By: Enoch Daniel Aba

Weep ye daughter of Kush..!

Weep ye mother of Kaladosis

For thy son is slain..

For thy hope rests on a pool of blood

It made my soul to burn in grief

My mind engulfed in disbelief

How could that be?

For you to leave so soon

The world asked in bewilderment

Is it the son of De Mabior?

The White Calf of Peace

Is it goring?

The same one

Who proclaimed hope for Sudan?

The New Sudan

A New Sudan where all shall live in harmony

United with dignity and free will

But there are some who wish not for this Sudan

Who reject the Sudan of your dreams?

A Sudan so different from what you advocated

Discrepant with what you initiated

A Sudan that will never be appreciated

Have not you said in Kauda

That no medicine is sweet

No balm soothes our tastes

That is why truth is prosecuted

Denied justice

For the truth is holy

Behold, the messenger of peace

Behold, the Vincent of the oppressed

You are not yet done

You abide in the millions who believe in thy vision

Thy vision that resembles the fragrance of the flowers

The breeze of the sea

The whispers of the brooks

They thought by picking a flower

The fragrance would be sent to oblivion

Nay they did not realize that

You are the fragrance of the struggle

You are the substance of the peaks

You are the soul of liberation

You are the symbol of the New Sudan

Your departed soul shall enliven the struggle

The struggle for Justice and equality

The struggle to make humane this land of millions

This land of many gods and people

Thy strong will for a New Sudan shall remain entrenched in history

Thy patience to restore dignity to many shall glitter forever

Thy virtue for the truth and justice shall guide the path of many

Thy sincerity for change shall be the conscience of the people

There is no truth in this land of mortals

The absolute truth abide in the world of tomorrow

Where each truth will freely mingle with others

There we shall discern the mockery and treachery

Of the enemies of truth

The ones who assassinated Luther

The ones who slaughtered Gandhi

The ones who crucified the Nazarene

The ones who poisoned Socrates

The ones who killed the source of our hope

As long as they continue doing these

They cannot bend the spirit of the truth

For the truth is absolutely free and seeks no gratifications

For the truth gratify itself

But Weep not anymore daughter of Nyankiir

Weep not ye granddaughter of Pyre

For thy beloved has not died

Your beloved son is not gone

For tomorrow shall give birth

To another Garang

May your soul rest in peace

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Indeed he is alive. Not only tomorrow, but today and everyday shall give birth to Grangs as long as his vision fertilizes and grows fruitfully in harmony and peace , both in the North and South. A meaningful rich poem. Well thought Enoch Daniel!!

James Okuk
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