Moral Striving for a distant glory of others?Let quote Michael Jackson phrase that, I love history because it is a mirror through which I see myself”.Let rationalize about how God had created the world that might be the reason to make man to risk his own life and to labor hardly for sake of others.I would also like to use four examples of social settings (family, village, multi-village and state) to assert that such God sacrificial occurs in term of human relationship.

I strongly do believe that the world with everything it possesses was created for man’s life. God had therefore labored for several weeks to achieve such creation necessary for human needs. Man now inherited the entire world, dominating water, air, and land without tiny cost because it was initiated for him and it becomes possession of man.To preserve this wonderful creation, God had made the covenant with human which man had violated and brought him miseries.However, love of God is everlasting that it cost Him a heavy price to bring us back to life. All of us know how Lord Jesus Christ had humbled Himself and set for His redemptive mission, a mission to bring salvation and restoration of God and human relationship vitiated by sin.Human is an image of God our spiritual knowledge acknowledges us that man was created in the image of the Conscious God. Thus, the Creator had bestowed in human conscience a moral feeling that enables us to chose between good and bad.Cost of becoming father and mother you could not believe it without natural intuition to see yesterday aggressive, selfish, self-pride and self-loving boy/girl morally conceding to become a servant of his/her children.

Active expressions such as, “ I want or I need those or these”, are no longer being articulate by the transformed couples. They instead speak passive language as, “my child needs these and those”. Besides that, conservation of family in good shape too concerns the parents to inspire their children with virtues of sympathy, forgiveness, sharing, respect, cordiality, compassion, gentleness, and kindness etc. These enthusiastic responsibilities that germinate in the hearts of couples made parents to labour with their all strengths for sake of children future.In addition to these parental obligations, defending of family sovereignty, integrity, reputation and identity is an intuitive duty of the parents.

In term of confrontation with other family members for example, it is implausible to the parents to see other parents bullying or beating their children without intervening. In such engagement, enmity could escalate and sometime could cause lose of life which again is a sacrificial offer to honor the family. We could see here every effort is taken for others and family future rather than personal gain.Family role within village community preservation of family and community is in itself a protection of oneself because without them, you are in the vulnerability of eroding your identity. Evil had got used of the absence of God in Eden Garden in persuading Eve and Adam not to consider God instructions. Devil intention was to disassociate man from God so that without God, devil could use man to achieve its goals.Likewise, the priority of many foreign dominants in our world today tend to eliminate or exterminate family and communal leaders in order to enable them in assimilating the orphans, widow and weak into their communities. Social harmony and serving other people benefits everyone.Lord Jesus in John 13:14-15 commanded us through His practical example. “So if I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet. For I have set you an example that you also should do as I have done to you”.Serving others is potnetial to safeguard the needs of others. Thus, personal contribution for the well being of this social association (village community) is a sacred duty. We all know how family members work everyday and their daily productions do not only benefit themselves, but it benefit too the whole community. For example, during dinner gathering according to Shulluk social order, the first food prepare by each family is to be delivered to a gathering location for everyone to share. Let come to our conscience to know that among the gatherers are handicap and destitute people who are the beneficiaries of such sharing life. You labor and produce what you can and you share them with others who become part of you.

Village Representation within multi-village cooperation Village members go out on daily basic to obtain their privileges or rights from surroundings. The representative protocol at this rank of multi-village joint activity does not neither requires family title nor names of men or women who might be present in such joint occasion. But the attendants here represent their village rather than their families or their names. Let for example take a conditional distribution of any hunted animal. When members from different villages kill a deer, they dismember an animal and divide it into portions. Each village gets its portion through its present representatives. When those representatives bring that portion home, they do not take it to their home, but they handle it to their village elders who had a moral power to decide a use of portion. Imagine you were present and you give away what you got for the name of your village.Village Representatives at state level state accommodates all village members for what again we found ourselves risking our own life to secure it sovereignty. Appointment of Dr. Adowk as educational minister as many could call it. I profoundly express my sincere congratulation to that great man, Dr. Adwok for his new ministerial position despite such decision came late. But for my personal interpretation, that position was not the purpose that had urged that patriotic man to dismount from his highly comfortable office for what he had hardly labored and preferred under tree mobile office under SPLM/A. Such gentle man as that knew before joining SPLM/A that liberation duty involves risk even to end up your life. Consequently, his aspiration to serve in this national liberation movement was not an occupational gain which he might has have not attain if God did not preserve his life, but for the glory of the South and his village off course. He had given more than enough of his patriotic contribution to South through SPLM/A.What is irritating here is word of “Appointment”. Is it not a word of Northerners which is one of unwanted in the Sudanese political culture? Who appoint who? SPLM/A waged war for just that right man will be in right position. It is not a suitable word for highly decent national figure as Dr. Adwok. This position will not console Dr. Adowk, but a transparent implementation of SPLM/A philosophy that calls to protect, to secure, to upgrade, to decentralize power, to provide equal opportunity, to protect right of expression of opinion, and to fight a corruption and so on. Those are the true consolatory prices for Dr. Adwok and our martyrs, head of them Dr. Garang in seeing SPLM/A vision in practice. Here each contributor could obtain his/her portion to share it with his/her villagers who will praise their Lord for such sacrificial contribution of their love ones because that village and families do manufacture those heroes. Dr. Adwok for sure would have a peace in his heart if his light shines through his people for what he had denied his life.Remember, General Joseph Lago who was a leader of Anya-Anya one. General Lago is from Equatorial region in southern Sudan. When Addis Ababa peace agreement was signed in 1972, General Lago had named Juba, a capital of South. That was the one of his symbols to bring to Equatorial people on one hand and other benefits for Southerners on another hand.Likewise, our national martyr Dr. John Garang is from Dinka and he had named Rumbek a capital of South in 2005 and moreover, most of his assistants and advisors are from his tribe and many of governmental high positions are being hold by Dinka figures at the levels of both governments, GOSS and GOU.In conclusion, since personal contribution favors distant glory for other generations to enjoy good life and peace, we therefore do not expect employment only, but we hope to inherit bright future for others who would continue commemorating us for our benevolent sacrificial.God blessings to all.

William Okuch Dak

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