Warrap State (File Image)
Warrap State (File Image)


By: Deng Emmillo Mou, Juba-South Sudan,

Lt. Gen. Mathew Mathiang Magor has the vision and he is on the right track to rebirth Warrap State with his action policy plans, Security, organisation, action, experience, political sagacity, astute brain power coupled with his mental preparedness to govern our state.

He is known for enthroning excellence in service, due process, competence, transparency, accountability, probity, integrity and capable leadership. This is the elixir that will build trust in our government to warrant a sense of responsibility and ownership in the light of the State towards the Nation.

An apt definitive representation of exploits in purposeful leadership, would simply be complete by a mere reference to Lt. general Mathew Mathiang Magor. He is ascribed to be the epitome of solid leadership foundation building, going by his firm footing and commencement point of governance, immediately he emerged victoriously as the Warrap State governor with the people's mandate.

As a governor General Mathiang-dit will touch these areas, and his engagement of the right human capital resources;-

* Excellent strategization of security.

* Technology and Digital Economy.

* Efficient health care delivery system.

* Support For Small Businesses.

* Land Use and Forest Preservation.

* Scale-up Employment.

* Welfare for Women and Children.

* Quality Education Literacy Programs in the State.

* Intensive Agricultural Development.

* Clean Energy Future.

* Skillful allocation of economic resources, and optimum placement of value on lives and sources of livelihood within the state, stands him out as trailblazer in a good governance.

With envisaged successful implementation of these policies by Lt. Gen. Mathiang-dit Magor, Warrapians would once again smile and regain lost hope. Let us give room for thorough introspection while choosing our next governor. Let us give meritocracy the chance it deserves with the best man as a leader in government. It is better to go for the aspirant with good and credible antecedents.

Lt. Gen. Mathiang-dit Magor is humble, visionary and tasty for the best; fearlessly appointing people who even possess more academic accomplishments than him, or who have more exposure in governance. By this, he expressed apparently that governance is a collective effort, and not the command of the sovereign, as the astute philosopher, John Austin might want to think.

He has the capacity and Will to rally reputable men and women of integrity, in their rank and file, to a common purpose and has that unimpeachable character that inspires confidence in them.

In his previous government, we had former ministers serving as Commissioners and Chairman of various committees. It takes a great level of confidence in a leader to have experienced technocrats and honourable men and women of integrity compromise their mighty societal statuses to work for the achievement of collective goals. Of course people buy into the leader before buying into the vision. His crave for only the best motivated him to engage intellectuals within the corridors of power, to advise and counsel him, as opposed to some leaders

The supreme quality of leadership is integrity, that was the quality general Mathiang-dit used to sweep people of greater Tonj off their feet. He actually showed citizens of Warrap that leadership is action, not position. He was influential. His successful leadership was guaranteed by his influence, not authority.

Education, they say, is the mother of leadership. Gen. Mathiang-dit Magor is highly educated. His strength of character, choice of words and manner of approach clearly shows his high level of experiences, exposure and logical understanding. He could be described as vocal, proactive, patriotic, courageous, energetic and humble.

The colossal and massive achievements of Hon. Mathiang-dit Magor's short lived administration tells of his wealth of experience and leadership prowess.

Right from the beginning, Governor of defunct Tonj State Gen. Mathew Mathiang Magor set up an excellence strategization of security, which worked and provided the guiding template for the rebuilding of greater Warrap. The strategization of security consisted of some of the best intellectuals, technocrats and professionals. It was very thorough in providing the compass by which the  administration was navigated.

In the first 100 days of Lt. General Mathiang-dit Magor's administration, every segment of the state level was touched, including floods in the State and erosion control, water scheme, education, health and above all excellent strategization of security in the then defunct Tonj State. The civil servants started receiving full salaries, while those who were last paid in some good months, were completed as they subsequently began to receive their pay.

People of the defunct Tonj State were indeed very satisfied with his leadership styles, because it was democratic, genuine and productive. Fate was unjust to defunct Tonj State. The Supreme Court is Supreme, but we are pained for the denial of a God sent. Experiencing for Many years with our most revered leader who considers himself a lowly servant would have skyrocketed us to our enviable zenith. Gen. Mathiang-dit Magor has all it takes to move Warrap to unprecedented heights.

We can only hope, work and pray that soon, we shall return him to complete all he has already begun, and do more, for the great benefit of the people of Warrap State.

To be processed:...............

 Warrap State can be better, and better more.

The author is Deng Emmillo Mou, and he can be reached through email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or WhatsApp number +256789439894.

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