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Fulltext of the press statement issued by the office of the SPLM Sectretary General on June 26th in Khartoum. The original version was issued in Arabic, this is a translation of the original press statement.


The drive to achieve democratic transformation in Sudan recently gained further momentum when all political forces agreed on the draft electoral law which was subsequently adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers, pending ratification by the National Assembly.

Nonetheless, some quarters within the National Congress Party (NCP) have been systematically restricting the freedom of expression through continued censorship of the press.  Such moves undermine the transition from totalitarianism to multi-party democracy and the holding of a free and fair general election.

Our call on the Sudanese people and their political parties to take on the challenges of realizing the transition to democracy and peace by robustly protecting the constitution and fundamental freedom sparked vicious rhetoric by those quarters.  They went so far as to demand my resignation from the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs, Government of National Unity (GONU). This is a clear indication that some NCP leaders have a lot to fear in a democracy.

As SPLM Secretary-General and Minister for Cabinet Affairs, GONU, I have a moral obligation to address the long-standing political crisis gripping Sudan since 1956.  The oath of office requires me to spare no effort to avert the collapse of our country.

The angry reaction by those NCP leaders is uncalled for.  It provides yet fresh evidence that they are bent on taking our country back to the ‘dark old days’ of totalitarianism which were vehemently shunned by the majority of our people.  

The SPLM aims to deliver freedom, peace and prosperity to all the Sudanese people, especially the marginalized masses who have been driven into displacement in their own country.

Press Unit
Office of SPLM Secretary-General
Khartoum, 26 June 2008

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