oter__amal2.jpgOn behalf of Pashodo Community Mutual Assistance Association (PCMAA) U.S.A, the family of Jago Deng Farag Yeljak, request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter
Amal D. Farag Yeljak To  Oter A. Amon  Son of Late Jago Amon.
On Saturday, the seventh of June two thousand and eight at two o’clock in the afternoon at Gottage Grove Presbyterian Church 1050 24th street, Des Moines – Iowa. Immediately following the ceremony a reception at 6:00p.m. @ The WDM Community Center 217 5th Street. Please give your wedding wishes to the couple.Thank you.

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  • May the Lord bless your lifelong commtment to one another. May He nourish your family with the fire of His love every day. Be devoted to him in faith and bless your days with children to praise and glorify His name. Amen

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  • Guest - kimo Ajing Aba (John-Kimo S. A

    With support you profoundly in choosing MS. Amal. Also AMal' choice to get you among the entire "Shabab". May He showers you with more blessings in your life to come.

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  • Guest - Francis Nyawello Chan

    Dear Amal and Oter, How nice for young people to come together under God love, you are making lasting commitment by asking God blessing. We as a community of faith will contuine to support you with prayers and good adivse. I and my belove wife Regina Nyalam and all the Sudanses Catholic community in Des Moines Iowa wish good luck and all happniess in your life. Peace be with you.

    Nyawello & Nyalam

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  • Dearest Oter & Amal,
    Wishing you a house full of sunshine, hearts full of cheer & love that grows deeper each day of the year. May God enrich & bless your lives.

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  • Guest - written by Raphael-Nyakwojo&Ra

    Hello borther/ Jumma and sister Amal Deng Farag for the new life congratulations for both family and also is good for same one who take decisions as one body. good bless you all.

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  • What a joy day to these two couples and their families . Wonderful for job well done by Jumma & Amal .

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  • Guest - Mary Amon

    hey is me mary your sis from australia
    Congratulations to both of you
    have good wedding
    :D ;) :P

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  • Guest - OTUK J CHWOY

    Congratulations dear brother and sister i wish you a blissful wedding ceremony.

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  • Guest - Yout J

    this is a good news that makes the heart delighted. Conguratulations to both of you. May love be the base for everlasting strong married.

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  • Guest - Younis from Boise, Idaho

    Hi Amal congratulation in your wedding day, I wishing you the happines moment from BOISE, IDAHO. and God bless you.

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