Eng. Awow Daniel Chuang (Photo Supplied)
Eng. Awow Daniel Chuang (Photo Supplied)


By Damosip Deng, Juba, South Sudan

" I believe that we have reached a stage in the economic development of African where moving forward is perilous, moving backwards is cowardice and standing still is suicidal but we must persevere because winners do not quit and quitters never win"  PLO Lumumba

Several people have served in the ministry of petroleum as undersecretaries but none of them performed to the best expectations of the citizens. The expectations of the citizens in the oil sector were fulfilled when President Salva Kiir appointed a real nationalist, technocrat, petroleum expert and reformist in the person of Eng. Awow Daniel Chuang. Upon assuming the roles of undersecretary, Eng. Awow Daniel  embarked on reforming and transforming the petroleum sector through initiation and implementation of unified Human Resource policy, ensuring accountability and transparency and promotion of equal job opportunities for all the citizens in the oil sector and many others . 

Since South Sudan is an oil dependent country, Eng. Awow's dream is to make sure that oil benefits both the government and the citizens. He is the first undersecretary in the ministry of petroleum to reform and transform the petroleum sector as well as initiating the projects which benefit the citizens in oil areas. His achievements are visible, tangible and undeniable  and this can be acknowledged by any reasonable citizen. Before his appointment, the petroleum sector was experiencing many challenges ranging from the domination of jobs in the oil companies by foreigners, reduction in the oil production, oil pollution in oil producing areas and rampant corruption in the ministry. As a hardworking, loyal, committed, God fearing and SPLM oriented cadre, Cde Eng. Awow rescued the situation by solving almost 90% of the problems that were facing the ministry of petroleum. Below are some of Cde Eng. Awow's achievements in ministry of petroleum in particular and oil sector in general.

1. Initiation and implementation of Unified Human Resource Policy

One of Cde Awow's achievements in the oil sector is the successful implementation of the Unified Human Resource Manual. The Unified Human Resource Policy was initiated by the former Minister of Petroleum but its operationalization and implementation was a great challenge. However Cde Eng. Awow managed to negotiate it with the international partners and successfully implemented it. The salary scale of national and international staff in oil companies has been harmonized and this is attributed to the efforts of Cde Eng. Awow Daniel Chuang

2. Promotion of accountability and transparency in the Ministry of Petroleum

As God fearing cadre, corruption is one of the malpractices which Cde Awow Daniel dislikes in his life. His dream is to make the ministry of petroleum a corrupt free institution and indeed he has achieved it. He managed to minimize the existing forms of corruption to the zero level by ensuring that public resources are utilized in the way that benefits the citizens.He has discouraged all forms of corruption and that is why the ministry of petroleum is free from corruption. 

3. Eradication of Oil Pollution in Oil Producing Areas

Few years back, the lives of innocent inhabitants in the oil areas were being threatened by the oil pollution. The local communities around the oil fields lost thousands of cattle and livestock as a result of environmental pollution. Nevertheless, hundreds of people died of water diseases due to the pollution of water by the leaking crude oil. Hundreds of children were born without heads, hands, limbs etc.  These victims were crying for help from the ministry of petroleum but none of the previous administrations managed to rescue them. However, the continuous suffering of the local communities around the oil fields from the pollution was put to an end by Cde Awow Daniel Chuang. Cde Eng. Awow instructed the oil drilling companies e.g. SPOC, DPOC and GPOC to prioritize the safety of the local people around the oil fields. He has put some safety policies in place to ensure that oil spills never repeat themselves in future. The inhabitants around the oil fields in South Sudan are freed from any environmental pollution at the time of writing this article.

4. Promotion of equal job opportunities for all the citizens in oil companies

Recruitment into oil companies has been previously based on relationship and friendship rather than merits. However this practice of basing the recruitment on the blood relationship and friendship was completely abolished by Eng. Awow Daniel Chuang. He ordered the oil companies to first advertise all the vacancies and then shortlist the candidates on the basis of merits and academic qualifications. This has resulted in equal opportunities for all the citizens in the oil companies and has encouraged healthy competition among the citizens. Nepotism has become a thing of the past in the ministry of petroleum and oil companies

5. Implementation of "corporate social responsibility in oil producing areas

Before Eng. Awow's appointment, the local population were facing lack of social services like lack of clean water, lack of health facilities, lack of schools etc. These social services are supposed to be provided by the oil drilling companies as part of corporate social responsibility. Cde Eng Awow in his capacity as Undersecretary in the ministry, intervened and instructed the oil companies to provide clean drinking water , build schools and health care centres in the oil producing areas as a part of corporate social responsibility. The population in oil producing areas are currently enjoying the above services and this is a result of having an experienced technocrat and service oriented cadre.

In conclusion, Eng Awow Daniel Chuang deserves the right to full recognition as a hardworking, experienced, visionary, loyal and patriotic citizen of South Sudan. He is a true technocrat and reformer who always initiates the projects that benefit the local citizens. It is actually rare to get such a hardworking and caring leader in Africa. He is the first Undersecretary in the Ministry of Petroleum to reform and transform the oil  sector. it is the right for the youth of South Sudan to stand up and openly appreciate him for what he has done. History will never forget the accomplishments and achievements of Eng. Awow Daniel Chuang in the South Sudan Oil Sector

The author is a concerned Citizen of South Sudan. He is reachable via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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