BY / LWANYO AWANG  Mr. Deng Alor Sudanese FM

The core principle of the CPA between the SPLM & NCP is the establishment of the bipartisan government of national unity in which the two parties will share powers of that government according the allocation both had agreed on, but I think SPLM did fail to understand the fact that being from different parties in one government does not mean each minister will act according to the preferences of his or her party apart from the policy of government which is supervised and directed by the president with executive powers over all the ministers regardless of their parties since the cabinet is under one  president.

That’s the norms of the governments’ operations world wide principles. No minister can go against the will of the chief executive, but he / she can resign from the government or the all whole party can pull out from the government like what SPLM did last year, 2007. I’m not quite aware why SPLM did pull out from the government, because I didn’t came across any official written request stating the reasons of pulling out.
The reason I’m saying this, is because when SPLM return to government the only thing which has been done was the reshuffle of SPLM ministers in government of national unity, where HE, Professor, DR. Lam Akol was removed from Minister of Foreign Affairs and HE.Mr. Deng Alor was appointed as a new minister.
To me this has concluded the rumors which were roaring around that SPLM leadership was not comfortable with Dr.Akol because he executed the policy of the government of national unity regarding Darfur which was spelled out quote “No foreign troops wanted in Darfur” who say this? Government of national unity, compose from whom? SPLM & NCP, can a minister from either the two parties go against the policy? NO, Can Dr. Akol goes against it? No, do SPLM want him to go against it? Yes, is that applicable? No. then what, who is who?  Now with HE, Mr. Deng Alor in Foreign Minster Office, the capital city of the nation was attacked by Justice and Equality Movement JEM, he didn’t say any thing, war erupted up in Abyei his own district, he didn’t say any thing, ICC issued warrant of the arrest against his boss in government, he didn’t say any thing, for sure the minister resorted to keep silence in order to protect his position rather than to challenge the issues under his jurisdiction, or he’s not fit to the position,  again that’s not his fault, it’s the fault of people who brought him to the position, but what he will not escape is the fact that history will record him as a silent foreign minister the beloved country  Sudan ever has.  
Now a day I think SPLM leadership is in dilemma his Chairman the Vice President is the chair person of the committee which will defend our President Mr. Al-Bashir against ICC and no thing bad about that’s normal situation.  But I have two questions: Did HE.Mr. Kir voluntarily asked for chairmanship of committee or the membership of committee?  Or he was appointed by the President? Since he’s the second man, if yes, why didn’t he say no? Since he was expecting Mr. Akol to be saying no, no, and no to the president, since he didn’t since no he removes from the government. Is that double standards? or this conclude the fact that SPLM leadership didn’t understood the CPA provision, until the ICC warrant of arrest was issued against our President, if that’s the case it’s shocking and disgrace to the SPLM leadership.
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  • Guest - James Okuk

    Yes Wad Awang, you hit the nail at the head again. If Dr. Garang is considered the 'Father of the SPLM', then whoever is a member of the SPLM whether he or she joined it 24 years ago or Yesterday can be called 'Garang Boy' or 'Garang Girl' or 'Garang Orhphan'in this context. Every member of the SPLM is supposed to be looked at as 'Original SPLM' and not as an 'Infiltrator'. The SPLM was nurtured by the blood of all the freedom fighters and some of its members are not supposed to be discriminated because they support the independence of South Sudan rather than the unclear delusive ideology of New Sudan. I look at the the terms in quots here as the root causes of SPLM internal problems.

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  • Guest - wadnganjal

    Nyaopuan, leave alone the tribalistic leader call Salva Kiir.
    Say another thing, then talking about him. it make me sick

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  • Guest - Marko Tipo (Wad-Tit)

    I don’t know why do we keep on beating behind the bushes, when the facts are right there in front of us? Come on now … It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out that the only reason why the SPLM pulled out from the government in late 2007, and later on reshuffled the ministers around in the government of national union when it rejoined the government was simple to remove Dr. Lam from the position of Foreign Minister, and install Deng Alor in he place … This is the naked truth, which is purely driven by nothing but tribalism, as well as illiteracy … That’s why you will never find a single written document about this major political historical event … As you said:

    “I’m not quite aware why SPLM did pull out from the government, because I didn’t came across any official written request stating the reasons of pulling out.”

    It is with deep regrets to admit that some of south Sudanese so-called politicians, many of whom unfortunately happened to be the top ranking official in SPLA/SPLM hierarchy are retarded, bloody, hardcore tribalists … Which makes them standout among the rest of the south Sudanese as barbaric, primitives, and uncivilized … In fact find the behavior of these shallow minded people as the only big obstacle, and a major setback that we will have to contend with (as a nation) for generations and generations to come … Yet they have the guts to claim to have been born to rule, just to add an insult to the injury to top it all up.

    If these mentally handicaps were really capable of comprehending simple facts such as “success of a party at the national level depends on its unity and organization at the local level”, then they should have learned long ago from the example of the northerners. The very people we have been fighting against all these years … Northern Sudan is not one race let alone tribe, yet they are always well organized, and solidly united when it comes to their national interests ... They would rather stay united for the sake of their common interests, even if it takes them to slaughter their own Muslim fellow country men and women like what they are doing now in the Darfur region for example ... Let alone southerners who they regard as infidels.

    We must be vigilant, and keep a watchful eye on these incompetents barbarous who are not even capable of differentiating between a tribe and a nation, or able to interpret/comprehend a simple treaty such as the CPA (which they already signed for) due their lack of understanding … Or they can easily drag the nation along with them back into another bloody war at anytime, which I think it will automatically turn into the worse genocide in the modern history.

    Finally ... I would like to remind each and everyone of you especially those of you who live in fear of the truth that I am here speaking for myself as Marko Tipo, and myself only .... Not on behalf of Collo people in general, or in particular, or any other Collo affiliated organization or political party out there that you may know of.

    I am also hereby authorizing administration team to disclose my contact information (they have on file) to anyone who tries to come after the website because of this article, and I will be more than happy to hear what they have to say … No offence …

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  • Guest - James Okuk

    Where were you all these time brother Marko Tip? We need people like you to put forward their truthful ideas in this website. It is a joy that you have come in now with a fierce truth that many fear to say in the open because of the intimidation they face from the liars and cheaters. Your individual opinion is highly valuable and esteemly welcomed. Keep it up and write it down elaborately as a separate article rather than a footnote. Again I stress, we need people like you to keep this website creditable with truth and relevance. May God give you more wisdom and inspiration in this right direction. Thank you.

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  • Guest - Jo

    Mr James Okuk, this is the reality that all silent people know as Mr Marko put it straight forword. Now where is our minister of foreign affairs in the case of President with the ICC? He is the spokesperson of the government of national unity in the issues related to external affairs because the issue is not concerning the president of NCP so that minister of foreign affairs could refrain or avoid any statement for the ICC case.

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  • Guest - wadnganjal

    Dear Collo why can you register yourselves in all southerners debating board so that your voice can be heard. Joint those [email protected] or [email protected]

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  • Thank you Brother James for the kind words, and wishful thoughts; I fully agree with you on your suggestion that my reply to the main post should be worked on and then posted as a separate article altogether instead of a thread to another one.

    I really appreciate that, and think it is a very good idea indeed. But not here, I would rather post something like this on a discussion board where these animals come to graze and drink … Sorry, I mean where these morons come to practice their communication skills and talk “politics” … Just like our Brother Wadnganjal suggested down below.

    With due the respect; I would like to inform you here that; I am also currently an active member on another Sudanese discussion board; where I posted a thread of similar comments with regards to the allegations of Sudan’s Foreign Minister (Deng Alor) recent visit to Europe; to explain the impact of the ICC indictment on Al-bashir … There is currently an active debate going on on this issue … Always it is all with love, and no offense to anyone … God bless you all …

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  • Guest - Marko Tipo

    This message is not intended for anyone in particular … I only thought it would be important for me to set the records straight, and shed some more light on SPLM/A monkey business of pullout from the government in late 2007.

    SPLM/A pullout from the government was a bloody, cheap joke, and a major violation of the CPA in itself … If it wasn’t intended for removing Dr. Lam from the office, then tell me what it was for that worth taking such a big risk? I know some of you would argue that SPLM/A pullout from the government was a protest, and a demonstration to denote the lack of full implementation of the CPA, as many of you were made to believe.

    Boo … Hoo ... Where is it written? … The damn thing is not even documented anywhere (as you already know) … They say: if is not written, then it didn’t happen … Anyone can say anything about it at this point, but deep down in our guts, we all know the truth … And when it comes to the implementation of your so-called “CPA” however, for which some claim the pullout was allegedly intended for. You know damn well the thing still not fully implemented anyways as we speak. Now … Tell me again why did SPLM/A pulled out from the government in late 2007, and later on the only thing they did was to reshuffle around the ministers of the national unity government when they rejoined the government? If it wasn’t for the obvious reason mentioned above, then I don’t know what else to tell you?

    These illiterate monkeys (for the lack of a better words to describe these retarded animals) removed form the foreign ministry the only person who knows how to read and write on the team, and replaced him with one of their own kind … E viva la facia … Should I go on, or you think you got the idea already?

    It really surprises me when some intellectuals people like you come around here and ask why did the apple fall down the apple tree? … Do you really want to know the answer?

    The problem with me though, is that: I always say it raw just as it is, but with love and respect for everyone, and no offense to anyone … May God bless you all …

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  • Hello Brother Lwanyo,

    I couldn’t help it to notice from the very moment I read your article that the statement I quoted below is somehow incorrect. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any supporting documents handy at the time to counter your claim. However, I finally managed to dig up something.

    I don’t know from what source are you getting your information? You stated here:

    “That’s the norms of the governments’ operations world wide principles. No minister can go against the will of the chief executive, but he / she can resign from the government or the all whole party can pull out from the government like what SPLM did last year, 2007.”

    That is true to a certain extend, but not necessarily the absolute truth … Have you ever heard of the so-called “floor crossing”?

    "Crossing the floor" means to leave one's political party and join another, or in a more general sense, to vote against one's own party. However, the term now applies to any political defection. Even a cabinet minister can cross the floor in some cases, as it is shown below in the example of Canadian politics.

    “From May to July 1990, several Quebec members of the Progressive Conservatives, including cabinet minister Lucien Bouchard, left the party to sit as independent MPs.” Remember, they didn’t resign but left the party to sit as independent MPs. Including a cabinet minister.

    Please excuse my ignorance, and correct me if I am wrong. Leaving one’s own party to sit as an independent MP; isn’t it the same as going “against the will of the chief executive” you are talking about here, or you’re referring to something else?

    For more information please refer to:

    I always say it raw … Just as it is, but with love and respect for everyone, and no offense to anyone … May God bless you all.

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  • What I meant by statment no minister can go aganist the will of chief executive,is because if thing went wrong he is the one to be held accountable,and you can not held somebody accountable while he/she has not powers and responsibilites to direct the office according to his / her will or policy.

    I think you mean the right of indiviuals to defect from their parties,and that is true,some members can cross the party line.This happen often in legislative body rather than in executive body,though it may happen.

    But my article is about the powers of chief executive and his responsibilities to direct the government.

    Because if the chief executve has no powers to direct the government, then who will be held accountable if things went wrong in government operations.

    Government operation is like army opeartion, ministers receive directions from its chief executive,and forward that directions to the head of departments, and so on til it reaches to last subordinate in public agencies.

    Over all the policy been implemented in public agencies is the the policy of chief executive,that why people refer to governments as Mr x government is a failure govenment and Mr y is a progressive government,because they are the people who have the policy in place,not the ministers, they are simply the implementors of the policy.

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