By Rev. Daniel A. Odwel

In Luke 5:17-26, we find five actors in that passage: first is the paralytic, second four men, third crowd, fourth Jesus Christ and fifth is the Pharisees.1.the Paralytic was in great need for help, he did not care so much about where the help is going come from, but he hopes to come out from this situation by all mean, because this paralyses made him to be dependence on others in everything such as feeding, clothing, bathing and movement.

Without others support the life will be no meaning. Being dependence on others gave him abuses and exploitation, and has no free well to move wherever he wishes. The paralytic was not happy with his situation, for his condition forced him to be a beggar, in order to survive.

2. Agreement of four men made a different, these four men united to attain their goal by carrying their brother to Jesus. For it was too costly and difficult to keep the paralytic with them. Yes, we might assume that these four men have hard time to agree about take the paralytic to Jesus. But we may intent to think that the matter was too bothering and time consuming, for it demands some members of the family to care of the paralytic by being away from their normal services because this paralyze man need some one to guard and take care of him every day. Instead of having one dependent, the condition of paralytic made the family to have two people idle. Indeed, the paralytic situation brought financial crisis to the family that might have cause some members of the family who have less concern to evacuate the family because of this chronic problem that had no end.

When four men heard about Jesus in nearby village, they decided quickly to carry their friend to Jesus; thinking that they should not missed this golden chance. But when they reached, they were faced with another challenge which was the crowd. The condition of their friend is more challenging then anything, they did not consider any obstacle as problem. This is why they did not think about the cost of the room they removed it roof. For them the cost of building new room is much cheaper then keeping paralytic with them. This feeling give them determination to work hard to let their brother reach to Jesus. The four men were not ready to carry paralytic back with them in the same position. As result of their determination agreement, the space which was not available because of crowd was made available. For when they were lowing down their brother, the crowds before Jesus were forced to squeeze themselves back that gave chance to paralytic to land before Jesus.

3. The crowds had little attention about what is taking place around them, for their concentration attention was on Jesus teaching. Only their attentive attention was interrupted by some thing which was coming down from roof. This is why they had to evacuate front place to allow this thing occupy their places without being injury. If we look critical into the passage no body complaint about dust comes down from the roof including Jesus himself. In others words, every body was eager to find a solution to his own problem. For Jesus teaching brings hope and solutions to all problems people have in their hearts.

4. Jesus responded immediately to the determination of faithful four men who brought the paralytic by saying '' my son'' your sins are forgiven. My son implies that Jesus is the Lord, God in human flesh. Take heart your sins are forgiven may imply that the cause of this paralyses was sin. For several verses in the Old Testament indicate that sickness and death result from humanity's sinful condition (Psalm 41:3-4; 103:2-3), we can find the same notion in James 5:13-18. In this juncture it is difficult for us to measure person's spiritual health by looking at his physical health. It is clear that the man was paralyzed because of sin; this means the sin was the root cause. Indeed, the man was in great need of spiritual healing more then physical healing. This was the reason that made Jesus to forgive his sins, because the forgiveness of sins is the only option that can qualify the sinners to return to their former places in God's kingdom which they missed as result of original sin of Adam.

Both the man's body and his spirit were paralyzed and this why he could not walk. Jesus was much concern about spiritual state of the paralytic, because the forgiveness is the only mean that can enable him to be reconciling to God. God offers the same forgiveness given to the paralytic to all people who believe in Christ. ''Forgiveness'' means to leave or to let go, to give up a debt, to send away from oneself.

When we say we forgive a person, we meant that we have renewed our relationship despite the wrong things that person had did to you, but we can not erase or change the act itself. But the notion of God forgiveness goes far beyond our human forgiveness, for it includes the putting away of sin in two ways: first the law and justice are satisfied because Jesus paid the penalty against us .Second the quilt caused by our sins is removed and replaced with Christ's righteousness. When we are forgiven in God sight we look as if we never sinned before. If Jesus has done this to the paralytic, we should be convince that he is still willing to do the same thing to us today. If Christ had just healed only the physical health of the paralytic and had not dealt with spiritual condition, then the man would have been ultimately worse. In this connection we realize that spiritual sickness is Jesus primary concern, for he wants people to enjoy a right relationship with God.

Through forgiveness of sins we obtain an assurance of God's love for us, freedom from spiritual oppression. So Jesus intentionally relieved the paralytic from the burden of his sins first and second of his physical paralyses. Through forgiveness of sins we are made right with God and through forgiveness our biggest problem which is beyond our own skill to correct has been solved. Therefore Jesus has become the Savior, the greatest gift of all. Indeed, we need to bring others to Jesus, so that they may experience his blessings upon their lives

What we can learn from four men agreement in this passage are as follows:

-Their agreement restores the paralytic status from dependence to independence.

-Their agreement solves the financial constrain that affect the family.

- Their agreement brought joy to entire family and community at large.

-Their agreement solves the man spiritual problem which was the cause of his condition.

-Without their agreement the man would have not gain God forgiveness that qualify him to the former position which all of us had missed through original sin of fall.

- Their agreement was genuine one because it achieves it objectives.

In our day's people can agreement for destroying others, but let learn from these four men who had agreed for doing good thing. When we look at CPA is not truly gentlemen agreement because all what people agreed upon is not implemented, for even after that agreement lives are still being lost. Look at the agreement of four men who brought their brother to Jesus solved the problem instantly because their goal was one. But CPA has different agenda from different parties this is why there is mistrust. In fact if we did not have the mentality of four men, we will not live in harmony in one state, we will not enjoy peace which the paralytic enjoy after he received forgiven and healing, we will all remain in the paralytic stage. We may be paralyzed in one way of another but if we do not accept that reality we will remain in that condition without resolving the crisis we experience now.

Are we ready to leave behind our differences and agree for sake of subjects we may be responsible for? Do we have the same compassionate spirit like the one of four men who did not count what they wasted for the sake of their brother? Yes we may be different politically but if we do not agree on national issues, then all of us will experience the same failure, for while one party is building other party is destroying what is being build, so there will be no progress and prosperity in our nation.

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  • Guest - Jwothab Othow

    Bung kom dhog akyel ki yiej buro Collo da cäng tïn käla bang athwok men a girr ki Käla Collo kete gen. De wa olök wa kidi kipa mogani ?

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  • Guest - Sabino Diok

    Any agreement if it lacks a commitment from the parties that agreed on doing a certain thing, it will fail. But if the agreement accompanied with a strong commitment, it will bring a good result; even if there are a lot of obstacles, it won't stop it. Like the four men who didn't care about the difficulties which they faced, but they stood focused on their goal by faith, and they achieved it. Let's learn from this message that if we made an agreement to ourselves, we have to be honest and faithful to do it. And also unity among people never fails if they intent to achieve somthing.

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  • Guest - Tipo William Mel

    what I can say as the main problem that prevent us from being consensual on national issues is a conflict of interest.A conflict of interest is a situation where someone will benefit personally from a particular outcome, and so cannot present an unbiased opinion or act in an unbiased manner.

    let me put one of political parties as an example in which you might ask to act as an advocate on their behalf in a certain office. Even if you personally agree with the offer, you would be unable to act due to the conflict between their interest and those of yours.

    Whether you are dealing with groups or individual and you are in total agreement with the subject of the advocacy, you must be able to participate in the advocacy process honestly, without bias or conflicts of interest that might affect you performance. also to avoid any conflict of interest people must comply with the procedures in line with the organization's policies and principles.

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