Dr. Chol Deng Thon at the construction site of Nilepet Headquarters in Juba (File Image)


By: Deng Emmillo Mou, South Africa-Pretoria,

Dr. Chol Deng Thon (PhD) Managing Director of Nilepet is someone that is chosen from among men to serve and also give direction to the people who are entrusted to his care.

According to the postulation of Augustin Adjekpovu and other World great Philosophers who conceptualized and also postulated about Social Contract, a leader is a sovereign being whose emergence is as a result of the aggregation of the sovereignty of the people who surrender their powers and sometimes their independence and the majority of their powers to act according to the terms of the Social Contract.

They individually and jointly (Collectively) surrender their authorities to the sovereign being who holds the same entrust for the people.

The sovereign being (leader) although sovereign is answerable to the people who are the ruled and led.

Qualities of a leader in ideal Social/Clime.

 1. A good leader must be humble.

 2. A good leader must be a good listener. He must listen to his people.

 3. A good leader must be a team player.

 4. A good leader must be responsive and answerable to the people.

 5. A good leader must be accessible.

 6. A good leader must not alienate (separate) himself from his people where he will see himself as the ruler who is up there, while the people, the led are down there, and he dishes out commands and directives without consideration.

 7. A good leader must be compassionate. He must have a heart that makes him feel the pains, plights and sufferings of his people.

 8. A good leader must have foresight to see beyond the immediate.

 9. A good leader must be peaceful and non-violent.

 10. A good leader must not be deficient to the extent that his actions, especially public outings, bring shame to his people.

 11. A good leader must be decisive.

 12. A good leader must be considerate.

 13. A good leader must not feel superior to his people, including the poor and vulnerable.

 14. A good leader gives security to his people.

 15. A good leader must give hope to his people even in cases of hopelessness and despair because he is like a Theatre Commander in war whose morale strengthens his officers and men.

 16. A good leader makes positive things to happen and does not wait for things to happen.

 17. A good leader must be a consensus builder. He will not always superimpose his will and wishes on the people.

 18. A good leader identifies merit and competence and also works with the best brain in order to get the best results for the common good of the people.

 19. A good leader prioritizes and also places high premium on the unity of his people.

Dr. Chol Deng Thon, He's an excellent communicator and always seeks to learn new things through conversation and interactions, and he's an energetic and efficient leader, he's a dedicated man and always committed to tasks and assignments levelled before him. He's passionate about the betterment of all and sundry.

He never stopped seeking to improve himself by acquiring knowledge and learning whatever could be learned, he entrusted the task of helping individuals to achieve their desired goals. Likewise, he is very diligent in all he does and also helps to improve on the skills and innovative ideas of people around him. Furthermore, he is a leader that believes so much in the future of the people around him and also believes that South Sudan can be made an envy among the league's of Nations of the world

 He's a good logistics manager with managerial skills, He is a leader with passionate drive for Good governance and quality leadership. He is a man of distinction with Great innovative ideas to transform the Nilepet Institution.


I can go on and on to highlight more qualities of a good leader, but will narrow to the above for the purpose of this piece.

Now, going through the above, we shall agree that Miracle leader Dr. Chol Deng Thon possesses those unique and very outstanding qualities. What on the other hand needs to do is to leverage on the above and see how we can collectively join forces to make him succeed.

Let us place the collective interest of our great people above High Authority Executives and  political party sentiments and other secondary considerations. We need to join forces to build the new prosperity of our dream in the great Country, South Sudan.

The writer is a South Sudanese Citizen, He can be reached at Via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or WhatsApp number +256789439894

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