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2023 Election: The Votes BABA Kiir Mayardit Supporters Expect From Each State and Administrative Area For Sudan People's liberation Movement SPLM.


By; Deng Emmillo Mou South Africa-Pretoria,


1. Central Equatoria STATE - 85% votes

2. Western Barh El Ghazal State - 95% votes

3. Bentiu Unity State - 35% votes

4. Eastern Equatoria State - 65% votes

5. Jonglei State - 55% votes

6. Warrap State - 75% votes

7. Upper State - 55% votes

8. Western Equatoria State - 65% votes

9. Lakes State - 75% votes

10. Northern Barh El Ghazal - 45% votes

11. Abyei Administrative Areas - 35% votes

12. Ruweng Administrative Areas - 75% votes

13. Pibor Administrative Areas - 80% votes


The visionary Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit with a heart for humanity and capacity building for Young women and youths has continued to wow his Country with well thought positive programmes.

BABA Kiir Mayardit is ready and willing to purposely engage the Citizens productively with our support of our great Country South Sudan.

SKM 2023, Every family matters.

Long-lived Gen. SKM

Long-lived SPLM

Long-lived South SD

Long-lived South Sudanese.

The writer is a concern Citizen of South Sudanese, and He can be reached at via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or WhatsApp number +256789439894.