Please allow me to share with you this article original was written in Arabic .This man called Alla Eldin Yususf works as a commputer Experts in south Sudan. He has written an article in Arabic on Sudaneseonline discussion and this is a translation version from Arabic into English.


Mithijwok Akol


What happened yesterday afternoon and Friday is a humiliating and shameful wickedness that can not be surpassed in any way, and what riffraff southerners and the behavior of wild beasts and desert-jungle Berbers and street stray dogs must not be pause or yielded by north or any Arab or Muslim man. Garang died, and is bent on spreading his dark black evil heart that was revealed by sudden helicopter crash when he flew on unannounced ceremony and diplomatic solution that is not patched. A man came out of the blue and became Vice-President of the Republic. Garang?s death is not being questioned by anyone except himself (as no one cares) at the moment; it should be enough for inheritors to question his death. What is the guilt of the vulnerable poor northerners and Muslims? What I saw with my own eyes yesterday and today is a mass destruction that Hiroshima bomb failed to do, it is passed through kiosks, houses and markets. Human, Southern dogs movement signals evil metastasizing all over and is expecting thoroughly ominous future in the next few hours and days. Northerners will not tolerate what you did, Slaves. We will not forget your attempted indecent assault, which took place yesterday, (he is talking about the failed coup) praise God it did not succeed. We will not easily pass the issue of slaughtering a significant number of northerners on Khartoum?s streets. We bought a precaution cane so please pack your stuff in preparation for departure with no return. Now the anger is flying from the eyes of those whom you victimized in their very own wealth and misdeed their souls. Here they prepared their force and steeds, Here they called into session last night, Mosques speakers calling for the youth of the neighborhoods to let Listen, educate and pack up to prepare. Here we have started gathering Hordes of young northerners your earlier brethren who had harbored you. They now began collecting every heavy metal and heated, sharpened so that to stitch into your slicker hearts. Here today, I had toured in Khartoum and it is free of slaves, impurities, the damned people, I passed near Comboni Ground, Khartoum Hospital and Elitihad school (places where southern people, labor class, free market hunters gather) and I swear that they totally eclipsed from the streets, perhaps fearing that they would be harmed (referring to the coup) Streets are empty only one dark shamed who only walks with his head down from time to time. Warden of land with brave songs, the Northerners are the only ones that walking like ants with smolder eyes watching out from the top to the bottom, all dressed in quite white Jalabia, decorated with swords or firearms if any, I myself looking for a firearm now, I swear I will empty it on the Southern head who stares at me with apprehension or suspicion. It is a time for bloodshed and to expel these savages from the streets of the capital. People agreed on one word last night and they have been repeating it throughout the night as the watchful eyes long shots, and we crossed streets and alleys, saying the same one spoken "separation or genocide" Many swore with greatest faith on the announcement of working in cells and to start implementing Al-Zarqawi?s tactics. We have to take revenge; Slaves massacred many of our sons and daughters yesterday. Two Northerners, sisters were slaughtered in one of Elashajara schools (Khartoum), like if the were going to be barbequed. So many dead, trimmed and wounded in their own wealth. They (Northerners) will not remain silent and would not condone it, you will not catch sleep slaves, impurities and damned people. You will no longar enjoy any life under one country with us no more. Zero hour has come and the clock is ticking counting down, you should flee before the meeting

That is Alla Eldin Yusif
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  • Guest - James Okuk

    The man wrote it out of fear and tremble on the dark deadlt monday of August 2005. A day when the angels of deaths visited many homes and streets of khartoum. See what people think when war comes. War is bad peace is good. If you ask the same man today he will regret what he wrote but not for that day's context. It was a terrible day Mithjwok, not only for Arabs but also for the blacks in Khartoum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Guest - Sabino Tom Akonydit

    Alla Eldin Yousif is one among many northerners who are not convince till now that southerners are part and partial of sudanese people, even after CPA . For Alla eldin to achieve his dream, he should work hard during this time to make separation attracive to southerners. That bloody monday is unforgetable day not only to those of Alla eldin, but to SPLM/A, southerners and the entire people of both south and north. That may be the only tragedy Alla El din miht had encounter through out 21years of war. Thanks God he had seen one lets pray that he should not see another one.

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