Warrap State (Image:BBC)
Warrap State (Image Credit: BBC)


By: Deng Emmillo Mou, South Africa Pretoria,


Leadership is not just a formula but an established, deeply rooted connection of souls and people through service, integrity, dynamism, pragmatism, vision, passion, perseverance and equanimity. In a critical time like this in Warrap State zone, we need a new form of leadership that will practically incorporate all aspects of our development both Security, economically and infrastructurally. This is the more reason we must consider the Governor's antecedents in our choice of a representative in the state appointment draw closer. Our evaluation of a governor should be based, among other criteria, on the leader's impact on the zone, not as a political office holder.

With this evaluation, we could be able to access the leader's passion, zeal and love for the good of the people as well as the society thereby. We need a system that will be transparent, accountable, and open to the people. We in Warrap State zone are presently in dire need of a system that will give details of how our Warrap State funds were received and utilized.

The new direction is one agenda that seeks to initiate an inclusive representation where the people will be carried along in decision-making mechanisms to ensure a smooth process. This includes having a heart-to-heart talk on the challenges the people of the state are facing and equally proffering possible remedies with the view of making the State a better place. 

It is also a vision that will change the status quo in the representation of Warrap State where the resources made for the people are fully utilised for the people's welfare without the interference of any middleman or middlewoman. 

It takes only a pragmatic leader and a man of vision to give his time, talent and treasure just for the well-being of his people.

Considering the antecedents of all the leaders in the forthcoming State administration has proven to be outstanding, based on his passion for selfless services to his people which is one of the core tenets of the new direction agenda.

He has given a new face to the people of his state through his numerous interventions in areas like health, Security, education, business grants, and youth empowerment among others.

Warrap State cannot afford to be stagnant in representation at the SPLM hence the reason why we all seek this new vision to place the state in its rightful place in Bhar El Ghazal Region. 

With the new direction agenda, Honourable Manhiem Bol Malek will show his serious commitment to serving his people and come to the 2024 general election, we shall support this vision for a new Warrap State of our time to emerge. We will support him for a betterment of the people of Warrap State. 

In South Sudan of today, insecurity seems to be on the increase with human beings falling victim in very large numbers on a daily basis. 

To help the national government in the area of security, state governors need to be security conscious. They should embark on programmes that will,


1: Engage the teeming unemployed youths.

2: Organise seminars regularly where our security personnel and stakeholders will interact to forestall the prevalent state of crime and criminality. 


Honourable Manhiem Bol Malek, a leading governor in the coming excellent governance in Warrap state has promised security and good governance with a ten point agenda;


1. Healthcare.

2. Agriculture.

3. Education.

4. Infrastructure and Tourism.

5. Technology and Digital Economy.

6. Women and Youth Empowerment.

7. Security.

8. Transportation.

9. Energy.

10. Religious tolerance.


The triple Honourable Manhiem Bol Malek has really touched all his ten point agenda in his private capacity.

Narrowing it down to security and good governance. There's no doubt about what this home breed from South Sudan of the state will do if given the mandate to serve as Governor.

A visionary leader ensures the vision becomes reality by setting clear goals, outlining strategic plans for achieving those goals as well as equipping and empowering each citizen of the state to take action on the plan at the organisational, team and individual levels.

Innovative ideas and grandiose vision are meaningless, unless it is followed up by action. The flair and charisma that are most often associated with the visionary leadership style of a good leader must be balanced by discipline, focus, pragmatism, dynamism, objectivism and a specific course of action.

In High Governor honourable Manhiem Bol Malek is embedded in discipline, focus, dedication, experience, commitment and a specific course of action that will drive security and development in Warrap State. And he has the desired charisma to enthrone warrap of our dream, and will surely achieve new heights under his visionary and impactful representation.

It is that time in our history to give a man, a chance to lead us, a man who is able, capable, tested and trusted to take us to the next level of rapid security, development and transformation where social amenities will be readily available for us.

Without mincing words, the right person we need to represent at the south sudanese national elections come 2024 so that we will begin to experience a new dawn is honourable Manhiem Bol Malek. We all know that he has shown capacity, courage, competency and will power.

My good people of Warrap State, what we need now is  someone who has experience and what it takes to fight for our rights, defend our affairs and attract the national government of God's Chosen President of the Republic of South Sudan Dr. General Salva Kiir Mayardit, presence in our counties so that we will have access to good roads, clean water, quality education and healthcare, robust agriculture and above all security of lives and property across the state. And the best governor who is equipped with all these qualities is no other person than honourable Manhiem Bol Malek. 

Honourable Manhiem Bol Malek, is a blessing to us. He is an example of (God's gift governor). He is like an Umbrella that can accommodate everybody because he has a large heart come rain come shine. His wealth of experience and knowledge is second to non because he has worked in different fields of life that has exposed his to so many things that will help his to pilot the affairs, our affairs for the betterment of everybody without discrimination.

Obviously, greater tonj counties and twic county is about to breathe a fresh natural air again because Honourable Manhiem Bol Malek is coming to change the narratives and give us quality security. 

We Warrap citizens let us support him to improve on what he has already started, and to replicate it across the state.

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