South Sudan Money (File Image)
South Sudan Money (File Image)


Well, it's been tough managing the economy in South Sudan under the current Minister of finance & Planning Hon. Dier Tong Ngor who terribly  and  completely had failed to control the dollar rate as the result of injecting money to his close allies to campaign for him to maintain his position as the minister. 

Imagine the situation of the current inflation in the black market  today $100 hit equivalent of SSP 73,000 and this indicates how horrible the minister is failing the citizens as the commodities and goods prices keep soaring in the market leave alone the salary delayed since last year no coin has been received by the Civil Servants as far as the mismanagement is concerns.Nothing good will be expected or achieve if the Hon. Dier Tong Ngor stays as the Minister of finance in the remaining Months both the civil Servants and military personnel because he can't try to stay responsive to the said controlling the black market  far he is still the existing Minister.

He designed this Economic hardship in order to put South Sudanese under severe hardship that wouldn't be recovered for years. He deprived all civil servants from getting their salaries on timely bases and he indeed achieved that on the watch of the suffering South Sudanese. This is the right time to let the Hon. minister exit and leave the room for those who can improve the many things that his administration can't handle prior to him punishing the innocent Citizens.

Unfortunately, We're still feeling the impact of inflation, and this needs quick and swift response  from the able and visionary leader His Excellency Dr. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit President of the Republic of South Sudan, and other high authorities to promptly act on this matter because we are already on  the verge of economic collapse under the current Minister of finance & Planning. Many parents can't manage to pay tuition fees, food, transportation, hospital bill and others social amenities due to the exorbitant nature of commodities and economic hardship as a result of  mismanagement of funds by the current Minister of finance & Planning and failing to control the rising rate of dollar against South Sudanese Pounds.

In drawing my conclusion, there is a need for a leader who can  plan on how to mitigate and reduce the level of this surging inflation and help stave off economic stagnation to drive down inflation, as well as make powerful regulations with standard-bearers. The  right person who  can  leverage this  economic power to give it the upper hand is none other than Former Minister of finance & Planning right  Hon. Agak Achuil Lual. He is a well informed intellectual, with an exuberant mission, vision that he placed in the Ministry during his tenure as a Minister and if given another chance he can foster and improve the stagnant economic situation of our Country South Sudan. And he will restore the teetering economy and give hope and smile  to the citizens of South Sudan again.



By a concerned Citizen.

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