Dear readers,

As you can see is BACK ONLINE again after undergoing a major maintenance/update. These updates include, among others, the following:

  • brand new layout for the website
  • Updated the news/contribution submission system
  • Updated the Terms & conditions (please take a moment to read it)
  • Enhanced the website security (as we were under attack serveral times)
  • added video submission & view (via Youtube, Google Video..etc)
  • added  Live Radio (for news & entertainment)

As with any major update unforeseen problems can occur and thus we request all users to report any such problem.

Thanks and God bless.

Lam Arop Administrator

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  • Guest - John Oyec lwong

    Dear Lam,
    Thank a lot for the goodwork, it's weldone,but I need back the original background color please especially the kingdom Shrine of Fashoda/Pachoda if you may like

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  • Thanks bro. John for the feedback. We will look into your request. Any more suggestions/feedbacks are welcome so everybody should feel free to drop a line or two... thanks

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  • Guest - Mike Tip

    Fantastic, it is well done job Mr Lam. What I saw here in this maintenances/upgrade is the font size are alittle more outstanding, much biger than before. I like overall organization. However, I need alittle more decoration at the edges of the web, special pachodo icon looks too much saturated white.
    Above all, you deserves our appreciations,
    Thanks, MIKE

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  • Guest - James Okuk

    Dear Lam Arop,
    You are doing a magnificent service to connect our people worldwide. It is also a good honour to your father Arop Yor who is well known in Collo circles and beyond. Collo people should one day think of how to grant you an award of honor and sincerity for this humble commitment without a pay. Keep it up.

    NB. It will be a good thing if you bring back the 'Athorwij of Pachodo'; the symbol of our uniquenesses and strengths as Collo people of South Sudan.

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  • Dears Mike and Okuk,
    Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.
    Obviously people made it clear that our identity as collo should be preserved and enhanced by keeping the Shrine of Pachodo as part of our website logo. In honour of those requests I've just made the necessary adjustments.
    Concerning the layout, colour and background, I think every person's opinion would be affected by his/her personal preferences and hence it would be virtually impossible to satisfy everyone.
    Having said that, any feedback is always still appreciated and can be put to use in future site development.

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  • Guest - Jwothab Othow

    Dear bro Lam,

    Greetings! Thank you for upgrading Pachodo website. You have done marvelous job on Pachodo website and may God bless for everything you are doing for your people. We are very proud of you and your contributions to the Collo community. Once again thank you and you have done a terrific job bro.
    Jwothab Othow

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  • Guest - Sabino Diok

    HI, Brother Lam

    Actually, you are doing a great job on behalf of your community. I think every Ocholo and nyacholo is proud of you, Keep on with that spirit. I mean, the spirit of serving others. May God bless you and your team work.

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  • Guest - Aban Ajack Othow

    Oh Lam,
    That's great and amazing. Do you know that by doing that you re greating again in our soul the feeling of belonging to others, of being part of community. I am sure not only me but many others among the participant had told you that, what your are doing today through this webside is something unforgetable to our community (Shilluk)and I would like to encourage you my brother (I know you don't used to that)that you keep that spirit of helping others and I am sure, that you will rewarded one day else where.

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