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By, Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac 


First and foremost, I would like to take this Cadreship Opportunity to send my Revolutionary Salutation to Cde Antipas Nyok De Kucha in Jonglei. 

Dear comrades and the public, let me draw your attention here to brief you about the good memories I and my Comrades of First Batch of SPLM National Youth League of Political Roundtable and Visionary Saloon learned from great Mentor Cde Nyok delivered to us, we, the Cadres of SPLM in 2020.

Cde Antipas, defined Politics as an Art of Managing the Society not a dirty Game and also agreed it is maybe dirty game if it's played by those with distorted knowledge like broken Mirror. 

SPLM Youths must gain Knowledge, Skills and Experiences i.e. Administrative, Political, Technical, Managerial, and Organizational. Youth’s league other role is to mobilize people to join SPLM Party. Politicians that have no above had a distorted skill like broken mirror.

Youths must also mobilize people to cultivate and have enough agricultural production. Production, produce goods and services to people. If you are a consumer and not a producer, then you are a dead politician. 

Youths should defend the Country (Territorial integrity) Both internal and external.

Youths should prepare to take charge of the affairs of this Country. Youths must prepare themselves in the following ways; 


1. Maintain Sound, Physical and Mental Health. 

2. Youths must avoid too much drinking alcohol, smoking Cigarette (tobacco), if you keep on using these things, then it results to damage liver, and affect your IQ in the brain.

3. You need to protect yourself from physical ability and protect yourself from mental health. 

4. You must have self-discipline

5. You must have social capital 

6. You must have personality 

7. You must have financial ability 

8. You must have time management to develop a correct vision for yourself, or if you don’t have a vision, then choose a vision to follow. Youths.


In Conclusion, if you are a leader, you must train the people first, we are training you youths to become leaders (mostly strong leaders).

Thank you comrade Antipas Nyok De Kucha, you will grow like this great Seed of hope  and Mission no matter how this Peace Agreement given Opportunity to Artist and Dj of Music industry in Jonglei State, Honestly Speaking from the Bottom of my heart the General Election will take those of Music Band who abandoned  their way of lives, Former cattle raiders will go back to where they belong and Politician like Cde Antipas Nyok will remain in Game of Politics, Worry Less and SPLM Oyeeeeee. 


Cde Salva Kiir Mayardit Oyeeeee 

Cde Dr. James Wani Igga Oyeeeeee 

Cde Peter Lam Both Oyeeeeee 

Cde Antipas Nyok De Kucha Oyeeeeee 


By, Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac 

The Senior SPLM Political Activist

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