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University of Juba (


By, Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac 


To all graduates of yesterday from University of Juba in different fields of specialisations, please I advise all of you to do any available Job in our country whether it is related to your field or not.

Also, there are many ways of doing business without Capital, not every business that needs Capital and not every business that needs a lot of money to start it and not every business that needs an office or shop.

Example of a business which doesn't need Capital is being a Broker or a Dealer in any valuable Asset in our country, go to Market if you need Power that we are struggling in Tea Places. Market is a centre of power. Let Somalian and Ethiopian close all their shops and warehouses one day, how can we feel within 24 hrs leave alone Water tanks truck of our River Nile.

This country is full of a lot of opportunities if we abandon sitting in tea places and use it as excuses only while our Youthful Age are still going for free without Wealth Accumulation for our retires Age later after few Seconds, hrs.weeks.months and years to come and Example is today will never come again. 


There are only five categories of people who are suppose to stay in the city like Juba but not Tea Taker as following:


1. Government employees 

2. Students 

3. Drugs dealers, including Alcohol addicted groups. 

4. Criminal 

5. Prostitute 


In addition, if we need money first to start a business as Young people we'll fail miserably in our Generation and the upcoming generation will continue inheriting well designed Poverty of Choice only. 

To conclude, let us treat Poverty using our Subconscious mind. Say now I will become Rich in the next five years and work on it. You will see. 

Say now I will be Millionaire and it will happen in your vein like the way I feel it now as Cde Meen Gabriel. 

Thank you and congratulations for your Academic achievement and make sure that qualification without producing anything at the end of the year is useless. AMEN 


By, Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac 

The upcoming Millionaire in the Republic of South Sudan 🇸🇸 Amen 🙏

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