Children at school in Malakal

United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) News Bulletin reported that the Mass Measles campaign for Malakal County has been completed and results indicate that 61,666 (target: 51,316) children between 6 months and 15 years of age were vaccinated against Measles.

Concurrently, 36,592 women of child bearing age (WCBA) were vaccinated against Tetanus. The bulletin explained that a total of 280,000 litres of clean drinking water were provided through the two installed emergency water treatment units in Malakal town supplying 14,000 people living around the area with clean drinking water. In another statement it said that Non-Food Items (NFIs) were delivered to Nassir (Malakal) to support 30 fire-affected households (160 individuals, mostly children) and 100 merchants who had lost their shops in the fire in Nasir on 1st February. The same source, however, revealed that on 19th February, the police in Wanjok (Northern Bahr el Ghazal) set fire to their police station in protest at unpaid salaries. UNICEF delivered 95,000 doses of vaccines for Meningitis to Kajo Keji county (Central Equatoria), of which 55,000 doses were used to vaccinate 53, 230 people in the county, adding that all payams were covered and surveys showed that 95% coverage was achieved.