The family of Mr. Eng. / Tor Gai Joka and the family of Late/ Othown Dak Padiet, in the USA would like to announce the commencement of the ritual traditional ceremony of engaging their daughter/ Sarah Tor Gai to their son/Omujwok Othown Dak.

The occasion will take place in Nashville, Tennessee on August 25th 2007.

Both Nuer (Naath) and Collo (Shilluk) will be performing their traditional dances, which will be concluded by an evening reception.

All friends, relatives and families of both the will-be pride and the pride room are cordially welcomed to attend.

Best Wishes & love ever after

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  • Guest - James Okuk

    Dear Sara Tor and Omojwok Othwonth,
    I wish you a happy occassion and a momentous day of your marraige. I wish I could be there to share in your joy. This is good news which console us from the bad news we had last week. May God be with you and all the people who are preparing to make that occasion rememberable. Amen.

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  • Hello sister how you been that is so good and iame so happy to hear that. And this is my greeting to you and your future husband aim telling you have a happy marriage life and congratulation .

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  • Guest - Otuk

    Fantastic, Fantastic,

    To share the joy is double joy and to share the love is a wonderful thing to see. It is really a great message to the rest of us.My best wishes to the young star, Omojwok and his honey Sara.
    Good luck!
    Otuk James Chwoy

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  • Guest - Yout Guank

    Conguratolation to both of you. remember this always in your live time SMOOTH SLOW, SMOOTH FASTE...GET IT DONE. Once again, conguratolation for your engagment happiness.
    Yout Guank

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  • Guest - Ray Charles

    Souko, Congrats! to the traditional ceremony....Mzoungo said" you're done. No more games, but you know what. Is a beginning of a new life. I'm happy for both of yo steppin' up for that. Hey! I better have my invitation card then I can start walkin'. Sarah, he's my boy & is good man. I believe he'll be pretty good to you, so please take care of him! Again wish you guys a wonderful ceremony.
    Thx~Kuol ;D

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  • Guest - Jiben Stephen Kokding

    Congrat................. to U & the M,
    May God may God complete this occasion as U expect.
    It's really fine to heard such good news, the Bible said, people has to marriage and fill the world.
    Congrats... once more.
    Jiben (Souksouk) from Khartoum, Fitihab

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