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By: Deng Emmillo Mou, Juba-South Sudan,

The unlawful wrestling of the National Revenue Authority NRA Commissioner General  Dr. Patrick Kennedy Mugoya with  Major Gen. Dr. Akol Ayii Madut (PhD), the Director General for South Sudan Custom Service recently equated into being a "Commissioner for Custom Service National Revenue Authority in the Republic of South Sudan''.

Dear Public,

This is to bring to your honourable attention the clarification of what's happening between the Commissioner General of National Revenue Authority (NRA) and the Commissioner of Custom Service. You might have been recently seeing the communications from the two offices opposing to where the jurisdiction of each office lies.

It was recently that the Custom Service Department got transferred by a Presidential Decree to the National Revenue Authority NRA as one of the departments within the National Revenue Authority NRA headed by Maj. General Dr. Akol Ayii Madut (PhD) as its Commissioner for Custom Service Division. This was done to meet the standard required by the laws of the Custom Union of the East African Community EAC.

It was done that the Commissioner General of National Revenue Authority NRA and other relevant institutions get all the necessary laws that would adequately absorb Custom Service Division Department into the National Revenue Authority NRA norms. Nothing has been done so far by the Commissioner General of National Revenue Authority NRA and instead, the National Revenue Authority NRA Commissioner General entered into abandoning the communications channels where anything to be communicated to the Custom Service offices must first be passed through the Commissioner of Custom Service Division's office.

Maj. General Dr. Akol Ayii Madut PhD. Instead, the Commissioner General of  National Revenue Authority NRA uses to directly communicate with the junior offices within the Custom Service without the knowledge of the office of the Commissioner of Custom Service headed by Maj. General Akol Ayii Madut PhD.

Issues to do with promotions, demotions and terminations or recruitments within the Custom Service Division Department should be done with the knowledge of their commissioner who is Dr. Akol Ayii Madut, but doesn't put it into use.

Secondly, the Job Descriptions, JDs, rules and the jurisdiction of both commissioners contradict each other hence needs separation of powers first to be defined and stipulated within the Law to help the work be smoothly run without any interference.

Thirdly, both of the Commissioners are appointed by the President of the Republic of South Sudan Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit who is the head of State and Government, hence no one interferes with another person's jobs unless the law is used to separate the powers and guarde the jurisdiction.

With deep sorrow, the National Revenue Authority NRA had been working and cooperate all this time with corrupt officers who some of them recently got arrested over the allegations of corruption charges and this shows clearly that the current commissioner General of National Revenue Authority NRA fears Dr. Akol Ayii Madut PhD being brought closer to him because of being exposed to the daylight Anti corruption and other stakeholders who don't like South Sudan to be looted.

My good public, you may recall that at the beginning of Maj. Gen. Akol Ayii Madut PhD his briefing, He said that the journey to transform the Custom Service Division Department National Revenue Authority into a modernised institution would be challenging. From the very start, he also envisaged that there would be setbacks and false starts, but regardless, he proceeded with his usual verve.

This fake news circulated and promoted by agents of distraction who feel defeated and are now out to misinform the general Public. General public are advised to disregard such cheap malicious information and the peddlers.

To lead the transformation or to reformation of the institution as vast and diverse to its destiny, in terms of growth and development, requires a strong sense of purpose, faith, and the courage to keep leading even in moments of seeming disappointment and discrimination.

Most of us, stand with this personal opinion that those who condemned Dr. Akol Ayii Madut because of having known his Roles and Responsibilities or duties are doing nothing. This is why our Country South Sudan has stuck in one place. How could a person violate and undermine the laws of the country governing institutions....

We are happy that Dr. Akol Ayii Madut's pathway to a new Department is overwhelmingly resonating with the people. That is what matters for now.

Clearly, it is not a task for the faint-hearted or pusillanimous. Fortunately, the required qualities and abilities are what he was primed for from the outset of his working career, both in the private and public sectors in the Republic of South Sudan and abroad and the allure of a new lease of life, growth and happiness in the Custom Service National Revenue Authority institution will provided the impetus.

Undeniably, most income received the outcome of the development activity Primaries with bewilderment and exasperation. To many, it appeared to be a wanton disregard of the interests of our institution National Revenue Authority and the mood of our great Nation south Sudan.

Today and later on, we pleased to announce that our faith was not misplaced. South Sudanese's laws system has spoken and rightly overturned the travesty in favour of the will of the majority of the people to restore our cherished values of hard work, integrity and honour.

Let me be clear, this should not be seen as a personal victory but as a victory for our great institution National Revenue Authority and South Sudan, which is firmly rooted in laws. It is also a victory for democracy and therefore, it is now time to put our differences aside and work together as a family to ensure our success for the next generations.

We especially commend and thank our God's Chosen President Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, and the leadership and elders of our great party, the Sudan People's liberation Movement SPLM party, for their understanding and for effectively keeping the Revitalised Peace Agreement together while managing the internal South Sudan contests.

We must work together on the shared vision and goal of modernisation even as we embrace all those who are either willing to move with us or support other hard working leaders. This is their victory too. Consequently, I implore all our brothers and sisters, who became disillusioned and left Government recently, to return to the fold. This is not the hill to die on.

Dr. Akol Ayii Madut PhD is a REFORMIST and no one dares questioning that, and a Heart of GOLD TYPIFIED.

Maj. Gen. Dr. Akol Ayii Madut PhD, is a leader that implies values, a leader who has some good ideals about Change, about how the future could be different. His vision is creativity and intellectual drive, he's a leader with values & Great passion for his people, Custom Service Division Department and South Sudan.

Maj. Gen. Dr. Akol Ayii Madut PhD has integrity, he tells the truth at all times, he's a Man of his words that qualifies him as an effective leader with passion for a cause that is larger than his personal gains. He's a Man with Great dreams and vision that will better the society. He's a leader who doesn't make unnecessary courageous and difficult decisions and carry them into actions.

People with  hearts of gold are like treasures hidden deep underground. They’re too rare and precious for this unfair and cruel world. He is a man from a humble background endowed with all the good attributes of humanity. His quest to be the Commissioner of Custom Service National Revenue Authority is something we shouldn't give a second thought due to his track records.

Dr. Akol Ayii Madut PhD is endowed with compassion, kindness, and genuine love for humanity. He is not one of the contemporary Generals but a leader per excellence. Custom Service, National Revenue Authority in the Republic of South Sudan is indeed blessed for having such a leader who has not just shown his capacity in our land, but in diaspora. Let's note that leadership is not a game, but a call to serve.

The Man Maj. Gen. Akol Ayii Madut PhD, always likes to share his life with you by building a good foundation of friendship; he will invest a lot of time to know everything about you, your past, present and even the future that you want to become and achieve. He is just too down to earth.

In the heart of Gen. Akol Ayii Madut, If it’s about you, it means everything to him. He always wants to be trusted with even a little task and a vision to deliver. Here is the son of Ayii Madut (Ayii Mac-dit Sultan), Give him the mandate and see wonders. It's up to President Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit to make a wise decision in choosing the best.

Let me end by noting that most things eventually yield to diligence and common sense. We must continue working hard in the dark to shine in the light as we propel our Country to its glorious destiny.

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