By Rev. Daniel A. Odwel

Tensions or divisions can come as result of two objects wanting to occupy one space in the same time. Different opinions can lead to tension or political rivalry or can cause division. But in real sense tension or division of perception and opinions does not necessarily mean enmity, but in third World political realm, is the true cause of conflict and destructive wars the World is experiencing today.

For the way people think, act and feel can lead to the conflict. Originally, conflicting ideas is a normal thing because within one person, there is unseen war going on inside. But it becomes abnormal when a person decides to harm himself or herself, or tries to make life difficult to innocent people as the only means to solve their burning problems.

We must be much aware that the division will not cease unless each party is ready to accept other party and appreciate positive things done by their opponents, and tried to address the points of dispute logically without forcing their position on others.

Many innocent people within Collo community are complaining that the division is unhealthy because every party involved is trying hard to eliminate their opponents to zero level. The question which we need to pose here, is the Collo community a battle field for both parties to reach to their political aspiration? Does it mean the Collo community is base for any political leader to become qualify for the leadership in Sudan? If the answer to this question is no, then why all these unrest chaos are taking place within the Collo community, I think every involved party must know that misleading people or destroying the rivalry opponents will not give them the true ground in Collo land.

Totally, I plead that no wisdom for a leader who wish to lead people by division, segregation and elimination. For according to the street discussion, people argued that there are well oriented parasites within two parties who wish to deepen the division, so that they may continue feeding their empty bells wrongly or to reach to leadership position through the wrong ways by killing their own brothers. These kinds of people think that if two parties come together, the list will be very long, and it will be impossible for them to accomplish their sick objectives.

I believe that leadership is the gift from God, therefore we done need to fight, lie or cheat, so that we may reach to the top. The only tool for reach the top in leadership is doing the right thing and leave the rest to subjects to judge for themselves, for action speak loud then words. Again, we need to question ourselves do the war of words and abuses expression give solution to the problems faced by entire Collo? Such as displacement within their land and marginalization within political arena, where is our true presentation in National, Regional and if not in Upper Nile State which is our home State. What is ridiculous war we are waging now? Who will benefit from it? I want to assure every Ocollo when you dig the grave of your own brother with envy intention you will fall in that grave also.

Let me go back a little in some years back some members of our community took initiative to bring our political leaders to negotiation table to discuss and to diffuse the tension. But their initiatives did not success as resulted of following reasons: Some leaders rejected those initiatives; other leaders expressed that they done have any problem with other group leader which means there is no need for calling meeting; other leaders regard some members of initiatives body as part of the problem, therefore, they can not attend that meeting. To me these positions could be a kind of defend mechanism to avoid coming together, for those who want to live through confusion assume that by ending this division they will loss their interest.

Indeed, if Collo as community failed to wrestling with these facts, then automatically we will find ourselves no where within our home land. For this reason I am hereby calling to all parties to see the danger of being divided. Some people may not know that this political division within one party among Collo had great negative impact on the whole Collo society. These division effects may seen among community leaders, may be seen among the families member, or among the students in universities who are tomorrow leaders.

The real issue is not a division but how come we just begin to support people blindly without critical analyses. To me if these groups become two parties within one party let them announced to us their manifestos, objectives and goals. My observation indicates that people are not following objections but just personality.

I strongly recognize that Collo kingdom has advance system of governing themselves for centuries. Therefore, it can be used as reference in all issues facing the community, and let avoid spirit of partiality that is seem surfacing within the kingdom. Why I mentioned this point, is because during election of Collo universities students three weeks ago, which was done under auspice of community leaders, who were mandated by Collo king. It said the community leaders did not resolved the conflict among students wisely because they were affected by the same spirit of division, which destroying the whole Collo nation without exemption. For this reason the outcome of election was unsatisfactory and that create more division, which cause other group to form another body as a kind of protest.

My people if we are honest with ourselves let come out openly and challenge wrong doing within our community. I am not for the way the meeting was chair, and the way election was conducted, I am not for community leaders who sympathy with each group on personal interest and not for the interest of the whole community. I am not for the leaders who practice division among the students; I am not for the cheap students who do not studies the situation before they issued their final decision, I am not for the students who form the new body because this show that they are weak and they can no tackle their objectives within the former body. I am not for political leaders who exploited innocent students to execute their political agenda, whether with right motive or wrong motive.

Sadly, it seems that most people become recipients of financial support which lead them to support some leaders blindly, for bribery killed the case. I am not for dividing leaders, for I think the leader is the father of all, for I don't see the quality of leadership in a leader who discriminate his own subjects.

Personal I love our leaders and I admire at them in the Collo for most of them have leadership quality that can let them lead this nation to prosperity, but I done appreciated the divide and rule mentality which is destroying our community, because this attitude has deepen the gap between brethren and give room to enemy to operate in our territory. I challenge every supporter who does not examine the situation critical before they give their initial support which is right.

For us to diffuse this division we need to be organized in a way that is suitable for particular purpose or situation. We should avoid this division by all mean because it can escalate to worse stage which we will never be able to come out of it.

As kind of conclusion let examine what the Bible says: the Bible admitted that you can be angry but do not sin; do not let the sun go down and you are still anger (with your brother who sin against you), so that you should not give opportunity to the devil to operate in your life (Eph.4:26-27). In this juncture we can pose this question how many months or years each group live in bitterness against their own brother in other group? If each group continue in this enmity position who is in control of their actions?

Yes, it is true your brother might have done some horrible, unpleasant and painful things, which give you bad memory experiences that keep driving you to ravage for the rest of your life. Brethren the Bible teach us that we must forgive others, so that we will be forgiven. If we done forgive others, God will not forgive us in this ways let leave behind all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, slander and with all their malice's act, and be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you (Eph.4:31-32). Again, Jesus told his disciples that whenever they stand praying forgive, if you have anything against anyone; so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you and your trespasses (Make 11:25-26).

I would like to assure you that forgiving your opponents release you from bitterness experience and ravage spirit that controls your life. Forgiving the opponents restores your mental health and you can begin reasoning positively. For luck of forgiveness spirit in our lives lead us to murder ourselves and others also, luck of forgiveness make us unproductive, because all of our plans concentrate on how cam we get rid of the opponents. Luck of forgiveness cause us not to appreciated good thing done by the opponents. Luck of forgiveness goes with pride that makes us to think that we are everything and right all times and others are wrong. The pride was the reason that caused Satan to miss his position in God presence.

Each of us has right to refute this argument by provides prove evident to rebut all accusation against each group. Finally I want to express my position that I am colorless because Christ is colorless, this is why he left his throne and come to our world to reconcile us with God the Father. My personal intention is to see you united doing good job for our community.

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  • Guest - Tipo William Mel

    Misunderstandings and conflict naturally arise between two people or groups for many different reasons such as information is not clear and understandable, or an issue is not addressed at the time,conflict of interests or often just because we are different.

    Differences in opinions, beliefs, values and behaviours can cause conflict and tension when value judgments are made that imply certain views are more important or right than others.this is what we are experiencing these days.If misunderstandings lead us to problems, they should be solved as efficiently and effectively as possible.Also for us to be able to deal with misunderstandings cause division, we need to identify areas of communality and make efforts to resolve misunderstanding with sincere hearts.

    and to posses a sincere heart one need to be empathetic.being empathetic means you can put yourself in the other person's shoes and see problems, concerns and issues from their point of view. by doing this, you are trying to understand the other person's feelings, opinions and attitudes. it shows that you have a genuine concern for others.

    It doesn't mean that you agree with the person, or that you need to make their problems your own if you empathise with a person.However, it enable more effective communication and a greater depth of understanding.

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  • Guest - Jwothab Othow

    Thomas Merton once said, “Man is not at peace with his fellow man because he is not at peace with himself. He is not at peace with himself because he is not at peace God." Since unity in diversity is a significant pursuit for all of life, it must address some basic issues such as the division that exist in Chollo and about how we live as individuals within ourselves in our community. For even individually, we must live within our society and desires in search of a unity of purpose. Without unity of purpose among ourselves, we will only continue to alienate ourselves from each other. Until we make return to God because God alone can bring the kind of change we need in our community. Human condition is corrected only by a humble return to the One who created us. The problem that exists in Chollo community is not lack of education but it is due to rebellious heart among Chollo. The real question bro Daniel raised is that who really will benefit from ongoing political division within Chollo? The fact is that each Chollo politicians, either implicitly or explicitly live by certain committed principles that they believe to be the nonnegotiablbe, therefore, Chollo will be loss from this political division among Chollo at the end.

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  • Guest - Changjowk Nyiyom Awin

    Absolutly no body will benifit and if any i think will be our enamy. so it is better to unite our main aims and the cholo community common goals.
    i wish to see cholo nation in a peacefull political status.

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  • Guest - Sabino Diok

    I think the beneficiaries of this political division within Collo’s community are the enemies of the unity who are trying very hard to keep Collo in this situation for their interest. If you ask yourself this question, why these people are always creating conflict among people? You can not find a good answer to this question because many contributors of this site have discussed before the same issues like what Rev. Amum has brought up here, and it seems to me that nothing has changed. And the evidence is, what Rev. Daniel has gave as an example of this tension that, the Collo universities students could not agree on the outcome of election three weeks ago; and as a result some students pulled out and try to form another body. What a shameful behavior among Collo people! Because this behavior it happens wherever you find any Collo Communities. No one denies differences among us, but why we don’t utilize them to bring common good within the community. We are one nation; therefore we should work for the welfare of our people.

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