Dr. Francis Nazario Principal Liaison Officer - Belgium(Juba) - The Governments of National Unity and Southern Sudan have agreed to give GOSS liaison offices abroad the same diplomatic status as embassies.

GOSS Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Gabriel Changson, told reporters on Friday in Juba that the agreement will improve the working relations between Sudan's embassies and GOSS liaison missions around the world.

Mr. Changson said the change in status will permit GOSS liaison offices the authority to issue visas to foreigners traveling to southern Sudan. GOSS missions will also have authority to promote social, economic and cultural ties between southern Sudan and other countries.

The minister said GOSS liaison officials will be granted diplomatic immunity and their cars will bear diplomatic registration plate numbers as part of the deal

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  • Guest - James Okuk

    This is a wishful thinking from H.E. Gabriel Chnagson because why call them GoSS Liaison Offices if they have to be given the same status as Embassies. Vienna Convention, which established diplomatic immunities will not allow this and no country will accept the deal because South Sudan is not yet an independent Country. GoSS Laison Officers will not get diplomatic immunities unless they are issued diplomatic passports and made Consulates of the Republic of the Sudan. Their cars will not be allowed to bear diplomatic number plates (CD or MCD) unless they are purchased in the name of Sudan Embassy in the respective country.

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