HE. Salva Kiir first Vice President of Republic, President of GoSS , Chairman of? SPLM and C in C of? SPLA will meet tomorrow Thursday 29.Nov.2007 HE. Omer Al Bashir President of Republic, Chairman of?? NCP and C in C of SAF on the current crises between the two Parties regarding CPA implementation.

Most of the Sudanese People are expecting good results about this meeting specially the Southerners.

So please you may comment on the expected results about the meeting according to your political analysis on the current political situation.

Feel free to express your expectations and your comments

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  • When Dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right..

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  • Guest - Jwothab Othow

    I doubted that there will be any good outcome between Al-Bashir and Kirr talk. This regime regarded the CPA as a form of surrender to Southerners; therefore they will not implement the CPA. The regime preferred to resume the conflict with the SPLM/A instead allowing the Southern Sudanese to gain their freedom peaceful through the political process. Southerners should not forget the history of this political color in the center. We, the Junubin should know that this regime with broken promises of the past and we should not allow ourselves to be fool around by this regime any more. In this critical time, the SPLM/ A ought to play the right card with good political strategy just in case if this autocratic regime refused to implement the CPA. The Islamist regime has clear intention to obstruct and endanger the CPA because this regime believes that God brought them to power and has given them the mandate to rule Sudan indefinitely. But I hope the political crisis in the county will be put to an end through dialogues and peaceful means

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  • Guest - John Lwong

    Its just for the press, NCP and SPLM has already been divorced even the court of appeal has approved it

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  • Guest - Tipo Mel

    I hope it will bear a fruitful result, although some of us have already shown our weakness to the NCP by criticizing SPLM for its decision, instead of supporting them. no one can make someone feel inferior without his/her consent. What I know so far is that the NCP will dodge around and only takes advantage of the current political situation to divide the southerners.

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  • Guest - francis Akic

    My comment about the importnant meeting bettewn first vice president of thr Republic of the Sudan ,president of Goss Hournable Salva Kiir with prresident AlBashir.

    r I realize that is not a first meeting since the SPLA was drawal their ministers in national unity. The cpa is very important for the counrty to end the conflic bettewn the south and north. In 1972 agreement was reconciliation by north Sudan.

    Know SPLA become aware that what happened in the pass should happen to cpa if the all agenda not implment in rigtht time according preiod of time before 2011.

    We hope that coming meeting willbe good result solve the conflict to let the country going foreword in pecae we done want the country back to war.

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  • Guest - Kimo Ajing Aba

    The Election's year has already started in the US with the big two political parties, namely the Democratic and the Republican, giving more time and focusing more on the internal issues in order to win the votes. This is giving the NCP a chance to break away from any political agreemet, as there will be no watch dog outside there.
    Also the lip service that the NCP has given to the USA, in form of intelligence information on terrorism, has its considerable effects that the US current administration is reluctant to give pressures to Khartoum at this time; weather with regard to Darfur or the CPA implimentation. As you all recalled the White House has not issue any press Release on Omer Al Bashiir's speech calling for the NCP paramilitary groups to reorganize and return to barracks.
    As our president will be meeting Omer Al Bashiir, Omer will be playing these cards to the last, but the SPLM can count alot on inside Sudan: such the coalition with the other political parties and pressing for the freedom and press rights to, and improving the living conditions. These are sensetive internal issues for the NCP, upon which it can accept to conclude a deal with the SPLM.
    After alL, let the SPLM consider this just like the "dry season"; during the war time, when the Government forces ware known for launching counter attacks, but our rainy season is just by the door.

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