By: Rev. Daniel A. Odwel

Sudan as a nation has exposed itself to gloom image, that resulted from it rulers ideologies since the independence of Sudan in 1956. For this reason we can not be measure with the world standard of governing in approaching to the matters in right way, for us, we intent to use abuse manner like ''Sudan will be graves of invaders''.

Those whom we called invaders had been assisting us for so long in order to come into terms with the facts that are affecting our own people. Sudan's people were not happy with the way NIF government rule them. But the shocking thing is this, when their President was accused by International Criminal Court of being behind genocide that took place in Durfur, those people who had never supported NIF government shown up in support, what hypocrisy people under the sun are?.

This mentality may let us  to recall the proverb which say: '' slave who had been under slavery for a long times can not feel freely with confident even if they have been site free, dependence caused them to be  ineffective so that they can not decide for their fate''

I begin wondering with the attitude of Sudan people. You can noticed what I'm saying from statement made publicly by the President of Southern Sudan Government that indictment of the President Omer Al- bashir will jeopardize the implementation of Comprehensive Peace Agreement. The question which I want my President Kiir to answer is this, was the indictment that caused SPLA/M to withdraw from the Government of National Unity last year? Who was behind your disagreement? Hopeful your statement is a political one because of your position of being Vice President of Sudan, but logically you  will be blame and quoted as supporter of Omer al -Bashir, who was accused as being criminal by ICC and this my imply that you are criminal like him.

Mr. Kiir if you come out clearly in support to the President Omer al-Bashir then automatically we will begin questioning your creditability leadership, for how come you assist some one who undermine you always, the nearby  explicit example is suspension of your cabinet  minister without your information. And there is article in constitution which says no decision will be pass by the President without approval of his first vice. Now, how can you justify this blind decision of NCP?    

For me there is no need to bother ourselves so much with the case which is not provide by judges, why done we wait until the court confirm it findings. I think this is crucial time that needs wise statement and clear expression that will not bring negative implication on our position. Previously I thought Sudan was beyond reproach and immune of the laws, but these days I become frustrated by noise, especially from marginalized who were been exploited by NIF, and now they turn in support to this domination system. Even though you support this system it will not stop slaughter you like goals. If you like to approve that claim go to Khartoum's postmortem, you will be broken in tears because of people who were massacred by security, this is the fact and horrible situation the nation is undergoing.

Protesters cry out that Omer al-Bashir is the sign of dignity of Sudan, I personal don't understand what the protesters are saying? This causes me to pose these questions: Are they speaking about Islamic dignity? Or are they speaking about Arabs dignity? But if they are speaking about Sudan, then Omer is not the sign of dignity because under his leadership people are being killed day and night by his supporters' pro-military militias, who are masterminded for inhuman atrocities against marginalized people in Sudan.

I am very skeptical how come marginalized people of Sudan begin to support the most notorious system in this world, and this may prove to the world at large that Sudanese are terrorists.

Arabs League stand may be appreciated by the system headed by Omer al-bashir and that is not out of anything but because of their interest in Sudan: One they want to turn Sudan into Arab and Islamic State. Second, Sudan will be the only hope for whole Arabs for food survival in coming years, for America and Western nations which had been supporting them; their support is going to be limited due to terror mentality in the Arabs nations. Thirdly, Sudan is a richest land with natural resources, which all Arabs aspire to have and they are not interested in the people. For if they were interested in the people they would have charged Sudan Government with atrocities crimes committed in Durfur region. Despite the fact the whole Islamic nations preach the slogan that Muslim is brother of Muslim, the question which needs answer why Sudan Government does killed Durfurians who are most religious people in Sudan? Where is the logic in that slogan?

Ironically, the problem of Sudan is not religious but race, for minorities Arabs communities in Sudan, who are mixed blood people want to give Sudan new identity as Arab nation, which is too impossible because the name Sudan itself can clarify the matter.

Do you know why the Government of Sudan was involved in trying to overthrow the Government in Chad, the crucial reason was that the Chad can be right path for Islamizing the whole Africa continent; Arabs want to invade African nations. If Sudan Government had accomplished it goals which is overthrowing the leadership in Chad, then they would have eliminate the inhabitants in Darfur and confiscated their lands and that would have   been the end of Durfur struggle for their rights.

To strengthen me point here, let me give you clear example practice by the Government of the Sudan, today they are building homes for three thousands Palestine's, while it citizen live in a shanty areas around Khartoum in unhealthy environment, where there are no essential services. Again, Sudan Government has open free migrants to Egyptians and gives them citizenship rights, whereas the Sudanese living in Cairo cannot receive those rights. Indeed, if you are ignorant about process of Arabination in Sudan you can now begin to observe by yourself.

China has right to try to block the International Criminal Court decision because their unethical interest in Sudanese resources is known, this is why they offer weapons to brutal government to eliminate it own citizen. They usually used veto right not for real things of concern but just to guarantee it interests. If you look critical into the behavior of China and Russia they are fighting cold war with America in Sudanese soil. Therefore, you African races within Sudan if you done wake up from your deeply sleeping you will find yourselves no where and wondering people around the world for every one is fighting their interest and not real for people whom they speak for. If you are not careful you will remain slaves for the rest of your live in your own country which was invaded by Arab 1821. The truth is that you had been dominated and ruled by two Arabs clans since the independence, because they succeed to divide you by using religion as means for that division. This causes Blue Nile and Darfurians to kill their own African brethren in South because they were not Muslims and they were regarded as enemy of Islam. In this juncture the ''slaves'' that were used by destructive master to eliminate themselves must rethink now, and begin to perceive things in right angle, by questioning themselves why are we  being kill by the same Government we are subject to, and not only that we are  true Muslims who confess Islam.

I wish that marginalized people could have sense the danger and begin to have intellectual analysis because their own conclusion will be the only way out to stability and true existence in this nation, you should not be blinded again by your previous master that intent to eliminate you, for they are interested in the land and not in you.

If Sudan believes that they are not part of Roma Accord that instituted ICC, why done we approach the matter with logical argument and let try to avoid childish ways of doing things because the way we react is kind of exposing our weakness to entire world. Let modernize our criticism, for today many nations see Sudan like mad dog because we behave like people in Stone Age, this may reflect our backwardness in approaching any matter. If we think that the decision ICC is political one in it accusation to the President Omer al-Bashir, than why done we tackle it in political manner. If we did not sign the treaties then we are not under that treaty and we cannot abide to it, and we can argue that in persuasive manner rather than in aggressive way that provoke dormant minded that can be our sympathizers.
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  • Guest - Sabino Diok

    The president of the Sudan Mr. Al bashir does not need our support or even our defensive for him. And also there is no logic for those who justify the government wrong doing. The claim that says the government has done all these horrible things to the innocent people in Darfur and before in the South Sudan is to defend and protect the country’s dignity and its pride. It’s not true because these people are villages; even some they do not know why people are fighting each other. Why the government intends to kill and to burn down their houses and to damage their farms? Is it not because the government wants to eliminate and to flee them away from their land and replace it with other people? Thus, I think those who had taken the country and the nation of the Sudan into this chaos, must be punished for their irresponsible actions wherever posiable.

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  • Guest - James Okuk

    Eh, be careful Rev. Daniel A. Odwel because you might look childish yourself rather than H.E Kiir and those who support the President of the Sudan not to be humiliated by the ICC. You better keep to the bible because you seem not to understand the complications of the politics. Read the good analytical article of our brother Lwanyo Awang Padiet and understand the situation before jumping into ignorant conclusions. No way a Patriotic Sudanese can accept humiliation of the President of his country as long as he is still in power. Remember that Al Bashir, despite the bad things he did, has been sworn in in July 2005 as the President of the Sudan by virtue of the Interim National Constitution which resulted from the CPA. If we support the CPA, we have to support Al Bashir too as long as he respect the CPA. The Durfurians are against the CPA and the right of the people of Southern Sudan for self-determination so why do we support their case. Read JEM proposal in Sudan Tribune Website for the Interim Government of National Unity after the ICC indictment and judge for yourself whether they are better than Al Bashir as long as the interest of South Sudan is concerned. Self-determination is not in their proposal and they are only after Regime Change and nothing else. Go and join them if you want to be their spokesman.

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  • Guest - Daniel AmumOdwel

    Dear Okuk

    Thanks for your comments, I appreciated the way you look at the matter, but may stand point is that the childish I meant is the way we present our case before the world, up to know is just accusation to the President al Bashir and the case is not approve by the judges and we are not part of Roma Accord why do we worried about it unless Sudan have sign that treaty but the public was not told about it. If this is the case yes you have right to do whatever you wish to do.
    Politicians have their role to ply in the affairs of nation and the Church is not passive about issues affecting it existence, without Church support the Comprehensive Peace Agreement which we have today would not have been attained. The role which the Church ply was very important, for they were the people who push American Government to intervene in the Sudanese problem, if you are unaware about that fact take it from me know. Any one who wish to be a wise leader in our nation let him read the Bible that will give him leadership wisdom.I am not going to support any party blindly. I am not for al Bashir if he failed to execute the rule of law, I am not for ICC if they imposed regulations on the State which did not sign it. The Bible says: ''tell the truth and the truth shall sit you free''. You are free to look at me in the way you wish.
    With much love,
    Rev. Daniel

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  • Guest - James Okuk

    Yes,you should take neutral stand when things are complicated and complex like the way you expressed your opinion in this comment. Your article was not neutral because it was supporting humiliation of Sudan sovereignty which is also humiliation of the CPA in this moment. I know it very well that all religious leaders (including Muslim Chiekhs) supported the CPA because I have been witnessing the CPA negotiation process live. The role of the church should be preaching reconciliation and love not condemnation like you presented it in your article. As much as I appreciate what you said ( and that is why I commented to your article), I only wanted to caution you because of the politics involved in the ICC case with the Sudan President. The most dirtiest of this political game is the attempt by France, USA and UK plus Darfuris movements, the Communists and some individuals within the SPLM to do away with Self-determination in the CPA and Interim Constitution so that South Sudan is denied separation in 2011.

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  • Guest - wadnganjal

    James Okuk
    some time you are out of your mind

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