme of the SPLM.For our security, the first and important vision of SPLM is building southern strong army ( SPLA). This goal is laid out in the number two of Fifteen-Point Programme of the SPLM I have quoted below. 2-2 Development and Consolidation of the SPLA“The SPLA shall preserve and defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the New Sudan and it shall establish a firm code of conduct that will be respected and adhered to by all its members for cementing organizational unity and discipline, and for harmonizing relations with civil society, so that the SPLA is truly an army of the people, in which they have confidence, pride and hope”. Machakos Protocol 20 July 2002 Signed by CDR. Salva Kiir Mayardit for SPLM and Dr. Ghazi Sulahuddin for Sudan government and witnessed by LT. Gen. Lazaro K. Sumbeiywo, special Envoy on behalf of the IGAD. The principles 1-1 and 1- 2 state that “that the unity of the Sudan, based on the free will of its people democratic government, accountability, equality, respect and justice for all citizens of the Sudan is and shall be the priority of the parties and that it is possible to redress the grievances of the people of the South and meet their aspirations within a framework.The principle 1-2 “The people of the south Sudan have the right to control and govern affairs in their region and participate equitably in the national government”. The protocol the president of GOSS Salva Kiir had signed himself is clear.Nevertheless, Malakal lives in fear and chaos because Collo people are not represented in police and army rather than imported Dinka from Wau and from large recruitment within the Upper Nile Dinka.American Slogan. No taxation without true representation”. Americans had resisted British government under this slogan. Questions:For the enforcement of SPLM visions, should Collo people express their non-violent resentment to GOSS or should we remain submissive to the dangerous situation Malakal lives under?If yes, I suggest that Collo people around the world and in Sudan should write and signed a consensual letter asking GOSS to:One: Withdraw Dinka soldiers from Malakal.Two: Represent Collo people in their regional government and in SPLA. Letter should be delivery to Collo king, government of Malakal and GOSS.
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  • Guest - William Okuch Dak

    Daily interpersonal contact could definitely result into good relationship and here is where friendship emerge.

    Good friends never stop communicating. So let keep the ball rolling because I'm sincerely in need to converse with you brother Tipo William and with other Collo brothers and sisters as well as with all Sudanese.
    Mr. William I agreed with you in saying, " we want to walk the talk", because action does follows the talk.
    Examples, according to Collo traditional habit, if a man is murdered during Collo inter-village confrontation, women do crying and crying. Their crying could means two thins. First is healing themselves from unbearable emotional pain deep in their heart and memories. The second reason for crying is searching for solution which urge their men to retaliate immediately so that both villages could share pains.
    Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote about woman whose husband had been killed.
    "She must weep, or she will dies."
    William Shakespeare wrote, "To weep is to make less the depth of grief."
    Alan Wolfelt, Ph.D., a professor at the university of Colorado Medical School who worked with people who are mourning loves ones wrote. "In my experience, I have observed changes in the physical expressions following the expression of tears. Not only do people feel better after crying, but they too look better."

    Dr. William Frey, a biochemist and director of the Dry Eye and Tear Reaserch Center in Minneapolis wrote.
    "One reason people might feel better after crying could be because they are removing, in their tears, chemicals that build up during emotional stress."

    We have Dr. Olaw on line with us, maybe he could help us more about crying. So our talk and discussion occur for finding solution to our situation.

    One Collo for example if it was true that, there was a very strong Collo king many princes feared from attempting to revolt against his reign. So there was a prince who have right to be king but he was afraid of king. His sister constantly gives him food without milk despite of plenty of milk. His sister initiative was to encourage her brother to confront the king.When he asks his sister about milk, she responses that if he need milk and satisfaction, he can find them in Fashodo royal throne. One day, the idea came to his mind and took a bull as gift to king and when he brought the bull to king, king extended his hand to receive the bull while prince tied bull rope at king hand and speared the bull. Bull ran widly dragging king on ground and that was how the prince came to power.
    So, women crying, men talking urge men into action because men have courage than women.
    Collo women are crying in Malakal and Collo men are criticiszing themselves and all will be one time transform into action as you said.
    May Jesus, the good shepherd be with you.


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  • Guest - Dr Olaw

    Mr Lwanyo I still disagree with u that we do n't have politicians bcoz being not doning anything to your people could be due to your stand beside them, this is why those who have power will try to isolate and eliminate you.then it is your verry people who can defend you,not abandoning you.Indeed some politicians had talked to Kiir about what is happening to us ,i remember he accused our gallant politician of being a expansionist!!!!Again this month a group of concerned Collo met him and relayed to him our grievances,and alot of examples which could be mentioned.At last let us not abandon our bigs but advise,support,and bring them on track so that we keep our unity whic is our key to triumph.

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  • Ok for the sake of the argument let agree we have politicians.And I would like you and every Ocollo / Nyacollo to answer those questions:

    What it means to have politicians while you are out of the cabinet.

    What it means to have politician and you having hard time even to run your own State.

    What is means to have politicians and your most educated,qualified,and experienced people are not getting job while under educated,qualified, and inexperienced people are getting the jobs.

    Not only the SPLM politicians even the NCP they fail to turnover the governship for a decades. So what wrong with the whole politicians. Is because we do have common interest tp pursue?

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  • Guest - William Okuch Dak

    Hi there. Thank you all for this revealing discussion through which I'm sure we would get redemption for Collo situation.
    Some time ago, Collo people got infuriated and moved with their king, political leaders and common men and women against Dinka intimidation. Collo step and critiscism have detered or brought Dinka to rationalize not to underestimate Collo weight. If Collo were silence at that stage, attack could has been carried out against our villages.

    Therefore, we should thank and consider everyone who spoke out during such such redemptively unified move.

    Meanwhile,we are still looking for more permenant solution by our continous online discussion and through other means conduct by villagers and others.

    My brothers and sisters, fear of unknown outcome is always killing human strength lack of action. When warning of emerging Tsunami, Hurricane for example is display in T.V. screen, human become desperate and unwilling to help himself due to unknown consequences.

    But after destructions, human knows how many people die and evaluate the lost of properties. The human decision is now burying victims and rebuilding.
    Dinka has stroke the Collo people by circulating murderous document in Malakal.
    More than that, the GOSS president has expressed tangibly prosecutorial language Dr. Olaw mentioned above that "COLLO PEOPLE ARE EXPANSIONIST."
    Is Kiir here president of all Southerners by naming certain tribe?
    Again, explore website of WWW.GURTONG.COM of 15 Nov 2008 and see the report written by Juma John Stephen where GOSS president said during Southern Sudanese political dialogues in Nyokuron Culture Centre in response to allegation that there was the planned assissnation of top government figures. President said, "THE SPLA HAS CONCRETE EVIDENCE OF SOME MALICIOUS PEOPLE SPREADING RUMORS THAT ARE MEANT NOT ONLY TO DEMORALISE THE GOVWERNMENT AND OUR LEADERS, BUT ALSO TO DESTABILIZE OUR COUNTRY."
    That mean SPLA (in uniform), not SPLM will torture those who speak the truth which is dictating people not to speak out
    President Omer Basheir said, government is not responsible for Jenjewait in Dar fur while government troop does not protect the civilias. Is it different from Kiir saying?
    What human can do to subdue the expansion? There are two ways of doing that.
    ONE: To prosecute the expansionist before law.
    TWO: To use force to bring an end to expansion.
    Therefore, Kiir knows what is taking place in Dinka community due to his own word or he has to explain the meaning of Collo expansion.

    Due to these findings, Collo people have legal right to hold those who distributed the intimidating document in Malakal and to hold Salva Kiir accountable for his prosecutiral expression. It is therefore Collo legal duty to talk on thses tangible topics whether in ICC or in GOSS or IGAD.

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  • Guest - Dr Olaw

    Hi brothers.answering Mr Lwanyo'squestions is v.easy.but for the sake of general interest I would like to inform you that I recieved just now an e.mail from Malakal informing me that the same group of Dinka has issued a new paper asking collo to evacuate to the western bank of the nile!!!!!these Dinkas seem to be serious.WHAT ARE WE DOING???let us think and act accordingly.

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  • Guest - Tipo William

    thank you Dr/Olaw for following up what is going on overthere in our homeland. I don't know if this same group are following legal procedures in asking Collo to evacuate the area or they are doing it to intimidate our people, so that they will not do anything to develop Malakal. I think it is important to determine the source and motivation beyond this action, so that they can be confronted by their name.I do remember what Ali Osman said after signing CPA, that the southerners will not taste the fruit of peace. I am afraid that is one of their (NCP) tactics.

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  • Instead of talking about what those Dinkas write regarding Collo. Is it hard for Collo distribute a MEMO telling those Dinkas their reality that they,re from Bhar Gazal / Abyei. And stop talking about Upper Nile land and Collo.

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  • Guest - Dr olaw

    Yes Mr Lwanyo this is one of the results of brain-storming to come out with what can be done,it can be discussed within collo legal bodies.people should continue thinking to come out with tangible solutions for this issue.

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  • Guest - Nyabach Oyath Awejok

    ok collo people what i can say about this is south sudan people need to stop this racism and tribal situation, the sudan war has been going to for so long and its not taking us nowhere thats why stiill today so many sudan people left home and ran to some other countries because they have been emalated and hated on and even killed the inocent blood,whe have to stop this racism against each other and be one nation, because if we dont stop coming soon we sudan will never be rich or in peace, why cant sudan be like other country in africa that are in peace.

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  • Guest - Nyabach Oyath Awejok

    ok collo people what i can say about this is south sudan people need to stop this racism and tribal situation, the sudan war has been going to for so long and its not taking us nowhere thats why stiill today so many sudan people left home and ran to some other countries because they have been emalated and hated on and even killed the inocent blood,whe have to stop this racism against each other and be one nation, because if we dont stop coming soon we sudan will never be rich or in peace, why cant sudan be like other country in africa that are in peace.

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