Source: Daily Monitor, Kampala Salva Kiir

Sudan is sending its First Vice President, Gen. Salva Kiir to lobby President Yoweri Museveni to rally behind the country’s leader, Gen.  Omar al Bashir, indicted for war crimes in the Darfur region by the International Criminal Court.

Gen. Salva Kiir arrives in the country tomorrow, Wednesday for a meeting with President Museveni, Sudanese embassy officials in Kampala said yesterday.

“He is heading a committee to handle the indictment issue. He will have  a meeting with President Museveni, one of the issues will be the ICC indictment,” the country’s deputy ambassador to Uganda, Mr Abd El Rahim El Siddig Mohamed told Daily Monitor yesterday.“Other issues are going to be on the situation in South Sudan,” he added.

Kampala and authorities in South Sudan have courted controversy recently, with the latter asking Uganda to withdraw its troops from its territory following what Sudanese authorities called unwarranted skirmishes.

Though the embassy officials did not mention Gen. Kiir’s next destination after he’s done with Mr Museveni, diplomatic sources said, he is expected to head to Tanzania for talks with President Jakaya Kikwete, the current chairman of the Africa Union.

Mr Museveni, an erstwhile foe of President Bashir is one of the regional leaders Sudan hopes to use to fight last week’s indictment against the Sudanese President.Uganda is among the countries that have supported the suspension of ICC indictment against Bashir.

Sudan has warned that the indictment may derail the peace negotiations with the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels mediated by the government of South Sudan in Juba. Mr El Siddig insists that the charges of genocide and crimes against humanity leveled against Gen.  Bashir “are legally baseless”.
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  • Guest - Nyaopun Aban Aban

    Bravo; It’s decision times. Defence on South's vision, even it means risky, they will defence your leaderships. Others nations facing similar problems we are having now. We should not rely on Arabs "that can only make south Sudan stronger. "To get an idea of the kind of the changes south Sudan needs a closer look at the woes east Africa of its most famous automaker". President Omar al-Bashir, with indicted genocide charges filed against him at the International Criminal Court, raise this is his own problems with his huntering killers colleagues. But, we should be neutrel on this issues at all sides.
    Bravo President Salva Kiir with your days and night advicers to have tally to east Africa then, Arabs countries meanful. One promises to defenses social gain seen to be in jeopardy—south’s great welfare state, under assaults by tides of global capitalism. Others offer a potentially brighter but uncertain future—and only after long and painful changes.There are some internal leaked Arabs remanent’s problems, incitement, and hatred. Decades we are close to zero—growth and recording war strategies have sapped its confidence. There is also a clash of competing visions, again as southerners.
    Aban Aban.

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  • Guest - wadnganjal

    Bravo to Salva Kiir, you must be kidding me.
    Salva Kiir is the most cowrdic leader in SPLA/SPLM leadership. The good thing he is good at is tribalism and regionalism.

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