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Rebecca NyandengAugust 15, 2008 (JUBA) — Urging the unity of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), Rebecca Nyandeng de Mabior has denied reports that she had accused the Vice-President of southern Sudan government of corruption.

Yesterday a western business news service, Bloomberg, reported that Madame de Mabior had accused Machar of introducing foreign companies because he wants "to get some percentages of commission from these companies."

However, in a statement received by email, she told Sudan Tribune "“We in Southern Sudan have freedom of speech; I am free to say anything I choose…But people in the same party don’t talk against each other in the newspapers, especially when I am the mother of these people.”

The GOSS Presidential Adviser on gender and human rights further added "I have access to [Vice President] Dr Riek Machar whenever I have anything to say to him."

Rebecca Nyandeng is the wife of the late Dr John Garang, architect of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and GOSS’s first President. The couple enjoyed a strong and close relationship and has a large family raised by Madame Garang at the time her husband commanded the SPLA during its protracted war with the Khartoum Government.

The former minister of transports in southern Sudan government was widowed as a result of the tragic helicopter crash which killed Dr Garang in 2005, just three weeks after his investiture as First Vice President of Sudan.

From her family home in Juba, Madame Rebecca spoke about the parliamentary debate during which she was reported to have made the accusation.

The debate, she said, had not been about corruption at all, but public safety- specifically the issue of the allocation of licences for petrol stations, and the positioning of those installations.

The issue is a current topic of conversation in Juba, where a proliferation of petrol stations has opened recently, some apparently close to houses and strategically important locations such as the airport.


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  • Guest - John Pal Both

    Hers is Right..., and she knows better than that!

    We say things we will later regret for them and sometime we assume we are speaking in darkness but we do not know that voice have access to roar out load via darkness. We cannot blame "Mrs. Mabior" for her denial of why she accused Dr. Machar for nothing while her word was taking at her tongue.

    I am sorry to say this to brothers and sisters who may be viewing this comment. "Rebecca De Mabior will always be Nyadeng and will always continuoes speaking her mind and keep on with her denial" Remember, last year she said that she knew whose late Dr. Garang de Mabior's murderers are, but when the moment of truth arrived she zipped her and digged herself in the ground like a mouse being chasted by cat, cat which is being followed by dog, dog which is being chasted by hyena, hyena which is being presued by lion, lion which is being chasted by elephant whith huge wood....

    Therefore Mrs Nyadeng is Nyadeng.

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  • Guest - Othom Ariel Temrial

    Nyanding has gone beyond respect that is the corner stone of nilotic social structure,what is wrong with the vice chairman when he refers applications addressed to him to the concerned authorities in the Government so they subject it to their scrutiny in accordance to their guideline then reject or accept it for that matter.If not because Dr. Riak is a big hearted fellow this accusation would have gone to court.Moreover who is Nyandeng to throw people with corruption ,who has forgotten the cement roads in Juba addition to other scandals in her ministry at her time.Please if you live in glass house don't throw stones.

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